Elena’s Models is a dating website from Eastern Europe, today they closed 3 locations, Ukraine included by the reason of scams deeply creeped into the agency. Thus agency does not register profiles from Kharkiv, Zaporizhia and Odessa cities.

Elena Petrova, founder of Elenasmodels.com complained that the only thing to blame in this situation is a virus that penetrated through pay chat of PPL (pay per letter) sites of related range.

If profiles come to Elenasmodels.com from those areas male members are used to be lure for PPL site after some messages, just proposed in case they want to keep the contact. Such cases happened so many times that Elena’s Models are forced to ban three cities to stop getting profiles from: Kharkiv, Zaporizhia and Odessa.

Such profiles of bad characteristics influence the reputation of the website in general. They provoke a big number of contacts to appear and male members to be deceived. Their strategy is sophisticated and deeply psychological, in most cases victims still cannot confess they were tricked by scammers – their trustful and reliable attitude was programmed by swindles.

So criminals in Ukraine took the Nigerian tactics.

Thereafter main aim for scams is to make your interlocutor to hold chat for $2 dollars per minute and $1-5 dollars per letter. It is interesting to mention that PPL sites contain fake profiles, thus you cannot be sure who you are talking to: human or chat bot. Particular bots are designed for PPL site with more than 30 thousands members.

The scheme is simple: 30 000 bots contact men from US, Europe and Australia for two dollars per 1 minute, therefore scammers earn 60 000 dollars per minute what is 3.6 million per 1 hour and etc! Can you imagine?

But the real task for PPL site to find proper male member who are ready to give their money off for such a conversation. Due to this fact scammers creep and paste their profiles on different areas to get profits, obviously the same tactics as in Nigeria.

Elena Petrova also marked that they had banned areas from Nigeria and some other regions of Africa previously, however the same thing has happened today with big Ukrainian cities. This is a simple decision for such business issue resolving, it had been made quickly – to prohibit system to accept dangerous profiles.

To your attention dating agency Elenasmodels.com is not a kind of PPL site and never used one for business, exchanging personal info between members. Since membership on the website is not for free, the purchase gives an opportunity to communicate via Unlimited texting without any additional payment.

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