Recently I found a review about Elenas Models in my archives. However, this article is not simple.

Why? I can make 2 suggestions. Either some Marc wanted to earn money on Elena’s Models 🙂 His site doesn’t exist any more, perhaps a “big scams-heavyweight” put a crimp into his work. I guess that the heart of the matter lies in Elena’s Models’ conditions that this agency dictates on online dating market:

  • Your website should have its own traffic source, and not attempt to highjack traffic for the keywords “Elenas Models” or “”.

  • You are not allowed to use our registered trademark in your URL or mega tags.

  • If you have a genuine, independent review website that publishes users feedback, you cannot be a member of Elena’s Models partner program or receive affiliate payouts.

  • Except for Elena’s Models supplied banners, photo billboards, and links, any use of out registered trademark should be approved by us in writing.

Or the matter is in the sense of the site content. Actually I showed interest to this article not because it reflects all advantages of Elena’s Models agency and so-called successfulness of using this company’s services , but that negative information about Elena’s Models’ main competitor Anastasia Date was found, it was presented as Marc’s personal negative experience with Anastasia Date. This whole mess is gathered in separate reviews and, you know, I had not a very nice feeling after reading these two articles, and this feeling concerned not the author, but evident hired labour that Elena’s Models is ready to pay for in order to let down their competitors in such dirty black ways. By the way, Elena’s Models couldn’t help throwing mud at their second competitor: “RussianCupid is infested with scammer“. It’s a shame and a disgrace, in our 21th century! Can scam dating agencies not be aware that now in internet age even a simple user can find information about everything. Here is a review from an “independent user” of the site, and I am quoting here:

Hi, I’m Marc. I figured out perhaps my long review of Elena’s Models might be too long a read for some of you busy gentlemen. So here’s a summary.

Selection of girls
Ease of use
Anti scammer filtering
Additional Services
Value to customer

Elena’s Models Review The Abridged Version

The homepage of Elena’s Models website, when you are not connected

I have used various dating websites over the past 5 years, including but not limited to Russian dating websites. Elena’s Models proved to be the best, and that’s how I find my Russian wife. Here’s why.

  • Most girls are real on EM. There’s a extremely low % of fake profiles,  close to zero. Compared to other sites, it’s a relief. I think the admin does a good job at spotting scammers. Really.
  • There is a vast number of women to choose from, and less than a hundred new women sign each week.  Most women are from Ukraine and Russia but there will be other nationalities too (Belarus, Moldova, Kazakstan etc)
  • In general, women on EM are educated, they hold some kind of high school diploma. It is not always true, but there’s a higher proportion of educated women. Therefore, most women speak a basic, understandable English. Some speak quite a good English particularly those under 32. But don’t expect a 100% perfect communication. This is Russia and Ukraine.
  • The search features are complete and will give you a vast array of possibilities.
  • There is a system called “Expression of Interest” (EOIs) in which you send just a sort of virtual “Hi” to tell the girl you like her. If she replies positively, you message her. Great for not losing time.
  • The messaging system within the site is rather efficient, even if simple. It could have more bell and whistles, but it does what it says.
  • The pricing model is good. With a Gold membership over 6 months you can send a large number of EOIs and contact 50 women which is more than enough to take you a few hours per week. The best choice is the Platinum membership but it can be pricey for some.
  • I never had any trouble (fraud or double payment) with the payment. What appears on your bank statement is discreet. It does not shout “This guy is looking for a Russian girl on the web”.
  • There are lots of interesting and relevant information about Russian girls in general on the site. That’s not a huge advantage though, there is a lot of information available everywhere.
  • If you need translation it’s available but I haven’t used it
  • They don’t do tours and complex things. They put you in touch with girls, that’s all. Update: I was mistaken they do in fact do (or did?)  tours. I never used that feature and there used to be a website called elenamodelstours or something like that, and last time I checked it had not been updated for a couple years. But there is a page on the site if you want a tour, which is in fact really a personal tour organized for you and you only. You won’t board a bus full of guys who want to meet 20 women per day. But I cannot tell really, I have been there on my own each time.
  • The support team is fast and knowledgeable. Or used to be. In early summer 2014 the site changed a lot, there was a whole system revamp and apparently they struggled a little bit with unexpected problems, as a result they received lots of support requests and are unable to process them fast, if you are not a paid member. I am not a paid member anymore (my Russian wife would object) so I cannot say how long it takes to process a support request these days.
  • There are a few slightly annoying points (like the fact they delete messages after 3 months) and the site could benefit from an overhaul and the new interface is sometimes slower than the previous version, which is really a shame ! It seems to me they did not hire the good company or programmet to do the job ! But it’s no big deal.

To conclude, I found that Elena’s Models is a website I could trust.

I met 7 girls in real life from the site, (read the story of each girl under the “My Story” category) had a (short or longer) relationship with 6 of them and I married to the last one. It works, plain and simple. I lost a large amount of time on other websites, this one is good.

This review is made by a real user. The links on my blog are affiliate links but this is not a review written for commercial purposes contrary to many other reviews out there, made by people who did not use the site for real. Check my story, read my tips and tricks category: chances are you’ll learn a plenty.

Good luck in finding a Russian or Ukrainian bride! You can ask a question on the Ask a Question page, I’ll be glad to reply.


And here you can see a snippet that sounds like justifying:

Full Disclosure : in order to pay for the hosting and the domain name, the links to Elena’s Models websites are affiliate links. It means that if you decide to buy a subscription from them, I will get a share of the revenue. That being said, I do not represent Elena’s Models website and have strictly no link with them, apart from the affiliate system. This website is not related nor endorsed by Elena’s Models in any way, and I take full responsibility and ownership for what is presented here.

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