is a platform for searching single women of exotic beauty. Sure thousands of western European men took up online dating with Asian sites. Actually I cannot say this kind of women had been ignored before however they came to the greatest interest with cinema and movie development.

So what’s the reason to be so popular?

Men confess that they are in just because of mildness and sexuality, extraordinary appearance and Eastern moral principles. They want a woman from Bangkok just because “they are perfect”. is popular among 2.500.000 users and they consider this site to be more effective than other countries dating sites. That means here you may see girls from other countries as well.

One advantage I want to distinguish right now: in case you obtain premium membership ladies contact you first and your emails will be in priority to reply.

What is the conclusion ex-member made named Tim. He hesitated of how long he should be a member to gain a success but what he understood is to have some effective steps forward you need to obtain premium membership. Men used to drop out as not all girls speak English. But for instance Tim liked the intensity of replies: he received over 180 from 200. And what is interesting, from 11 countries! Can you imagine how big this Asian dating platform is? You start with free account but do not forget to upgrade it to paid and girls are the first who get in touch with you.

Still I’m trying to explain you if this is a scam or not, legit or not, the best or the worst.

Our Tim visited several Asian countries and dated many Asian women with the help of Sure he was in just because of Western women who changed his love affair intentions: he wanted loyal and feminine woman. And indeed over 1,5 million of single beautiful Asian ladies with black hair and perfect skin is waiting on this site.

Tim created two profiles just because he forgot the previous password. Anyway he managed to chat with 20-29 years old single ladies from Indonesia, Cambodia and Hong Kong.

To test our man sent 220 messages to girls from 11 countries:

  • Thailand
  • Vietnam
  • Japan
  • China
  • Singapore
  • Hong Kong
  • Cambodia
  • Indonesia
  • Taiwan
  • The Philippines
  • Malaysia

Tim’s message was tender but straight and sincere. He explained that he liked profile of the lady and would like to go out. Besides I almost forgot, our hero upgraded his account to Platinum and received 183 responses within a day.

Ladies were trying to escape from the site and to contact on skype, others wanted to go out right immediately and other part of ladies just registered the wrong site.

Indeed thinking that in China or Hong Kong women speak English fluently is completely wrong. Tim’s hope flew away however comparing with China, Hong Kong girls speak better. And Muslim territories like Thailand (some parts) managed to be free of rules for online dating.

Malaysia is famous for regular scam girls as usual. Even if you try to get in touch with a girl you cannot stop seeing some suspicious thing in conversation. Refer to

Singapore and the Philippines represent women who intend to marry and have a real family, Tim emphasizes that this just because above 30% of population are foreign people.​

Conclusion is simple: you are able to date with a woman on This is more than possible. Now let’s have another side of the topic.

So let me summerize all facts about given by Tim:
This dating platform is legit and safe. Besides reliable to their members as the owners live in Australia and are proud of their more than 15 years work experience. They are free of scam as during all correspondence with women Tim never received money request, suspicious messages, letters from ladies with non-filled profiles.
Tim was surprised by 950 testimonials. That means a very stable statistics if 950 men are satisfied with the great job.
This website does not represent any casual matches or hookups. Choose your country you love the history and mental principles of and you will be satisfied with sincere intentions.

Great part of ladies of the site speaks English really good. Not all of them of course but suddenly this will make you feel comfortable to communicate. The Philippines, Hong Kong or Malaysia – are the countries with fluent English.

Ladies are not fake, they are real. As a matter of fact Tim had replies from 11 countries. And no phrases like “i have a computer problem” or “my mother s sick” or “I need your help” back to Tim’s messages. And if you doubt regarding any response you may refer to support team.

Support is really helpful. They use urgent system solutions and reply as fast as they can. Besides they never take any side, they refer to facts of the issue.

Free registration. But to upgrade you need to pay for better service packages. gives you a proposition to choose between Gold and Platinum Memberships (1 or 3 or 12 months set per each). It’s up to you.

Platinum Membership is more expensive but give more opportunities (like translation benefits) to communicate better, thereafter this increases the chances to meet your other half.
Easy to register.

However you should remember: you have to be scrupulous with searching a wife in Asia, you have 11 countries to select from, however dating site gives you only a platform to use comfortable services to choose the best from all singles to marry. Use your head upon love affair first and remember that we are effective on this subject but brief, not to be past post.​

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