Internet crimes

Phishing and Internet frauds

Phishing as a Modern Way of Victimizing.

Within this post you will enjoy your internet vocabulary with new notions. So, let’s talk about PHISHING.

Modern life dictates new rules of surviving and internet can lead to a lot of income or a loss

Internet crimes develop step in step with modern technologies and anyone who has a device with the internet connection can be affected at any time. Typical phishing scams under the false identity of a legitimate organization try to lure out personal information or entice people into installing malware and spyware onto their devices, with this giving full access to stored files, account passwords, bank account numbers or other sensitive data. Awareness of modern ways of victimizing and knowing what to do to protect yourself and people around you from fraud and scam are important in preventing hackers or phishers to exploit your vulnerabilities.

the number of reported fishing incidents grows

If we imagine a fish, there is a fisherman somewhere next to her dreaming about a good game!

Modern life dictates new rules of surviving and the internet can lead to a lot of income or a loss. For now, we mean the process of activities of a group of people who represent a “trustworthy entity” in the sphere of electronic communication.

The aim is to obtain secret information (logins, PIN numbers, etc.) from social websites and online payment processors via spam mailing. Such messages have links. Or there are forms that ask to write your data. A letter usually makes a user enter his personal details on the website looks like a legitimate one, real and with a good reputation (good job!). All these data are to be used for different purposes, of course.

To Each Other Known From Afar All Of The Fishermen Are

Let us say that such ascension of this way of earning money with malware disquiet us and tends to become striking fraud of 21 century. Educated and smart people can create powerful groups that are difficult to disclose or neutralize.

Each year the number of reported fishing incidents grows, nevertheless, good attempts to deal with them are to be taken regularly.

Educated and smart fraudsters can create powerful groups

So we will try to give you the proper advice how to be attentive with all of that.

  1. First of all, always check letters in your mailbox. Usually, such messages commonly come from legitimate organizations as a bank, government agency, retailer, etc. You get an email with congratulations because you have won a prize and the company needs some information about you. Of course, you will be happy and you will imagine this prize and how lucky you are. They have sent you the email with a form where you need to write some details. Now you know why they need this and what you should do!
  2. Did you get the links in your email? Check the link and the website. Profit! To check if the company is real – use any search engine by investigating their website or you may call them if you find any phone number. Such a “real agency” intends to pay attention to the main subject. But what about the details? As a rule, people react surprisingly fast without thinking. That is why if you stop for a moment and analyze, probably you won’t find any characteristic of a real organization.
  3. The most modern and powerful online ID theft is called “pharming”. They work when you use your browser. So you wish to enter the website and you need to use your login and password for entering. Check where you do this! This is the way they get data.
  4. Ok. Pop-up screen. Please remember: real legitimate organizations ask to confirm your data another way. Such a system is often used to get data when you are browsing.
  5. Do not ignore anti-virus and anti-spyware software, never forget about spam filters and a firewall. Watch them be always updated. Note that your mailbox settings system is smart enough and offers you have a spam filter. Software that protects your data should scan messages you get. Let your anti-spyware software look for programs you installed. Firewalls secure your computer from unauthorized phishing attacks.
  6. When receive emails with attachments, open those ones you are sure in the safety of its content (if you know exactly or expect). At first you think that you get a letter from someone you know. However, that’s the first impression.
  7. Phone phishing. You get a call from a company representative who needs more information about you.
  8. Warning message signifying that you have been a victim of fraud. In this case, verify this information carefully as well as identify the person you receive such a claim from. Trustworthy legal organizations keep all information carefully. They don’t need to request for personal or billing information. Anyway, our general advice is to find the proper number and try to contact you directly to investigate the issue.
  9. When you are looking for a job – be attentive with job search websites. Keep your data private.
  10. Make sure who is writing. Do you know him or her? Sometimes you may think that you get an email from a famous person.
  11. After providing any information to a phisher – each minute is important. Contact fast the companies where you have accounts to tell about this case. Report about your victimizing in detail. That will help to fix the issue.

Remember: choose serious companies, the ones that behave differently. Use your time carefully and never regret: you will not waste it, you will spend it for saving your money and reputation.

Unsuccessful Tinder dates

The model told about the most unsuccessful Tinder dates

The British model, 26-year-old Jodie Weston, told about her the most unsuccessful dates with guys through the dating application Tinder, reports Daily Mirror.

The lady said that in just two weeks she went on three different dates, and each of them was terrible. The meeting was in a bar in London. However, the man, she dated with, loved swinging in a chair. He did this and at one moment he could not resist so fell to the floor face forward. 

Another date was at the cinema, the couple planned to watch the horror film “The Purge”. Although, at the entrance to the auditorium Weston heard a woman’s scream. It turned out that it was the wife of a man who she dated with. “I did not know that he was married. I just had time to get popcorn and soda, so I was ready to watch the movie, and suddenly found myself in the lobby between the unfaithful husband and his angry wife,” the model explained.

Jodie mentioned that the most remarkable date was with a strange man. One day he came to her house and presented a dog of the Chihuahua breed. Weston said that the boyfriend was very upset when she refused to take the gift and left her. After some time, she found out that the pet died, after that the lady decided to stop communicating with the guy. However, he tried to get into her house several more times. One of the attempts ended with the guards of the residential complex, the guards had to take the guy out by force. He managed to give her a big teddy bear that still lives at her house.

Dating mistake costs millions

One Man Decided to Find Love on the Internet and Lost Millions

In January 2019 one man from India complained to the police after he had paid a total of at least 4.6 million rupees (66150$) for arranging a date with a girl. Unfortunately, he never got what he was promised to. The 65-year-old man tried to get the money back himself, but when he realized that he had been tricked, he went to the police. He told that in May 2018 he visited the Locanto website, this site provides users different services, some of them are publishing dating ads.

“I clicked on the line where it was written ‘entertainment’, and I was asked to register on another website. When I finished the registration, a woman, whose name was Mira, called me. She sent me some pictures of three girls and suggested to choose the one I liked. When I did this, she said that it was necessary to pay 25.5 thousand rupees (367$) to meet a girl, and she said that in future I would be able to meet with that girl for the whole year,” the man explained to the police.

According to the man, they also took extra money for different additional services, including 82.5 thousand rupees (1186$) for not giving his number to anyone else, 285 thousand (4100$) for the contract with the girl for one year and 550 thousand (7900$) – for the verification of his profile. Later he was sent the number of a girl whose name was Rosie (Rosy). He explained the police that he spoke with her only a couple of times and did not meet in person as it was promised in the very beginning.

Lot of negative reviews about the site, where he found Rosy, made the man think that he could be tricked by the resource. He asked to give the money back to him. Mira promised to do this before January 10th, 2019. However, the man never received a refund, Mira and Rosie stopped answering him and only after that the Indian man went to the police.

A real face of Russian Cupid

Recently I found a review about Elenas Models from disappeared site in the Internet. Actually I showed interest to this article not because it reflects all advantages of Elena’s Models agency, but it was presented as author’s personal negative experience with Anastasia Date and RussianCupid – Elena’s Models’ main competitors. I am quoting here:

Selection of girls
Ease of use
Anti scammer filtering
Additional Services
Value to customer

Since other bloggers recommend Russian Cupid so much, and state that it is better than Elena’s Models. I have a different opinion, I decided that I would state the facts and prove my point : RussianCupid is infested with scammers and it’s a complete waste of time.

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Elena’s Models Review From Pseudo “honest” User was found

Recently I found a review about Elenas Models in my archives. However, this article is not simple.

Why? I can make 2 suggestions. Either some Marc wanted to earn money on Elena’s Models 🙂 His site doesn’t exist any more, perhaps a “big scams-heavyweight” put a crimp into his work. I guess that the heart of the matter lies in Elena’s Models’ conditions that this agency dictates on online dating market:

  • Your website should have its own traffic source, and not attempt to highjack traffic for the keywords “Elenas Models” or “”.

  • You are not allowed to use our registered trademark in your URL or mega tags.

  • If you have a genuine, independent review website that publishes users feedback, you cannot be a member of Elena’s Models partner program or receive affiliate payouts.

  • Except for Elena’s Models supplied banners, photo billboards, and links, any use of out registered trademark should be approved by us in writing.

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