Recently I found a review about Elenas Models from disappeared site in the Internet. Actually I showed interest to this article not because it reflects all advantages of Elena’s Models agency, but it was presented as author’s personal negative experience with Anastasia Date and RussianCupid – Elena’s Models’ main competitors. I am quoting here:

Selection of girls
Ease of use
Anti scammer filtering
Additional Services
Value to customer

Since other bloggers recommend Russian Cupid so much, and state that it is better than Elena’s Models. I have a different opinion, I decided that I would state the facts and prove my point : RussianCupid is infested with scammers and it’s a complete waste of time.

1- Creation of a test account

As I’m writing this, today is Sunday, 3rd of August 2014. I opened an account on Russian Cupid at 10:00 AM. I filled out some details about a fictional character named Thierry, aged 45, divorced, two children (15 and 12) who live with him every other week.

I added the following text:

Hello I’m a french citizen. I used to be a womanizer but not anymore, now I am looking for love. I am energetic, good spirited. I’m more interested in intellectual debate, philosophy and reading and sports in nature and yoga, than in money. So if you are looking for someone rich, please note that I am rich inside but not on my bank account, because when I die I am not taking my possessions with me ! I am a Real Man, with a big heart.

I want a caring, loving woman. I need kindness and affection, also intelligence is very important. Someone who is thin, sportive, tall if possible, with a good character and a positive outlook on life. I spent one year with a depressive person and I can’t do that anymore. So if you are dynamic, beautiful, kind and sexual, please contact me. I will subscribe to the site if I like your profile. Not older than 40 please, unless you are spectacular.

This text means basically that this fictional person is not financially secure but hopes to find a woman who will have sex with him and love him despite his flat wallet. Plus, he’s probably quite shallow and self-absorbed: that’s what self-proclaimed womanizers usually are.

I did not add a picture.

The profile was approved within minutes.

Let’s face the hard truth: a profile like this has virtually NO CHANCE of getting any interest from any woman. A 45-years old idiot without pics? Come on.

2- Instant reaction from pretty girls. Too good to be true ?

It’s now 14:00 as I am writing this. In 4 hours, my profile without photo received marks of attention from 4 women. Age ranging from 27 to 34.

Out of these 4 persons, only one actually looked at my profile. A 30 years-old, 5 feet tall girl from Romania without pictures. A little bit shorter than Kylie Minogue, who is 102 pounds while this girl weights 128 pounds. So much for my desire of “ Someone who is thin, sportive, tall if possible “.

These 4 women are ALL new users. They ALL have profiles with one picture only. One is a gold member, meaning she PAID for the website. Russian women don’t pay for websites. They want the man to pay.

Oh, hold on. I just received an interest from this gorgeous lady. And she’s a Platinum member ! Wow. Of course she did not look at my profile, but..wait a minute, she’s sending me an email.

As you can see she asks from my email address. Typical scammer.

A real woman does not do that. Again, real russian or ukrainian women don’t pay for that, they expect the man to pay.

I perform an image search on Google and find a similar profile on the Russian facebook, Vkontakte. The profile is nearly empty, but if that person is real at least she does not live in the Moscow area like the person who wrote me: she’s from Novokuznetsk, a 4 hours and 40 minutes flight from Moscow. A scammer…

As for the other one who sent me an email, which I could read because she’s a Gold Member, she even GAVE ME her email address. Nobody does that. Particularly an attractive 27 years old girl from Russia. Unless she’s a scammer.

4 hours, 5 scammers. Not bad. Men might honestly be better off keeping themselves to themselves and enjoy explicit content sites similar to that of Tubev as an example, at least this way they won’t be victims of scammers and fraudsters.

3- First test phase results : FAILED

Anyone telling me Russian Cupid is a good site is either a liar or a naive.

Technically the website is good but there are SO MANY SCAMMERS that it’s impossible to use it unless you want to spend an awful lot of time.

I know what I’m talking about. I used to be a paid member of Russian Cupid. I dated 2 girls from the site, one whom I met in Montenegro, and one whom I met in Kaliningrad. She came to Paris also to see me. She was real, and smart, but a bit weird.

But for those 2 girls, the amount of time spent on the site was HUGE. Probably 5 times higher than the time spent on Elena Models ! That’s how I learned the ropes the hard way about scammer. I spent thousands of hours on stupid dating sites ridden with scammers.

And it’s not surprising : given the fact that you can open an account in 5 minutes there, and the profile verification is just a simple step…

Had I known before, I would have stayed away from Russian Cupid. It may look good, but that’s only the look. Behind the scenes there’s not much to it, as I just proved.

I will keep the profile 24 hours and we will see how many messages I receive from those fake users.

4- More scammers on Russia Cupid

It is now 16:10 and I have attracted two more girls.

One of them is particularly beautiful. Ugly scammers are pretty rare. Platinum member, 26 years old. Ok, she’s nearly half my age, but who cares. I must be so attractive with my profile without photo, that she decides to email me. She gives me her email address. It’s obvious why she needs to do this within the first email : the message system of Russian Cupid is probably not very good. I suppose.

This is so obviously a scam. And a bad one.

5- Let’s bait scammers

So I decided to add a picture. I selected a picture of a random guy found on the internet. Russian Cupid wants to make sure I’m not a scammer, so they ask me to prove that I “own the picture”. It does not mean that it’s me. In fact, I could be the photographer, and hold the rights to the image. It’s effing stupid

So now I have a beautiful profile with a picture. On Elena Models, you have to have a REALLY GOOD profile to be contacted directly by girls, which means your text should be fun, or you should be within the age range, or you have to be rich or handsome or all of this. The one thing Russian women hate the most are womanizers, because it’s a local habit for men to cheat on women. So it does not matter if you are good looking : the word “womanizer” acts as a repellent. But using a picture shows that I’m serious. Let’s see how many scammers I attract now.

6- Faster than real life !

Well in fact the result is very fast. I get two expressions of interest. But still no one has cared to look at me, see who I am, what I’m doing, if I’m a jerk or not…. They just like me better because I have a picture now.

As usual, these two girls are Gold or Platinum and they are NEW users. Wonder why ? Because someone will report them and the team at Russian Cupid will close the account. So they have to move fast and get your email address as soon as possible. But you have to find out that they are scammers.

On Elena Models, it’s the contrary. Girls have to prove first that they are real, through a phone call by a support system member. If they cannot respond, the profile is cancelled. Russian Cupid puts the burden on you ! As a result, they have so many scammers all the freaking time. I HATE losing time with ukrainians mafiaboys who think they are clever.

So from now it is clear : the reasons why I left Russian Cupid in 2009 are still here ! Nothing has changed. They just want to charge gullible Western guys for corresponding with fake profiles. Not me, no.

If you want a real dating website for Ukrainian or Russian models, I suggest you use Elena Models. There are almost NO scammers, it works and it’s efficient.

7- More scammers, and poor results

Today is Tuesday. 48 hours after I started this experiment. I look into my gmail inbox and I found the following : in 2 days, I have been contacted by 24 fake profiles. As you can see from the 2 screengrabs below. Each tick mark represents a scammer.

What does RussianCupid do about it? Well, they do suppress some scammers. The most obvious ones. Here’s a screengrab of my RussianCupid account. I have only 5 emails from women left. I deleted one previously because the woman could be my mother and was obese, obviously not a scammer but I did not want to display her face there.

According to my Gmail mailbox; I have received in fact 11 messages. What does it mean ? Well, apparently RussianCupid has detected 5 fake profiles and removed them.

It could be a good score, unfortunately out of the 5 messages remaining, 3 are scammers. Only 2 are legit users.
So RussianCupid does a bad job at spotting scammers. Once again, as a customer you will have to be in charge of that. Good luck.

Now, If the 2 remaining women were gorgeous it would be OK. Unfortunately; it’s not the case. One is a 45 years old, chubby woman with one son, the other one is 32 years old but really not attractive at all. She could be a scammer because she’s a gold member. After checking out her image on Google Image I find that she’s registered on 3 other sites since December 2013. She’s not attractive, which could explain why she subscribed for a gold pack. Whatever the reason, she’s not the kind of girl I would want. You get sexier girls in Texas or Wyoming, for God’s sake.

So, out of the 27 girls who contacted me in 2 days the overwhelming majority was made of scammers, the rest are not interesting at all. Only 5 users actually looked at my profile. All of them above 40 years old. Makes sense.

Can someone please tell me what if the interest of Russian Cupid, if any ? Can anyone tell me why it should be preferred over Elena Models which effectively screens for scammers BEFORE approving their profile ?

I think this long post gives you the complete answer.

Oh, by the way, there are other websites from the same company and there’s no reason to believe that what applies to one does not apply to the others.

3 thoughts on “A real face of Russian Cupid

  1. ???? Why do we care about this bogus review of Russian Cupid???

    Do you realize, Russian Cupid DOES NOT PAY THE WOMEN TO SCAM YOU!?!?!?

    If you get scammed by a scammer at Russian Cupid, if you get scammed at Ukrainedate, if you get scammed at, if you get scammed at, if you get scammed at elenamodels. . .


    And you should stop dating period.

  2. There is really no point guys complaining about scammers or wasting their time trying to catch them! its more important to concentrate on searching for real women. If you are realistic in your searches , not searching a dolly bird 30 years younger than yourself, then you will never have to worry about scammers. There are now many sites that really have scammer control using the latest software. Fakes and scammers simply find it impossible to stay on the site.

  3. About RussianCupid I didn’t know how it’s on the girls side but today I spoke to a scammer and I thought he is real until he said something to me.. then I did reverse image search and his pictures is everywhere and it comes up at the top when I search ” man with laptop” in google images. His about me is on a lot of scammer websites 🙁 I didnt know how to report him. I dont know his intentions but I am afraid for other girls who fall for it if he wants to meet them or asks for their pictures. I thought I was speaking to a genuine person it’s disappointing to me and I have become weary because of this. He was looking for Russian girls 18-25 and he asked me if I lost my virginity. He said to me first of all(I took a small notice) that he did not see me on this website before.. and asked was I new. In my mind I thought that it’s funny he said that to me when there are a lot of girls on the website and he notices one new person immediately) I hope everyone can keep vigilance when using these websites, you don’t know who is behind the profile and what the purpose is. He seemed warm and romantic at first, and I know a lot of girls born in my country would find that appealing.

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