The name of this article is really provocative however I thought there is a necessity to speak about AnastasiaDate and the policy of this agency which seems to be non-transparent.

Referring to scam issues happened to male members (we won’t give exact names as they’ve suffered a lot already) it should be mentioned that all their investigations lead to ban some women from agency website but not all of them and still refunds have not been proceeded yet. We’ve been told about 500 000 USD each year is a scam income for female members that is why men from abroad feel more than nervous if they keep searching for the agencies to register and sort out the information from the internet.

***Valentina is a professional chatter and dater who funds her fashion habit and child by scamming daters


Ex-members complained after the passwords request in case it was reset for example they received in a simple text. Just imagine how insecure you are if you get your login in such a way and how fast it can be stolen. Many respectful agencies explain to their members how to store their passwords carefully, how to create a new one in case you wish to change it, what combination is easy to uncover and so and so forth. Just remember – your login must be properly encrypted.

This fact gives only one assumption: if there is a vacillation in their members login storage, there is a big vacillation in their whole security system. It is so easy to hack as Anastasiadate members personal information is surely available to uncover. The data stealing may of course be a reason of members outflow.

Obviously there is a theory that Anastasiadate agency has a fraud from their customers hidden.

***Girl from the AnastasiaFRAUD Nikolaev scam agency Anyuta Beznisko

anyuta-beznisko-anastasiadate-scammer anyuta-scammer-with-husband


Besides several girls were detected in sex escort services, another one – as a prostitute in Nikolaev city, therefore when male members get to know such details they feel depressed being tricked and seriously desperate to rely on dating sites then. Their hope was broken not because of wasting money but deeply by hurt of their hearts.

***Evgenia Ostrovskaya, scammer, prostitute, thief. First picture from AnastasiaFRAUD, second picture from Veronika, third Skype profile, fourth new Facebook profile


Some girls had a very bad reputation by their suspicious behavior and then open scam activity: they made many foreign men scammed by luring them to the website, asking for help arranging of Schengen Visa, ticket booking for a flight, accommodation and even food.

Another part of sweet ladies were excitedly explaining about their virgin status but ready to share her body for moving to another country. Sounds terrific, right?

If male members forwarded their complaints regarding one lady but several times – that did not helped as there were not too much evident proof in their words. For instance scam issue was not investigated properly, no guilty, no punished have been found. Accusation goes only from one side, the side of the customer, but that was only his word.

***with scammer translator Yulia


***Valeria Novitskaya, thief, scammervaleria-novitskaya-thief

Ladies of Anastasiadate are ready to lie, to convince you in that sophisticated truth that you can never guess at first that you’ve been tricking tightly. Anyway, they definitely know how to get the sensitiveness of your heart to extract a dollar.


Now we got closer to the part of ladies who chat. They use this option as a working place, often on maternity leave, they use this opportunity to have some fee. You know that your Alina is real but you would never know if your Alina has a child (that’s OK if she mentioned this) or a husband (that’s not OK even if she did not mention). Her marital status is single on the website of Anastasiadate but hidden somewhere in social networks and forgetting to hide some photos with a man in it kissing and holding closer to each other.


Being professional translator or chatter or manager does not mean that you have a responsibility to ruin someone’s life or just to play. And no one would believe you if you tell that you don’t have any choice but scamming people.

*** Elena Sipyagina

Often to be found on chat on anastasiaFRAUD

She has a partner Dima Berezhnoy

elena-sipyagina-anastasiadate-fraud elena-sipyagina-anastasiadate-profile

Those ladies were not removed from the website, they were not banned or suspended, they help the agency to receive an income for about 1,5 million of dollars during last five years.

5 thoughts on “Scam evidences on Anastasia Dating

  1. Its a pity for all nice men suffering from scam girls, they try their best in order to find good, fair and respectable girl for living. Lots of those indecent agencies just rip off their members and have their own profit from others. And certainly it will last till the moment I or someone else will uncover their activity here or somewhere else. I’ve been working in such kind of companies more than 12 years and you will ask why I quit with it. Sure because of great number of fraudsters. I keep uncovering any fraud inside the companies in youtube or scam forums with posts and videos. Hope for sharing with your friends to prevent them from cheating.

  2. I insist that Anastasiadate is scam, these busters lie all the time and feed their fraudsters with endless living on website pages. I being their customer received my own experience with wasting more than $300 dollars just during three months! My observation made a conclusion – almost all deceivers work there, they used to rush you with mailing -just imagine: you have told that you caused the interest of more than 80 young single ladies! It’s a crap when your popularity seems suspicious, website looks like dating machine with windows and sucks with video chat banners. I had chat with 8 women and I was shocked by the price.. It’s really hard to speak with someone there, sometimes it seems that i earn my money for them. So that my salary goes for salaries of those swindlers..
    For example you have only one letter to read – that costs nothing for you but every next letter goes for 10 credits to use. The price for one letter is nearly $1, you pay your money and they do not allow you to write down your email address or phone number or skype name, just something private!

  3. I have the same words to complaint that if you meet lady doctor or teacher or lawyer on the website that can be fake as a profile she has also fake one. And they have thousands of good and nice beauties who work there, luring foreigners to fee payment website and extracting money from them then. If you wanna chat, you will not chat in private form, you will be monitored and you cannot imagine that others girls are in the same room in the agency and all of them are chatting!
    Those thiefs have to be judged properly and asked about the legacy of such actions!

    It’s impossible to look on those women in reality even in chat: the picture quite differs from that face see therefore.. I hate those professional photoshooting with specific avis and nice dresses and make up and all! The system has been accomplished everything to look smart, stylish and advertised. The product is being provided for years, thus they know what resources to take and implement.

    The experience you have is that Anastasiadate and also known as anastasia web establish your weak sides and play on your feelings, besides those fraudsters take your money.

    All those money go via legitimate way for bank system so that it’s really hard to eliminate the transaction process.

  4. ..I am sure about one conclusion I’ve made today – since there are those men who suffer from loneliness and give up looking someone in the streets, such dating scam sites would exist. And the case is not in Western traditions and culture, this is deeply psychological aspect in endless desire of playing relationship games, virtual role of communication, friendship, love, virtual sex and dramas and all. Many men want that, they feel good being hurt. I don’t have another explanation to the customers inflow.

    Guys from Anastasiadate have number of employees who writes letters instead of girls and they earn money by luring you with these spam letters looking vivid and real from “real girls” with fake hearts and souls..

  5. Is it true that Anastasia Dating is a scam site? I have been on this site for over eight months now, during the time on this I’ve spent hundreds of dollars trying to find a future wife but to no avail. When I do want to ask questions to certain women on this site these people running this site blanks out the questions like my phone number or my G Mail address. Is this normal practice for date sites to do this, even when I give a certain flight time to come and visit these women it’s all blanked out, how do they expect me to meet these women in this country if they keep blanking out my information to meet the women at a date and time?

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