scam alerts 2021

5 signs of online dating scams in 2021

Communication online should be safe and can be safe. To protect yourself and to get only positive emotions from online communication, read these helpful tips, remember each point and do everything right during online dating. First of all, remember that the website where you meet the person is very important. Free dating platforms are full of scammers and there it’s difficult to find a real serious person who came there to find long-lasting relationships. So on the free dating platforms be extremely attentive. What about the paid websites? You should choose a trusted one, the website that works for a long time and the one that protects its clients. As usual, these websites have strong Anti-Scam policies and ban frauds and scammers. However, remember about the signs and take good care.

scam signs 2021

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Let’s stop scam together!

Women for honest dating with checked marital status

Statistics show that romance scams cost consumers more money than any other kind of Internet fraud. Hearts and the future of many men and women are at a gunpoint. We decide to try Internet dating because it’s comfortable, effective and you may communicate when you have time. Though a lot of people have found love online, others are not so fortunate.

You may think this could never happen to you, but each person can become a victim of Internet fraud. How can you protect yourself on dating websites? What kind of dating websites should you use and how to behave there? Today we will find replies to all these questions.

There are a lot of companies and dating websites say that they fight with the problem and do their best to change the situation.

Each decent company cares about their customers’ safety and only indecent ones choose the shadow business offering all confidential information to the scam power, an inexcusable maneuver.

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Princess Haya escaped from her husband

Escaped wife of Dubai ruler is suspected of affair with bodyguard

The Emirate Princess Haya, who escaped with children and money from her husband, the ruler of Dubai, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid, was suspected of treason. It was reported by The Times.

According to the sources, the 69-year-old sheikh accused the 45-year-old wife of “inappropriate relations” with a bodyguard. This bodyguard is a former British army officer. The woman presented him gifts generously, which became the reason for suspicion.

It is also reported that Mohammed bin Rashid found one of his six wives with a bodyguard in one of his houses during the unexpected visit to London in May. He found that the couple was talking too close. According to the sources, he was “shocked” by his wife’s behavior and demanded she returns with him to Dubai immediately. The princess refused so now the couple is getting divorced. Granted this divorce is not like the typical divorce cases we see in everyday life but it is still upsetting for someone to go through.

Mohammed bin Rashid published his own poem on Instagram in late June. In this poem, which he addressed his wife, he calls her a traitor.

Princess Haya escaped from her husband with children and 40 million dollars. It was reported that she disappeared in the beginning of February. It was supposed that the woman had hidden in Germany with her 11-year-old daughter and 7-year-old son. However, she may had sought asylum there.

It was supposed that she was afraid for her safety after she had learned from the bodyguard about the Latifah’s fate, the daughter of Mohammed bin Rashid. The girl tried to escape from the country in March 2018, but she was caught. Media reported that she could have been tortured and locked up, but this information has not been confirmed.

fake love story

The blogger will get scolding from Gwyneth Paltrow for cheating fans

Instagram blogger Marissa Casey Fuchs faces an investigation at work after she and her lover Gabriel Grossman organized a show with sponsors, in the final of this show, Gabriel was supposed to make a marriage proposal.

According to BuzzFeed, Fuchs works in the Gwyneth Paltrow’s company that is called Goop. This company sells women’s clothing, drugs and cosmetics, and has its own website with articles on women’s topics. The blogger works as a sales manager and manages brand partnership at the same time.

On June 18, Fuchs said that her boyfriend had prepared a game in the final of which he wanted to make her a proposal. The girl reacted as if she didn’t know what Grossman was up to. Instagram posts with products of different brands, including jewelry, did not contain advertisements.

The fact that the love story turned out to be fake became known after the presentation appeared in the network. All the events were fully described in this document and the possibility of advertising integrations was indicated as well. However, the blogger does not tell directly that the show is held under the auspices of Goop, Fuchs mentioned all the time that she worked for the company and the name of the company was written in the profile description on Instagram. Although the love story began in the Goop office in New York, and the people who worked there were tagged in the video.

Noora Raj Brown, director of communications in Goop, emphasized that the story of the proposal on Instagram has nothing in common with the company. According to her, an internal audit is currently being held, as “Marissa did not receive any formal permission from Goop for such actions”. Brown did not answer directly whether a blogger was threatened to be fired cialis pris.

BuzzFeed also attempted to contact the fiance’s employer, Gabriel Grossman. He is Vice President of the American financial conglomerate Morgan Stanley. The representative only confirmed that Grossman really works for them in this position, refusing further comments.

For now Marissa and Gabriel have not published anything in their profiles after the end of the story.

how to become the best boyfriend for Ukrainian girl

Dating tips or how to be a good boyfriend for a Ukrainian girl.

Perhaps there is no guy in the world who would not have puzzled over the question of how to become the best boyfriend. Of course, you first need to find this very girl. There are many ways and places where this is possible, for example online, on a dating site.

Modern and educated girls from Ukraine often look for their love online. Many of them are interested in creating a serious relationship with cute and smart overseas gentlemen as well. In their profiles, placed on a dating site, they express their expectations and hopes regarding the traits and qualities that the guy of their dreams should have. And our experts, on the basis of this information, have created a number of useful tips for those who wish to be a good boyfriend for a Ukrainian girl and, perhaps, in time, to build a happy family. So, here they are!

how to be a good boyfriend for a Ukrainian girl

Don’t be afraid to sincerely express your feelings.

Remember that a man is not a stone statue without a gram of emotion. Ukrainian girls are usually emotional and sensitive to the manifestation of feelings. Smile, express your admiration and the joy of communicating with her, and if something saddens you – share with your beloved. Ukrainians have a talent of empathy and, knowing this, you can become the best boyfriend showing your feelings.

Honesty is above all appreciated by Ukrainian girls in love and friendship.

Do not lie or embellish anything about yourself, wanting to appear better and more successful than you are. This does not mean that you should confess to a girl in all your previous relationships with women. Be true, but wise and tactful. For example, a good boyfriend will not tell a girl that he does not like her pink dress, but will note that blue would suit her beautiful eyes.

Mutual trust is the best foundation for a strong and lasting relationship.

Being a good boyfriend first of all means trusting your beloved and being the one she can trust. Whether online or in real life, do not try to control your lady or, God forbid, be jealous. Ukrainian girl can’t stand the pressure in the relationship. But she will appreciate if you share something intimate with her or listen to her with understanding and tenderness.

Be a great listener and interlocutor.

Believe me, wanting to be a good boyfriend you will hardly find a better way than this. Just do not pretend close attention. If you are not participating in the conversation, the girl can perceive it as an ignore. And if you talk without pauses, she may decide that you are a narcissist. Try not to lose sight of the important things your lady mentions. It could be anything from important dates for your girl to her favorite music. Use this useful knowledge for the benefit of your alliance.

Reasonable compromise is great art.

If your dream is not only to become the best boyfriend, but also to keep a love affair for a long time, then the ability to smooth sharp corners in a relationship will be very useful to you. Contradictions are inevitable, because people are all different. But there is no need to agree with the girl in everything and indulge any whim. Have your point of view and respect the opinion of your beloved. Never raise your voice in argument. Listen to your lady’s judgments and calmly express your attitude to the situation. If you are wrong – know how to recognize it with humor and dignity.

Be her support.

Strong and self-confident Ukrainian girls nevertheless expect a “male shoulder” from a good boyfriend both literally and figuratively. Give the girl a feeling of mutual love, understanding and security near you and your relationship will certainly have a happy continuation.

Neat appearance, culture and chivalry.

These qualities are needed by a better boyfriend. There is no need to repeat that neat hair and tastefully chosen (not frilly) clothes, pleasant manners and a fresh smell (including from the mouth) will give you a great opportunity to show your best spiritual qualities before the girl goes in search of someone more attractive. Girls all over the world (not only Ukrainian ladies) prefer to deal with cultural and well-groomed guys. It is worth considering.

See for yourself that there is nothing difficult or impossible to be a good boyfriend. The expectations of the girls are quite reasonable. Well, if you decide to seek attention and love of the Ukrainian lady – we are always ready to help you with practical advice.

Safe Online Dating Websites

Today digital era gave people more opportunities to fulfil their life with development and success but in spite of all this still there is less time for the personal life. People need much more attention for work and leisure in their busy schedule.

However being alone is not so popular so far so men and women try to meet someone online within lack of time. They prefer to use progressive methods: dating platforms, websites, applications instead of bar crawling or meetups. Simply you download an app and enjoy communication with someone who feels common thing with you, a good idea, right? Dating online became one of the most powerful business nowadays handling through all parts of the world, in particular Eastern Europe as women there are really attractive and lure men from US, Canada and Western Europe. Very often men arrange their trip with the visit of their beloved he met on dating site. Usually dating agencies offer their third party services for some fee. Is this overly safe though? Are you positive you will be meeting with the person you have apparently been speaking to? In this day in age people are all too happy to meet after connecting over an online dating site with absolutely no knowledge of the person they are to meet up with. If you are thinking you might meet up with someone you’ve connected with over an online dating site, make sure you conduct a background check to know who you’re really going to see, exhibiting this simple common sense could possibly save your life.

One thing that gave a huge mess around international dating is a scam dating. That means you have no safety if you try to sign up some dating website, use traditional options for communicating and observing the profile but no guarantee that you reached fake online profiles. Fake profiles are to be created by scam dating agencies who are interested in luring men from abroad, they try to attract them via beautiful pictures of Eastern women, supposedly stolen from other websites. Dating scammers keep their online positions by millions of fake profiles with sweet photos and personal information that will definitely make new members to pay attention to. Whereafter men catch this hook and use such profiles to communicate but they never know if they talk to a real person. As a rule scammers use truthful facts of members to keep the conversation line and send regular emails to a potential victim. Check your mailbox if you have any right now. They are passionate and attentive, tender and sweet, they pay attention to each fact and they are careful listener. Dating scammers could even wait for several months until the victim is ready to be scammed. They like to share some life problems with you and when it is time they will ask you for some urgent financial help. If you send money as required, you will never see them again, money and a person as well. If you’re not quite sure how to look for illegitimate offers, scams and possible online security breaches, has compiled some advice for cybersecurity and online safety for 2019.

Social media burst with multiple romance scam articles and give evident facts of scamming online. But regarding the stable scam victims statistics, people skip a lesson and continue to sign up to a bad reputable websites and as a result, again suffer from being deceived. When online dating, guys shouldn’t move too fast according to DatingPilot. Being a woman online has risks men usually don’t even consider, so make sure to get to know each other over video chat or phone calls first, before suggesting a date. Additionally you should pick a public place for your first date. This should help to lessen the chance of being deceived through online dating.

Speaking about secure ways of dating online men and women often confused with the disputable information in the internet. Articles vary from truthful and giving the best secure advices to the fake written by fee employers who share positive reviews about scam dating agencies. So what to do in case you want to continue with online dating?

Let us give you a proper tips how to communicate safely on international dating sites.

We decided to investigate the issue by the dating business platform of two biggest dating sites as and These international dating agencies offer to communicate with Russian and Ukrainian women, who are single and real.

  1. Presence of reliable hypertext transfer protocol encryption.

    Both websites addresses have reliable hypertext transfer protocol encryption (search for secure sign next to https),
    that means it is secure to enter this website. You are able to free browsing the information there without being afraid of spam and personal data stealing. Moreover all reserved data copies are stored on the server, that is why the correspondence is allowed to investigate if necessary. So that means and are truly safe websites, they care about data protection of their members and their system is safe to use. By sharing your personal data you shouldn’t be afraid of it to be stolen or used for further profits.

  2. No spam after registration.

    If you sign up, your mailbox won’t explode of a spam because mailing isregular if you are registered on the website and your profiles is confirmed but you can switch it off.

  3. Private secure mailbox on the website.

    Your private secure mailbox on the website is defended from info stealing, so do not worry about the letter content, as a rule it is seen by you and your lady. But don’t forget that a translator knows the letter content as well as he or she makes the proper translation of your letter and your lady’s reply.

  4. Use your trusted membership option.

    For example, offers such a membership model: You can choose from Gold membership from $19 per month (up to 50 contacts of unlimited messages, chats and videos), Platinum Membership from $58,25 per month (unlimited services) and Ultimate Membership from $ 99,58 per month (5 profiles verification included and coaching audio and manual included). Also they give the good offer to buy 3 months, 6 months or a half a year with a discount if the services are billed in one installment for a certain sum of money. That is why you save your budget in case you trust this website and the offer is good for you if you are going to spend several hundreds of dollars. promises to protect their members from scam attacks, so you may buy one months of membership and use if it will suit you further. What is more: “ You are welcome to share your contact information. Platinum and Ultimate packages also allow you to instantly download direct emails addresses and phone numbers of women.” – the head of the page of the website emphasized. However do not pursue sharing your personal data, this is quite dangerous to hit phishing and further kind of fraud. And here is a business model of They give a free sign up opportunity with no membership fee per month. Also they promise some free services to try: one letter, one photo and 5 video chat minutes for free. Besides you are able to send one letter for free to one lady a day. But this is allowed just in case you have never contacted before. If you like a girl you have to pay $7 per letter, the translation of your letter and your girl’s reply is included. As a rule they proceed all translations in 1-3 days. You may buy one of the Email packages they offer with a discount. So here you are able to make a membership try for a while before money paying. Supposedly this is not bad, right? Here is a link for more services and pricing: Please do not forget that it is better for you to have a separate email for dating online. This will save you from huck attacks and fraud. Besides you may receive many letters from ladies who are interested in you. And there are a lot in uadreams.

  5. Site policy regarding sharing personal information.

    Both agencies guarantee the safe mailbox system, so you shouldn’t worry that someone other may follow your letters and read the content. Be careful with sharing personal information through the website. Elenasmodels allow to exchange personal contacts via their premium membership, but uadreams – no. They prohibit to share personal data at all. Only till the first meeting in the office of the agency, in Ukraine. Thus you may understand the risk point while being a member of any of these dating websites.

  6. Checking if User Profiles are real.

    Women are real. We cannot verify if all of them are real as agency convince their users. But for example elenasmodels agency offers to verify 5 profiles within purchasing one of membership packages. Uadreams agency marks that they provide their system with regular profile verification and very often they do that manually as sometimes scam and fraud tricks can skip anti-scam filters. Another interesting this is that Uadreams also emphasizes that they require all documents of female profiles to be in order and they never confirm the profile if one document is missed.

Customer support of Uadreams is active and ready for each issue assistance, and if you have any correspondence issue (remember that all data is copied and saved on a server) you will be able to investigate it. And here we see the big advantage of a third party who will help you to prove any scam attempt.

To protect you from being scam we recommend you to use video chat to check if you talk with real person. Sure safe mailbox is good but you cannot avoid from being ripped off by the machine samples with customer name changing in it.

Be aware of such female models who work as a special employee and lure men for buying services much more to communicate. But we know such cases when male customer never come to visit their beloved in Russia or Ukraine, so you have to accept this issue within communication with ladies. They will not trust you if you have shadowy intentions and aims viagra pris.

Your stable communication is the next relationship level. Be careful of being asked politely for some money sending due to urgent issue: study, illness, relative death, ticket booking and visa submitting. You may offer your kind help directly when you see each other and talk specifically.

Keep in mind that your big trust is not a solution if you catch on dating online. This century requires consideration and fast reaction. We recommend you to think twice before paying for a non-reputable services with someone you cannot see and hear.

Time To Focus On Social Media Scams With National Consumer Fraud Week 2017

On 19 May 2017 Australian Scamwatch made a substantive post about National Consumer Fraud Week which being held 7 days before. Australian Scamwatch is an organization that provides an urgent help to people with spotting social media scams.

Each day the number of fraud victims increases and what is more those may suffer who use social media regularly. By this post we would like you to be warned about any possible danger caused by your interest within romance scam and virtual fraud. The case is that usually criminals use the internal users trust to social media and thereafter abuse them easily with imitating being real users who are searching for dating, trading online or any other useful services. All of that causes great money loss and unbelievable distress for poor soft marks and often it is very hard to reveal any crime without a report and to recover from such devastative crime.

You may find below some general tips that may be essential to protect yourself in future.

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