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Uadreams scams. Yes? Or No!

Read reviews about uadreams
Johny: Stop daydreaming… They are scammers
Kati: This is exactly a fraud site
Terje: I am happy now
Alex about uadreams: Why keep people complaining
Dean about uadreams: I don’t understand the bad reviews
Thoughts on “Uadreams scams. Yes? Or No!”

The number of people becoming victims of online dating fraud is still very high. Internet is full of scammers. They ruin people’s feelings, trick people and steal money. However online dating sites and matchmaking agencies are a hit with a lot of people from all over the world. Men and women are so busy now that they have no time to date. People who work a lot don’t attend singles parties or are just uncomfortable with meeting someone new.

Many of these online services are not nearly scam agencies and their employees aren’t scammers. How to make sure that a dating site that you have chosen is honest? That you will meet no scammers there? The first way to check it is to read opinions about this site. People who use the site will always write or say something on trustpilot or similar online resourses.

And what about scams on Let’s look deeper into this question. Online you can find really a lot of testimonials about What do uadreams customers say about uadreams scams and fraud? Some examples of reviews are below, both positive and negative.

Read reviews about uadreams

In order to puzzle out, if the agency UaDreams cheats in, let’s see what kind of testimonials websites that publish reviews for online business offer us. These sites check all the reviews thoroughly in order to be sure that they are real. A lot of information about scammers or fake people is placed here. It is a great opportunity to see, if you can trust this online dating site. It is better to check everything and not be scammed online. By the way, the author of this article registered on uadreams to get some experience dating on uadreams and gladly share this experience will all the interested readers.

Johny: Stop daydreaming… They are scammers

Actually I was also invited by a girl to Uadreams and then decided to check this site, if it is dating scams or not. And now I understand why their girls invite men to uadreams. It’s very simple. uadreams provides good translation services, and a lot of girls from Ukraine don’t speak English fluently. And when it comes to long letters or video chats when she has to tell you a lot, she needs a translator. Just imagine that you know only a few words in some language and you have to tell another person about your life in this language. Will you manage a lot? I guess it is not about scammers and scams. Men aren’t fooled there, they just get good translations of their letters and chats. They buy chat time as well, so that they could get qualitative translation of their chats.

On the other side, it is only the girl’s decision, if she wants to delete her profile from any dating site or not. Uadreams and another dating website are connected in no way. Why is it scams? How can you say that a person registered on one website is a scammer only because he or she deleted his / her profile from another site? Maybe she cancelled her membership, because that matchmaking site had no translation services and it was very difficult for her to communicate with men there? It is not a sign of dating scams.

More likely this man is lucky, because the girl invited him in a good place where their communication will be smooth and easy. Do you see anything bad in pleasant and easy communication?

Kati: This is exactly a fraud site

Really, UaDreams doesn’t allow its male and female members to exchange their personal data before meeting in Ukraine, It is a part of this agency’s anti-scam policy. If a girl comes to this site who plans to get money from men, she has no chance. She will not be able to give him a number of her credit card to send her some money or ask him for his credit card number to steal his money. Some people write online: «Uadreams scam!!! Lies! Warning! Scam alert! Scam 100%!!!» I see no scam here… really.

I called to their support center in order to clarify this question about personal data and received the reply that girls are strictly prohibited to ask men for money in their letters. If such a case takes place, the girl is excluded from the agency.

Of course, the splitted e-mail adress will be noticed in your letter, because first a translator gets it and makes translation for the lady. It means that there are no authomatic checkout. Real people read these letters and it is impossible not to notice that somebody tries to write his or her personal data there.

I have to mention that this safety costs money. Some people say that uadreams is an expensive site. I guess they are right… it is impossible to write to many letters there ans spend hours in chat. This is the only thing I regret. I don’t have so much money, but I still managed to get some experience with them.

Terje: I am happy now

Here is a review from a completely happy man. How different the opinions are… As we see, the agency helped him with translation, because his girl didn’t speak foreign languages. He decided to visit her in Ukraine and the agency booked a plane and a nice hotel for him. The uadreams employees helped him with all the questions he had suring his trip. Isn’t it cool?

We see no statement that uadreams is a scam agency here. This man followed the agency’s rules and didn’t try to transfer his personal data to women. At first he met one of the ladies and only then they exchanged their personal information. Look, how smooth thier communication was.

He also mentions that the prices on uadreams are too high. However, good things are never cheap. He made his choice consciously. It is just the same with cars. If you buy a cheap one, some details will hiccup soon, and if your car is expensive, it will gladden you with trouble-free running for many years.

Alex about uadreams: Why keep people complaining

A great opinion! This man is completely right. Why to complain, if you make your own choice? Nobody forces you to send letters or invite girls to chat. Of course, services provided by translators and technical staff cost money. This is not dating scam, you can see all the prices and choose, if you want spend money on uadreams services or not.

If you don’t want to pay any money, you should go to some place like bar or disco. And even in the nightclub you will spend money on your new acquaintace, if you treat her with a cocktail. If you don’t want save all your money, just go on a street and try to get acquainted with women there, but will your tries be successful? I doubt. At the best you will a find married women or those who don’t look for any relationship, at the worst they will consider you a crack-brained person who accost people.

There are good places for meeting women, and is one of them. And it is worth to pay for your safety and good services. You will not find dating scams, lies and fraud there.

Dean about uadreams: I don’t understand the bad reviews.

One more opinion whose author is sure that uadreams agency is trustworthy. This opinion is about real girls who don’t cheat you, but sit in front of webcam, read your questions attentively and reply to them. As for me, uadreams videochat is a pleasure. It brings a lot of joy and you can see so many beautiful girls.

Girls on scam sites record their chats and the customers of such website’s sometimes don’t see real girls. It is not about uadreams. You can try their chat and make sure that everything is real. No scams, no lies, no fraud or dating scammers.

Just one thing remains that cannot be controlled — people’s feelings. Dating means dealing with people’s emotions, and emotions and feelings defy any logic, online or in real world. A girl can like or dislike you, the same as you can like or dislike her. You start your communication and after some time you understand that you don’t match. At the same time the level of the agency’s services is the same. I just want to wish you luck during your online dating, I believe that stars will align and you will find your dream girl from Ukraine.

find out what Halloween’s role is in Ukraine

Halloween joins the hearts

It is so easy to get acquainted with the Russian and Ukrainian lady and to build relationships with. Nowadays it is not a problem at all because there are plenty of websites, and agencies that suggest you meet the lady. The agencies help you and make it easier to choose, communicate and build relationships. Living overseas isn’t a problem at all, people have much in common and many facts prove this. So let’s talk about them. Let’s find out what Halloween’s role is and how it can help people to fall in love.

It is so easy to cross the borders, to meet new people, and to visit different places. It doesn’t cost a lot and it isn’t hard to do. Traveling overseas is not a problem at all and it won’t take too much time. The world seems to be big but now it’s not hard to get from one country to another. The only border is our mind that stops us and doesn’t let our dreams come true.

We talked to many ladies who are in search of a husband and who are members of our agency. We made a survey and asked the women about the holidays. We wanted to know what they thought about new holidays, if they celebrated them and if the new festivals were important for building relationships with a foreign man. More than 80 percent answered that they celebrated Halloween, St. Valentine’s Day, Mother’s and Father’s Days. More than 70 percent of ladies think that knowing traditions and customs would help them to understand the life of her future husband, to know more about culture and traditions. It’s possible to say that holidays bridge the gap. However, the most popular new holiday in Russia and Ukraine is Halloween.

How do people celebrate Halloween in Russia and Ukraine

Thirty years ago it was difficult to find a person who not only celebrated Halloween but knew enough about it. In the 1990s it was possible to get some knowledge from movies but at first, it was an unusual holiday. At first, people were puzzled and curious about Halloween, why this festival was considered funny, why children wore mysterious costumes. Time passed and people got additional information, knew Halloween history, and origin and at last, they accepted it. Slowly but surely people started to celebrate it.

How Halloween is celebrated in Russia and Ukraine? Of course, the holiday is rather new but people have already had some special traditions and customs. The festival is extremely popular among children, teenagers, and young people. A lot of nightclubs, cafes, and entertainment centers put up decorations and invite guests for Halloween parties. The costume and proper make up is a must. There are different contests for the best costume or the scariest makeup, it’s big fun. Children like these parties, teenagers, and young people love them. Halloween gives a great opportunity to meet with friends, to have fun, to dance, to relax, and to get positive emotions. If you’d like to go out, a Halloween party is a great occasion.

How do people celebrate Halloween in Russia and Ukraine

Thirty years ago it was difficult to find a person who not only celebrated Halloween but knew enough about it. In the 1990s it was possible to get some knowledge from movies but at first, it was an unusual holiday. At first, people were puzzled and curious about Halloween, why this festival was considered being funny, why children wore mysterious costumes. Time passed and people got additional information, knew Halloween history and origin and at last, they accepted it. Slowly but surely people started to celebrate it.

How Halloween is celebrated in Russia and Ukraine? Of course, the holiday is rather new but people have already had some special traditions and customs. The festival is extremely popular among children, teenagers, and young people. A lot of nightclubs, cafes and entertainment centers put up decorations and invite guests for the Halloween parties. The costume and proper make up is a must. There are different contests for the best costume or the scariest makeup, it’s big fun. Children like these parties, teenagers, and young people love them. Halloween gives a great opportunity to meet with friends, to have fun, to dance, to relax, and to get positive emotions. If you’d like to go out, Halloween party is a great occasion.

What women think about Halloween

Everything depends on age. Younger women prefer to celebrate it. They organize parties with costumes and decorations or go to the nightclubs wearing bright costumes. The older women said that this festival was very popular among their children so the children brought this tradition and introduced this holiday to their mothers. The survey showed that Halloween is very popular and is celebrated by women of different ages and their children in Russia and Ukraine. You will be surprised but girls, who would like to marry a man from another country, try to know a lot about traditions, customs, and history before deciding to start serious relationships. Ladies prefer to feel the country, to visit it, and to get as much information as possible. Is it the principal? No doubt, the answer is obvious and clear. Is it so useful? A lot of women say that it answers the question if they will be able to live in the country. Knowing traditions, customs, and holidays, of course, helps women to understand if they like the country or not. At the same time, they admit that music and art make it possible to understand people and their way of life.

Halloween is extremely popular not only in America. This holiday is fully integrated into Ukrainian and Russian societies. It brings not only entertainment but provides interaction and communication between countries. There are a lot of things like Halloween that join people’s hearts and make it easier to build the bridge. 

Tips to get out of the friend zone

4 tips for getting out of the friend zone

You feel that you get stuck in the friend zone and you don’t know what to do and how to get out of there? Of course, nobody wants to find himself in the lady’s friend zone, what can be worse? But don’t be sad, it is easy to change everything for better. It is time for action, don’t delay or you will stay in the friend zone forever. Read more about the relationships and find out the answers and simple steps for yourself. Follow the advice, you will be able to build strong relationships and you will be happy with your lady.

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Internet crimes

Phishing and Internet frauds

Phishing as a Modern Way of Victimizing.

Within this post you will enjoy your internet vocabulary with new notions. So, let’s talk about PHISHING.

Modern life dictates new rules of surviving and internet can lead to a lot of income or a loss

Internet crimes develop step in step with modern technologies and anyone who has a device with the internet connection can be affected at any time. Typical phishing scams under the false identity of a legitimate organization try to lure out personal information or entice people into installing malware and spyware onto their devices, with this giving full access to stored files, account passwords, bank account numbers or other sensitive data. Awareness of modern ways of victimizing and knowing what to do to protect yourself and people around you from fraud and scam are important in preventing hackers or phishers to exploit your vulnerabilities.

the number of reported fishing incidents grows

If we imagine a fish, there is a fisherman somewhere next to her dreaming about a good game!

Modern life dictates new rules of surviving and the internet can lead to a lot of income or a loss. For now, we mean the process of activities of a group of people who represent a “trustworthy entity” in the sphere of electronic communication.

The aim is to obtain secret information (logins, PIN numbers, etc.) from social websites and online payment processors via spam mailing. Such messages have links. Or there are forms that ask to write your data. A letter usually makes a user enter his personal details on the website looks like a legitimate one, real and with a good reputation (good job!). All these data are to be used for different purposes, of course.

To Each Other Known From Afar All Of The Fishermen Are

Let us say that such ascension of this way of earning money with malware disquiet us and tends to become striking fraud of 21 century. Educated and smart people can create powerful groups that are difficult to disclose or neutralize.

Each year the number of reported fishing incidents grows, nevertheless, good attempts to deal with them are to be taken regularly.

Educated and smart fraudsters can create powerful groups

So we will try to give you the proper advice how to be attentive with all of that.

  1. First of all, always check letters in your mailbox. Usually, such messages commonly come from legitimate organizations as a bank, government agency, retailer, etc. You get an email with congratulations because you have won a prize and the company needs some information about you. Of course, you will be happy and you will imagine this prize and how lucky you are. They have sent you the email with a form where you need to write some details. Now you know why they need this and what you should do!
  2. Did you get the links in your email? Check the link and the website. Profit! To check if the company is real – use any search engine by investigating their website or you may call them if you find any phone number. Such a “real agency” intends to pay attention to the main subject. But what about the details? As a rule, people react surprisingly fast without thinking. That is why if you stop for a moment and analyze, probably you won’t find any characteristic of a real organization.
  3. The most modern and powerful online ID theft is called “pharming”. They work when you use your browser. So you wish to enter the website and you need to use your login and password for entering. Check where you do this! This is the way they get data.
  4. Ok. Pop-up screen. Please remember: real legitimate organizations ask to confirm your data another way. Such a system is often used to get data when you are browsing.
  5. Do not ignore anti-virus and anti-spyware software, never forget about spam filters and a firewall. Watch them be always updated. Note that your mailbox settings system is smart enough and offers you have a spam filter. Software that protects your data should scan messages you get. Let your anti-spyware software look for programs you installed. Firewalls secure your computer from unauthorized phishing attacks.
  6. When receive emails with attachments, open those ones you are sure in the safety of its content (if you know exactly or expect). At first you think that you get a letter from someone you know. However, that’s the first impression.
  7. Phone phishing. You get a call from a company representative who needs more information about you.
  8. Warning message signifying that you have been a victim of fraud. In this case, verify this information carefully as well as identify the person you receive such a claim from. Trustworthy legal organizations keep all information carefully. They don’t need to request for personal or billing information. Anyway, our general advice is to find the proper number and try to contact you directly to investigate the issue.
  9. When you are looking for a job – be attentive with job search websites. Keep your data private.
  10. Make sure who is writing. Do you know him or her? Sometimes you may think that you get an email from a famous person.
  11. After providing any information to a phisher – each minute is important. Contact fast the companies where you have accounts to tell about this case. Report about your victimizing in detail. That will help to fix the issue.

Remember: choose serious companies, the ones that behave differently. Use your time carefully and never regret: you will not waste it, you will spend it for saving your money and reputation.

Let’s stop scam together!

Women for honest dating with checked marital status

Statistics show that romance scams cost consumers more money than any other kind of Internet fraud. Hearts and the future of many men and women are at a gunpoint. We decide to try Internet dating because it’s comfortable, effective and you may communicate when you have time. Though a lot of people have found love online, others are not so fortunate.

You may think this could never happen to you, but each person can become a victim of Internet fraud. How can you protect yourself on dating websites? What kind of dating websites should you use and how to behave there? Today we will find replies to all these questions.

There are a lot of companies and dating websites say that they fight with the problem and do their best to change the situation.

Each decent company cares about their customers’ safety and only indecent ones choose the shadow business offering all confidential information to the scam power, an inexcusable maneuver.

But cooperation will help to be effective and to keep our members safe. Our members’ great help is very much appreciated. We apply our male members to be attentive with this. Like many other tips mentioned above in previous topics, we encourage our men to be sincere with us and inform us about each sophisticated sign. You should remember that time is on our side and we win in case we act as soon as possible.

Female scammers.

Give us a note if you see something strange. Some ladies may write about a small salary or family problems. Of course such can happen in real life and wins compassion but we kindly recommend you verify this information carefully, at least you can always inform the Member Support Center directly about this issue and our managers will gladly check the information for you. Whether you receive a hint or a real scam threat, it is a signal for urgent acting.

If you have found any new information on social networks about your lady, we will appreciate it if you forward it to us. Sure our Anti-Scam department provides regular monitoring of each lady’s profile (almost hundreds per day) however nobody’s perfect and we can miss something or the information will change the next day after verifying. That is why your collaboration is so important to us.

Firstly, the lady comes to our agency, and only after the personal meeting and documents examine we add the profile to the website. A personal interview is the guarantee for a person to be real.

Secondly, it is important to verify her marital status. We remove from the system and break all contacts with girls who were detected as scammers previously, moreover we post the proper information about them on scam forums to prevent others from being tricked.

We strictly recommend going on communication on the website. Who knows what will be waiting for you if you give your home or Viber number or Skype or WhatsApp account. We can control the situation until we have both members of communication on our website: we know IP-addresses, we verify the personal data, we can uncover the texting if needed.

Male scammers.

A lot of men come to the website with different aims. Some of them are still in relationships and are looking for fun. Are they looking for serious relationships? The answer is obvious.

Proxy servers give an opportunity for many men from all over the world to register on the website. How to verify the members, that’s a question. We keep such members on the control and as a rule they usually flip-out.

UaDreams performs technically new and safe system of detecting scammers on the website, our specialists provide us with constant professional support and each new profile of a man member is to be verified and confirmed.

But we cannot be responsible for your actions, so please read our simple but essential advice carefully:

  • Leave money help for later when you know each other well.
  • Encourage your date to a personal meeting and then you will be able to resolve all necessary issues.
  • Trust but verify.

Men’s tips for dating after 50

Dating tips for men after 50

Sometimes to impress their readers, journalists write about some ninety-year-old gentlemen who finally found their love and even became fathers of babies.

Yes, this happens rarely and mentioned guys are really lucky. And you, buddy, only a few over 50 and just need to learn a handful of simple rules for successful dating in to be wise enough to catch your happiness.

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Top 5 Dating Sites

People spend much time online and a lot of things that they used to do offline, right now they do using a smartphone or a laptop. Meeting, communicating or even dating to people who are overseas is not a problem at all. You need to choose the way, or it’s better to say the app or the website to your liking and start communicating. Here is the list of the most popular dating websites and apps, all of them have their advantages and disadvantages, know them before using and choose the best one just for you.

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Unsuccessful Tinder dates

The model told about the most unsuccessful Tinder dates

The British model, 26-year-old Jodie Weston, told about her the most unsuccessful dates with guys through the dating application Tinder, reports Daily Mirror.

The lady said that in just two weeks she went on three different dates, and each of them was terrible. The meeting was in a bar in London. However, the man, she dated with, loved swinging in a chair. He did this and at one moment he could not resist so fell to the floor face forward. 

Another date was at the cinema, the couple planned to watch the horror film “The Purge”. Although, at the entrance to the auditorium Weston heard a woman’s scream. It turned out that it was the wife of a man who she dated with. “I did not know that he was married. I just had time to get popcorn and soda, so I was ready to watch the movie, and suddenly found myself in the lobby between the unfaithful husband and his angry wife,” the model explained.

Jodie mentioned that the most remarkable date was with a strange man. One day he came to her house and presented a dog of the Chihuahua breed. Weston said that the boyfriend was very upset when she refused to take the gift and left her. After some time, she found out that the pet died, after that the lady decided to stop communicating with the guy. However, he tried to get into her house several more times. One of the attempts ended with the guards of the residential complex, the guards had to take the guy out by force. He managed to give her a big teddy bear that still lives at her house.

Princess Haya escaped from her husband

Escaped wife of Dubai ruler is suspected of affair with bodyguard

The Emirate Princess Haya, who escaped with children and money from her husband, the ruler of Dubai, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid, was suspected of treason. It was reported by The Times.

According to the sources, the 69-year-old sheikh accused the 45-year-old wife of “inappropriate relations” with a bodyguard. This bodyguard is a former British army officer. The woman presented him gifts generously, which became the reason for suspicion.

It is also reported that Mohammed bin Rashid found one of his six wives with a bodyguard in one of his houses during the unexpected visit to London in May. He found that the couple was talking too close. According to the sources, he was “shocked” by his wife’s behavior and demanded she returns with him to Dubai immediately. The princess refused so now the couple is getting divorced. Granted this divorce is not like the typical divorce cases we see in everyday life but it is still upsetting for someone to go through.

Mohammed bin Rashid published his own poem on Instagram in late June. In this poem, which he addressed his wife, he calls her a traitor.

Princess Haya escaped from her husband with children and 40 million dollars. It was reported that she disappeared in the beginning of February. It was supposed that the woman had hidden in Germany with her 11-year-old daughter and 7-year-old son. However, she may had sought asylum there.

It was supposed that she was afraid for her safety after she had learned from the bodyguard about the Latifah’s fate, the daughter of Mohammed bin Rashid. The girl tried to escape from the country in March 2018, but she was caught. Media reported that she could have been tortured and locked up, but this information has not been confirmed.

fake love story

The blogger will get scolding from Gwyneth Paltrow for cheating fans

Instagram blogger Marissa Casey Fuchs faces an investigation at work after she and her lover Gabriel Grossman organized a show with sponsors, in the final of this show, Gabriel was supposed to make a marriage proposal.

According to BuzzFeed, Fuchs works in the Gwyneth Paltrow’s company that is called Goop. This company sells women’s clothing, drugs and cosmetics, and has its own website with articles on women’s topics. The blogger works as a sales manager and manages brand partnership at the same time.

On June 18, Fuchs said that her boyfriend had prepared a game in the final of which he wanted to make her a proposal. The girl reacted as if she didn’t know what Grossman was up to. Instagram posts with products of different brands, including jewelry, did not contain advertisements.

The fact that the love story turned out to be fake became known after the presentation appeared in the network. All the events were fully described in this document and the possibility of advertising integrations was indicated as well. However, the blogger does not tell directly that the show is held under the auspices of Goop, Fuchs mentioned all the time that she worked for the company and the name of the company was written in the profile description on Instagram. Although the love story began in the Goop office in New York, and the people who worked there were tagged in the video.

Noora Raj Brown, director of communications in Goop, emphasized that the story of the proposal on Instagram has nothing in common with the company. According to her, an internal audit is currently being held, as “Marissa did not receive any formal permission from Goop for such actions”. Brown did not answer directly whether a blogger was threatened to be fired cialis pris.

BuzzFeed also attempted to contact the fiance’s employer, Gabriel Grossman. He is Vice President of the American financial conglomerate Morgan Stanley. The representative only confirmed that Grossman really works for them in this position, refusing further comments.

For now Marissa and Gabriel have not published anything in their profiles after the end of the story.