Proof that many of these women are paid


With the advent of technology (& google) you can now find any picture that is used anywhere on the internet. This is why if you’re going to share a picture, make sure it’s not something you’ll regret or spreading negativity. With the use of picture-sharing platforms like Instagram, pictures can get out anywhere. For influencers and people who want to build their Instagram followers, this is something they want to happen, and when using platforms like Socialfollow to get free instagram followers, this is achievable. I spent some time searching for photos on the internet and found some of these women have accounts on When I contacted these 3 women on, they immediately blocked me from their respective pages. These three women have been sending me letters for at least 2 years, sometimes daily. They must be getting paid, otherwise they would have welcomed my contact on

Anita Karabut known as MISSweety on Find-Bride
Ksenia Msokaleva known as PassionateKseniya on Find-Bride
Anna Morozovskaya known as Hot_Heart on Find-Bride

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