An anniversary is a good opportunity to have a celebration. Why should you look for a reason to celebrate? That may be any date like one month together, 3 months or one year. Any date is an important event for your couple and a great chance for celebration, bright emotions, and a pleasant pastime. Spend this day in a special way filling it with things, events, and surprises that you and your partner like.

However, in 2021 we have some restrictions. Celebrating something, we used to travel, go out with friends, and spend time with numerous family members. These days you will not be able to do a lot of things that you did before. Although, this is not a reason to spend the anniversary day watching movies with popcorn. There are some better ideas and we are happy to share them with you.

Cooking a favorite or exotic dish together

Do you like eating out? Do you go out a lot trying delicious food? Right now, you cannot visit your favorite restaurant or café, book a table and spend a nice evening together with your girlfriend or wife celebrating your special occasion. However, who told you that you could not enjoy nice food together? It would be great to cook the dinner together and then to eat it, that would bring bright emotions and will make the dinner special for your couple. It is up to you what to cook, that may be your favorite dish, the one you used to order in your favorite café or you may choose something exotic. That sounds great, discuss what you wish to cook beforehand, buy all necessary ingredients and a bottle of wine or champagne if you drink alcohol, of course. Moreover, enjoy the evening together, relaxing and having fun.

Learn something new together – online or offline

It is awesome if you have the same hobby or you wish to try something new together, to learn something that will give you new knowledge, skills, or just will let you have fun together. There are a lot of workshops and courses, a lot of them work online and a lot of them suggest you offline lessons. That may be drawing, singing, language courses, online training, or dancing classes. There are a lot of interesting events and courses and you will always choose something that would be interesting for you and your partner. You will have fun, get new skills and knowledge and will remember that very special day forever. Yes, we are stuck at home but let us take this time as an opportunity, a possibility to learn something new or to do something that we have never done before.

Dreaming about the future together

Ok, this year you are celebrating the anniversary the way you can but not the way you wish. Anyway, that cannot prevent you from dreaming about the future. That may be conversations and plans for the future with your partner. However, there is a better idea, you may create a vision board together. That is really fun! You may buy such a board with a set of pictures that you will need to choose and glue or do everything yourself. Believe, you will have a great time together, you will look for suitable pictures in the magazines or online, cut them out or print then glue them to the board. That is cool because you will discuss your future, your plans, and your life. Where you’d like to live, where to travel, what car or house to have, that will motivate you and will give development to your relationships.

Mutual concert or karaoke

Talking about music, you know that a lot of concerts are canceled. However, there are some open-air events that you and your girlfriend can visit and spend a great evening together. If you do not find any offline events, it is possible to attend an online concert and that is a great chance to see your favorite singer without leaving home. If you like singing you are free to buy a microphone and to sing karaoke together, just make sure that it is not too late because your neighbors will not be happy.

Re-film your love story – a great idea for a photoshoot

Romantic and cute photos will make the anniversary bright and unforgettable. It would be so nice to look through the pictures in the album; the photos would save your special moments. Order a photoshoot and spend this day brightly. It can be in a studio or outside, depends on the weather, season, and the theme of your photoshoot. Discuss the details with the photographer and choose with your partner what you would like.

Now you have more ideas on how to celebrate your anniversary at home and we told you cheap ways to celebrate your anniversary, choose the perfect variant just for your couple.

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