… And one more thing, Elena’s Models keeps billing you every three months unless you stop it. More money down the drain.

Actually I refer my post to the article in Reddit but deleted in a little while about one male member of a dating site searching for Ukrainian woman to marry – Elenasmodels.com.

This subject is strictly devoted to anyone involved in getting acquainted with online date but constrained with conversation on this topic. I’d like to talk about freely so for you my sobre story about meeting a woman of Ukraine/Russia.

I’d start from the very beginning when I gave some hundreds of international money to one of the most popular matchmaker for love assistance in my dating proceeding. Anyway I had my wonderful hope to find my partner for life.

And as the result I met just several (not many as I supposed and imagined) women who were interested in me and if they do I wasn’t sure that they really do. Indeed all of that seemed a piece of scam plan.

A few day later I discovered that the same lady I knew as a matchmaker for me was the owner of the city tour service. They offer you hanging around the city with the same ladies I met, they offered to cook breakfast and a dinner with candles. That wasn’t a joke.

I was deeply failed with my trip to Ukraine, having my apartment too expensive plus – paying taxi to the airport. Endless disappointment.

Dating online mess.

The next period of my dating around life was trying Russian brides mail order of Elenasmodels.com. This international agency was reputable with $85 for membership to send letter to 50 girls. I got plenty of mails from so-so interested women with some profiles to be empty, seemed like the website boosts traffic. And surely you spend your credits.

Maybe that’s necessary to mention briefly about my talks and my relationship via skype with a woman from former Soviet Union state. She was more than desperate with her hard life in that third world country and the only entertainment in her life was resolving all her problems simultaneously what made me sick and tired accordingly. I couldn’t resist that stable negative attack with low salary and armpit life, we broke up.

Do you know what money down the drain means? Oh, I must tell you specifically. You send letter by letter to a girl that does not interested much but she answers as she has to and when she likes it. I understand that I am not so handsome as may be all ladies dream about. But you spend hundreds of dollars every three months for the endless searching a partner of your life from Russia or Ukraine. But ElenasModels keep getting money out of you with such low result as you see, non-productive.


You have to be brave enough and to encourage others to keep using Russian/Ukrainian dating websites to find a woman of your life. You have to be patient and wise. Sure real girls are, this is not a miracle or magic that does not exist. They are smart and beautiful, they are very kind and sociable, and if you meet in real life – this is a total succeed. It’s worth for living there for several months to accept the cultural specifics and the whole background. But the very right case if you meet someone in United States!

My dear Redditors, I encourage you to stop making such mistakes that I did. Wasting your money hundreds or thousands – that’s not a decision, you are able to open your eyes and look around, you’ll have everything around you to take and luxury women to pass by but please do not miss her the only one.

17 thoughts on “An outrageous story about dating scam in Ukraine

  1. Well, a man with not good appearance tries mail order bride offer.. finally get a woman but tired up with her as her armpit life makes him embarrassed a lot, so he just ignored her.. Can a scam may be if beautiful women stay away from him?

  2. wqwI can say that comes with the general subject mainly deals with results when men come to the Eastern part of the Europe for a wife, a typical issue.
    “Woman of USA are less appropriate wives than from EE” – indeed what a nonsense you see that cannot be compared and it’s impossible to count the whole experience of those who were married American and Russian or Ukrainian woman. How do they get this info? Interesting to compare but… how?
    “It’s impossible for me to find a simple good person” – That is at first. Therefore they sort out from general review: good language skills, compatible citizenship, no smoking and socially alcohol. Users do not compare themselves with those people who live in low countries.
    Referring to the description of the woman of EE they are kind, family-oriented and beautiful as well as easy controlled” – what’s that?? Can you remember an old movie with Anthony Hopkins – The Silence Of The Lambs? Men are interested in the process more than in final result.
    I should continue with telling about myself. My life goes on in Ukraine with marriage, my wife is Ukrainian – actually we got acquainted when I studied Russian and Ukrainian. The job of my life was teaching – I think I succeeded in it. I got my woman among my new friends there, but first of all I had one year of dates that failed completely due to my previous experience, may be that was not enough for something special. Lately we have been building up our stable and special union for more than one year. Anyway I wanted to underline that I did not take my wife as a prize for my tactics, strategy and actions. I focused on the process of self development. Thus it could be brought easily to our relationship as a background.
    My family is like this, and I am sure that I am not the one who did like that. However the mindset of an average foreign man is “I’m here to find my wife!”, still those ones future victims of cash in in on them.
    My takeaway is to work with intentions and desires but not separate from woman but think about the union together and what to try your best for both. That what you should do before scammers would busy you with something else.

  3. If we started a rapport subject I decided to tell just a few words about my experience. We built our family and developed much but as it came – she did not take me totally but my abilities. She’s not a giver, she a taker.
    Takeaway: Long ago I posted this thesis. But now I am happy with my woman I’ve met inadvertently and suddenly, she is not Russian, not Ukrainian but taking into account all previous mistakes I understood that I performed all women higher and made an ideal image. Thus I put my legs down on Earth and keep being happy with a person who she is.

  4. I just wanted to offer simple dating sites instead of all that crap like matchmaking or mail brides offer.. Huh? Plenty of them are in Ukraine and in Russia, and many of them are really reputable. Well. That’s your choice, i’m not forcing you to do this.

  5. Im not sure that they experience the same problem about scam point. A friend of mine showed me part-filled or sometimes empty profiles, have a look at them – and you’ll understand that this is not about quality, but quantity, for rates and for traffic. It seemed to me like those ladies were looking for men with thick wallets, they send letters too intimate and tender not characterising them as interested in your personality. My offer for them – to go and search in clubs or whatever.
    I don’t see any good connection for the aim here.

  6. so why people still do not understand if you search for the real woman with real intentions and interests.
    I cannot get it: you may go and find your woman on the street, you should realize that there is no need for someone to use such dirty websites. And keep in mind that giving money to anyone to help you in this business makes no sense, except game, I really hope you made your conclusion.

  7. Obviously you’ve got not the right place to express your attitude to Ukrainian or Russian women which is bad. Ukrainian and Russian men are the most ugly in the world, moreover they are drunkards and this is the turn of splendid foreign males who deserve to be husbands to such a woman. Hey, you, you thought that mail-order bride is a good idea? So what did you expect about trying this out?
    You think that every woman has a an aim to find only western man as her heartowner? maybe we are less rich they you are but still we cannot call ourselves desperate as well as feel like that.
    Get yourself laid with dating someone and thinking that you are special one and million of girls from Ukraine would rush to fall in love with you, you don;t even figure out that nobody is really interested in this crap while Ukraine has military actions with Russia and there is lot to do except those freaky business.

  8. I’m too old for this shit, mahn.
    However all of that staff made me read till the end and pushed me to post some words here. Are you seriously wait any real interest and intention to a foreign man from a woman of third-world countries? Can you understand that they need to work and have money so matchmaking service is one of the most well-grown places to gain the time. Men abroad become members of these websites but women are not desperate, they do that consciously. I mean it.
    I’m an immigrant and still can see the difference mentally between two nations.

  9. Desperate. Hm. Like they said the USSR did not allow sex. But now they are free to get it, and to give it. Still sex-tourism is next to dating business, you know. Playing games, scam and maniacs, everyone has their chance to show up.

  10. I really hope that men would realize the reality of women-shopping business, how come you pay to a third party to find a person that like matches to you but.. How can they REALLY know what are you and what person must be next to you?! That is you, who can know about definitely! I told you, foreigners are really pathetic.

  11. Just.. and armpit as you said…is that an old hole in and armpit state? or country? or whatever?
    Maybe that was a girl from Harlem? or Brooklin?
    I really happy that you did not managed to stuck in love with any of these girls.

  12. Oh damn. I have no idea where is russian or ukrainian, all of them are really queens of my heart! and i think it worth for being tricked by such a beauty.

    1. it’s better for you to have friends in Ukraine, really, just several of them to visit this country. I have two of them in Lviv, the cultural center of the state. I got acquainted with a girl they of their company and we had strange situation to know each other better when I was drunk and behave like an idiot but still she loves me like I am no matter how do I look like in the morning after that terrible parties and all. I think i’m about to marry her, like there is nothing to hide between us, we accept each other naturally.

    2. Probably this is not a concern to the point like we’re talking about mail-order brides and matchmaking and everything, nevertheless I’m here to underline my point to the 3-world country to be appropriate for taking wives from.

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