Anastasiadate and russianbrides same people, same situation

Let me say that I should have known better. Having said that, here is the deal:

I know there are some women on these sites that are genuine and looking for a man, I also know that many are not. The key is finding out which is which. First, do not trust any profile that will not video chat with you, most of these are not genuine. Second, if the girl will video chat with you, see if she will chat off the sight (Skype or something similar) if not… move on. How do I know? Experience. I met a woman on Talked with her in letters for a few weeks. Went to Odessa on business and arranged to meet her. She had no idea who I was, did not know what we had talked about in letters, spoke no English (I speak some Russian but did not tell anyone) even though her profile said she did and she spoke well when we “chatted” on line. Many things were not adding up, what I had been told and what I thought was not what was true. I listened carefully to some of the conversations between her and the “interpreter” and although it was not easy, I started to figure out what was going on.
Finally, I was able to talk to her without our “interpreter”. She admitted she had no control of her profile and never did, she did not even have the password and had been paid for the pictures she took. She was approached the day before my arrival by our “interpreter” (an old friend of hers) and was told that a man wanted to meet her from the site and reluctantly she agreed to meet me.
At that point I re-introduced myself, we talked more and exchanged contact information. Since then have managed to make a wonderful relationship from a horrible start.
I am positive that many of the women you see on these two sites are paid to chat or have been paid by people there to allow their pictures and information to be used. In short, BEWARE and remember, if it seems too good to be true, it is!
I don’t know how complicit the owners of the website are in this situation but I do know that when I wrote, on more than one occasion, to them about this situation I got no reply. Nothing. This would suggest that they either know about it and do not care or know about it and are complicit. Either way, again… BEWARE.

Chuck about Anastasiadate 

One of the worst dating sites in creation.

I had used AnastasiaDate before in the past, several years ago, I came to Kharkov to see a lady. After months of love letters, chatting, and phone calls, I came to Ukraine to see what I thought was a lady who was interested in me. I came and met a complete stranger. Nataliya was cold, distant, and seemed like a totally different person. I was frustrated and I told her so. She said that maybe after a few visits, she could learn to like me. That of course, was not enough for me. I left the site for awhile and used other services. I came back after several months with a different strategy. I would try to talk to several different women. Maybe if I talked to three or so, I could find out which one really liked me and then find love. So after a few months, I came back to Ukraine again. I met one lady in Kharkov and two in Odessa. It was just a bigger disaster. The lady in Kharkov was nice enough, I guess. But she wanted an iPad. I left Kharkov disappointed of course. I took my hopeful expectations to Odessa, I spent a wonderful day with one lady. But she wanted me to buy her some really expensive shoes. I refused of course. We parted on good terms, but the next day the interpreter informed me that she has decided to back to her old boyfriend. Now, I am sure she never left him. I met the third lady on the last day, we had a nice brief meeting. And she did not ask me to buy anything. So we decided that we would try again on the next trip.

I should add that the ladies never really asked me for anything. She just shops and picks up different items. The interpreter asks for her. I came to Ukraine with such high hopes after spending thousands at this website. I arrived at Ukraine only to be greeted by women who seemed to be complete strangers and outrageous rates for cabs, interpretation, and other services. It was horrible.

Still not having learned my lesson, I returned again. This time I met one lady in Kharkov and returned to Odessa to see the lady from my previous meeting. But of course, I ran into the same thing. It was as if the person writing me the letters and the person I met were two different people. There was no warmth, nothing familiar. They were just professionals handling me.

So I stopped going to the website. I did return briefly a couple of months ago. I met a ballerina who lived in Kharkov. I sent her information to a friend of mine, I wanted to see if this was a real person. He gave me her vk profile. So I contacted her. To my surprise, I received no response at all.

Finally, I was completely done with the site.

AnastasiaDate is the same as every other expensive Ukrainian dating site in this industry. You will get dozens of beautiful women wanting to talk to you every day. But it so expensive and nothing is guaranteed. I don’t think the women are very honest. I have evidence that many women there have boyfriends or are married already. AnastasiaDate claims that they have exclusive women. I asked about this policy. Of course, they do not. You can find many women at their website at other places. When I tried to show the customer service agent this, he pretended not to understand me.

I have since deleted my account and will never return. I spent thousands and years of my life at this site with nothing to show for it. And now I am at a free dating site and have conversations with ladies in email and via skype without paying a dime. One lady is coming to see me next week.

I have hope that I can find someone again. Anastasiadate is such a bad place. They should ashamed of themselves misleading men and charging so much money. Their customer service is so bad and they services are questionable at best. I have downloaded ads from the internet that show they are paying women in Ukraine to talk to men. None of the women I dated were attracted to me in person. They only seemed attracted to me in chat or in email.

Please, if you are looking for love, understand that love is free. You do not have to pay for it. If you are paying a lot of money, that is the surest sign that you will not find what you are looking for.

Thank you.

Bruce about Anastasiadate

AnastasiaDate. . . . .er. . .something.

No. AnastasiaDate is a bad site all the way. They have fake profiles. Meaning that some of the women are married or totally unavailable. Surely not all. In fact, most women there are real. in that you can touch them. Many are not married. Some may not even have boyfriends. The point isn’t that you don’t see them married on VK or OK or whatever. The point is they are paid to be there. AnastasiaDate pays local agencies in Ukraine to provide women. Those agencies pay the women to talk to you. They pay by the letter, because you pay by the letter. The more letters a woman can get sent to her, the more money she gets. The same goes for chatting. The more men she gets into chat, the more money she receives. Every pay by letter site works in this fashion. That’s why pay by letter sites need to be avoided at all costs. This corrupt industry won’t learn unless they feel it in their pocket. They have lived high on the hog for over a decade. They have made millions at our expense. We complain about Russia, but men mostly American send billions to them using these sex cam sites. So in the end, it is up to American men. Can “we” summon the strength to stop using these types of sites and start using sites where we meet women, who wish to meet us?

The choice is yours.

My goodness. . .I have made someone very angry! Haha!!! Adate is here masquerading as me and posting good reviews for all the garbage sites and garbage reviews for all the good sites.

Hey, you guys keep spreading what er . .you are spreading.

I will continue to spread hope.

Maybe you guys will win.

Oh, get this everyone. I had to edit my review because Anastasiadate complained about me telling the truth. TrustPilot of course, listened to them. Get this, they created a fake account with the pic I use and with my name to make statements that were accusatory and defamatory of the work I do.

Good ole’ TrustPilot let it slide. So what do you guys think? You can come to my pages on the net. I provide the truth. PIcs, vk profiles, and Adate accounts of the women who are married or engaged at the site.

What a mind “act of turning” that is going on here.

Sorry I have to word things so strangely. Apparently the word “screw” is er. . . .defaming AnastasiaDate. The service that has at least a thousand women on it that are married or otherwise unavailable. And that is only from one town in Ukraine!!!!

Stay tuned guys. Major update on more married women on Adate at the end of the week. We have bridal gowns, showers, receptions, the whole works!!!

David about Anastasiadate

Too much photoshop and fake mails, not worth it.

Well, i used the site for a couple of months (and spend some money on it) but in the versión called which shares the same database of the girls registered in, i mean they are the same, just the name changes, you can join in both sites if you don’t believe me, anyway, at the beggining i was excited and i made contact with some girls and they appeared to be real, but my complain is the following, almost all the photos they publish are extremely modified, i bet Photoshop it’s their favorite software, so after some time you usually realize the girl you are having correspondence it’s completely different than you expected, and this applies to the most of the girls of this site, when you look at their profiles you see them like a dolls, unreal and made of plastic (most of them). This is frustrating and the only one that benefits is the site and not the girls nor the men.

Additionally, there is some kind of automatized mail they have, i mean, everyday i received almost the same number of mails on my inbox, from 7 to 10 mails daily, all from different girls, even before i completed my profile and have some information written on it or photos. I mean, obviously they were fake. After a while i supposed they run out of templates for their fake mails because I received 2 or 3 mails identical but from different girls, after that i decided to close my profile but i couldn’t find any option to do that, so I wrote to their Support mail requesting the closing of my account but i still waiting for a response and of course the closing of my account.

I understand this is a bussiness for them but frankly they are not offering a real service of dating, to spend time and money on this site is like going to the casino, must of the times you are just throwing away your money for fun and a Little bit of entertainment and rarely you will win.

I must say not all the sites are like this one, i found a very good one with good real girls but i will not going to mention it, because i do not want to believe i’m trying to give bad reputation to this site because i work for the other one. My review is real, and believe me, or (which are exactly the same) really not worth the time or the money spent on this sites.

I apologize if my english is not entirely correct but it is not my native language. Anyway, I hope you take my Word.

Jules about Anastasiadate
“A waste of time and money”

first they charged me $15.99 to join then another $16.99. Then they gave me 58 bonus points which are worthless. Review writte on April 14, 2016. mike +++

Michael about AnastasiaDate
“Wake Up!!”

Okay. I got some updates as it’s pretty funny.

I took one of the pictures from the lady I chatted for a long time and did a Google Image search and found her profile on VK. (Russian social site). I created a profile matching my AnastasiaDate profile and added her as a friend and messaged her. Next day she read my message and replied saying how she’s surprised on how I found her here and wanted to know how I did it. She said she prefers chatting half n’half on here and on the dating site. I said to her that I shut down my account on the dating site (not possible anyways) as I’m serious about her and I thought we could continue chatting on VK and finding her already shows how serious I am that I had to go through a lot. Fair enough she accepted it. I wanted to see how far she goes.

Since I used PayPal, it was easy to go on PayPal and revoke the recurring charges that I didn’t authorize for $9.99 monthly fee. I went ahead and removed my profile pictures, updated my name to Castro from Havana, Cuba. So now I’m a 91 year old man with three grown children to have their own children. I had 18 credits left and I decided to spend it all but with some style. (I’m not being cheap here after all as I just wanna use my all my credits).

I decided to chat with the same girl I chatted with on VK but with a day gap to get my profile updated in their system. I started getting eMails in relation to Castro and than I knew my profile was updated. I logged online and I saw her. She didn’t recognize me but she said she’s been waiting for someone like me to come into her life. I’m like.. Really? A 91 year old man with 3 kids to hook up with a 29 year old ‘model’? It shows that they’re not serious at all. At the end of the day it’s just your wallet they’re after. I went back to VK today and we chatted for a bit. She ‘hinted’ that she needs money to hire a tutor and learn some English. I ignored her and said if she really wants to learn, she can go and download some English material off the Internet and learn them. I left and left the conversation as it is. She’s not interested or serious. She has her own life in Ukraine and she’s not bothered to come and join you.

Next girl: I did the same as above and I got her to get on Skype. She gets so defensive if I tell her that I think ‘some’ women gets paid to be on that site. I didn’t mention her but I said ‘some’. She goes off at me saying I think it’s her. I asked her why she gets so defensive? And then long story comes in about how some man was suppose to come from the UK to meet her and never did and now she can’t trust any men. And only those men who’re on this site can be serious! HA! She avoided my question. She than said I was better chatting with her on the site! I told her what’s the difference? Her English was good as she was a reporter as she claims. Fast forward today. She said she’s going to see her family 3 hours away and spend time with them for the whole weekend and she won’t be able to get on Skype. I always wonder if she goes to work as she’s always on the site chatting. She said she won’t be on Skype as she won’t have internet connection since she’ll be on the farm!!!. (I’m already Castro here by the way on that site). I logged online today and went to her profile page and I see her as ‘Online’ with video capability. Yep. Sure. Skype shows she’s off. I get a message later on saying that she wants to connect with me. Connect with a 91 year old man with three grown children to have their own children? The same girl tells me on Skype that she prefers someone at my age group and never married and no kids. She even said to me on Skype as to why I think all women here wants to leave their home country? I wasn’t surprised after all they get good money from the dating agency to pay their bills and internet connection and so forth.

SCAM! These girls gets paid for you chatting with them. Their interpreter gets paid too. Those guys writing fake reviews get paid too. Not a question about me being a ‘cheapskate’ or anything. I’ve joined some free dating site already (two days back) and I’m already chatting with 4 of them on Skype and WhatsApp combined. 2 of them already began using two-way video calls and internet phone calls with me. All free. I’ve had only one who wanted money for some live webcam shows but I didn’t give in. You’re gonna get that everywhere.


So I’ve started not too long ago in search of a woman. Yep, I landed on this site. Wow, nicely photoshopped women here (I’ve have worked on models before so I know what to look for). This site – AnastasiaDate is definitely a scam. Forget the videos. They’re all in for business. I’ve spoken to one of them and I asked her if she could wave at me or signal a kiss but instead she looked down and typed in some excuse as to why she can’t. Really?? So I attached my email address to a picture and sent a attachment to a different girl. I told her that my details are on that picture and let me know. Next thing you know she suddenly had an emergency and had to leave. Never came back. I’ve had one where she holds up a vibrator and tells me what she’s gonna do with it. I said I wasn’t interested. Just trying to waste your time with a slow response as well to keep the minutes going. They know when you’re looking at their profile and they’ll prowl at you.

Finally, look at all of the latest reviews that are rated 5 stars. Notice the date stamp on it. How come all these guys decided to write reviews the same time or one day apart. That shows that they have either hired someone to write fake reviews or they’re writing themselves. I’m a business owner and I see this happen at Yelp too talking to others at a conference.

Save your money and do what other say – travel there. I’ve been to Europe and the women are intrigued to hear that you’re not from there and naturally strike up a conversation. I’m keeping in touch with 2 already. If you go through AnastasiaDate, the translator will rip you off on expensive hiked up restaurants, hotels, and taxis just to take a share of your money. Do an AirBnb and stay with beautiful women for a start and save there.

Alright, remember guys, we’re looking out for each other here so there is no gain from me telling you this.

Mark about AnastasiaDate
“Don’t get scammed here”

Buyer Beware: There ARE far to many SCAMS involving Russian dating sites!
(these identical sites are some of the worst offenders:,,

Everything is suspicious about “” including the HUGE amount of votes on everyone’s posts here! Like 500 plus already?? ( and even on the bad reviews? Sounds like bots hyping the ratings)

MORE info here about these dating scams and scam sites!!:

ripoffreports: (lots info on “anastasiadate” fraud sites )

STILL MORE sites warning its a scam! (check your scam lady here. List:8,596 scammers)

Russian dating scam, exposed here:

Tip for consumers: Save your money and stay away!
Ask warren about Anastasiadate
Anastasiadate is paying girls to chat and for correspondence. You can read all about this scam in there is job advertisements… all of what you need to know , also I love how in 2 days all the positive reviews Gregory is busy creating profiles and good reviews, I live in Odessa and have for 8 years this year alone 10 rental clients I had show up to meet ladies and all where out of town. face the facts people you are using a million dollar corporation that is only interested in your money not find you a partner , Also another thing they recently did was remove age range from ladies profiles so the men do not know what age a lady would be interested in , this is a scam because men a lady would never have interest in will contact her and pay for nothing

why does nobody do anything to stop that company doing such a low level scam.
Of course does lady’s (or whoever) getting payed to chat, they got shifts, the same person on just like clockwork each day.
I am writing Emails to all sort of places, just so i can say I done everything to stop a other man to fall into the same trap

140 million dollars of revenue they created last year, a 220 % increase in revenue from 2012 to 2014, (Wikipedia information) the strangest part is , the world was going true a recession. The major investor is some investor from New York, still working to get a name. I think it is outrages that scam like that can happen in such magnitude and nobody does anything about it.

Markus Tellenbach

Would like any feed back about experience anybody had with Anastasia.

Ask  Markus Tellenbach about Anastasiadate

To who might want to know. I was on anistatia for a little over 3 years. I didn’t fall for many girls bit I did fall for 2 girlson here. I was paying for the first lady about 100 USD a month to chat with her and she seemed to lose interest in me so I lost interest in her. Then cam a lady that was going to cost me a quarter of what the other lady cost so I started talking to her. I was lucky as I figure I only had paid around 2000 USD for my scams to come to end. Finally I happened to get a letter from my last girl saying that her name is not Diana but it was I**** and that she was sorry about the troubles that she knew I had gone threw to talk to Diana. She then was offline and I requested that I could talk to her. After a few days of riddles and stuff I figured out her riddle and found her on another sight. Now the translator that had no contact with my so called feonce and I are friends. She showed me the sight of Diana and lady di was real but didn’t know who I was. This sight scammed me along with many others that fell for it. WARNING THIS SIGHT GOES BY MANY NAMES. russianbrideclub. Com was the one I was under but Diana aka lovelydiana was on anistatia. Com and a few others and they where just different names for one big sight.

Truly heart broke and broke.

Ask Chad about Anastasiadate

100% scam.
Girls get paid to chat with men.
A former employee from site, told me about the dark side of this site.
Local agencies pay money for this girls, up to $200usd per month (for Ukrainian ladies, that is a lot of money).

In addition, a different translators told me, that when the lady is not available, she usually would log in as the lady to talk with the lady “friends”. So you will be wasting your money, talking to translator instead of girls.
I heard this same comment from 3 different girls.

More than 50% of girls on site, have their boyfriends in Ukraine. they are only at this site for the money they get paid.
Don’t believe me, you should look at the girl VK account. VK is the Facebook from ukraine, and all ladies like to put all their life in this site.
You will find the truth there.

Ask any girl to communicate outside site, and 100% of times, answer will be NO.

When you address problem with their “ANTI-SCAM policy” you know heard excuses and more excuses. But nothing really happens.
Clearly company protects their “employees”, the ladies they use to scam foreigners.

Ask Fernando about Anastasiadate

After few chats (I didn’t really spend much, around $80 – $100) I’ve decided to find my girl on VK, it was actually really easy and she actually looked even better than on anastasiadate. She had there some photo with 2 guys, but old ones, so I add her and wrote her if she recognize me (I’ve put same profile photo). I got answer few days later and she confirmed me as a friend (and I saw that she was single so actually no boyfriend), but she told me that not she doesn’t remember me, but please help me remember. Than I told her that from anastasia date and that I wanted to talk to her out side control environment. I got answer, yeah I remember but not that much and than, yes you are right and I was removed from her friends and no answer since than. Its true that she didn’t speak English very well, but translator is pretty good. So option is there. So this girl is real, I do not doubt about that, but is totally different outside chat/letters, so I’m pretty sure that she’s getting paid for it, otherwise if she would really want to meet someone and get out of Ukraine, she probably wouldn’t act like that. So I women there are real, but most of them just want your money (so you actually got you marriage experience ? )

Ask Paul about Anastasiadate

I think anastasia dating service i scam.
When i tried to chat with lady live video or web cam i realized that same video was on last couple days. ” lady is typing”. She is not typing she is playing with her hair. Who actually typing?

Ask Cengiz about Anastasiadate

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