Do you check your spam folder regularly? And what about any fraud letters that bother you? Do you believe in sweet letters coming from young single girls from Ukraine? Too many questions I think but let’s speak about that. I imply each part of the chain to be important and should draw your attention.

You know, I receive many specific letters from angry and furious men, ex-members or current members of dating websites and 70% of the whole number hate that swindlers they have been caught by. Almost all of them have been tricked, scammed or hurt by miserable money and heart manipulations. Our technical world gave us less time but more opportunities to be happy and to optimise the rest of the time in a profit of loving each other. But even now people turn these approaches into cruel and rude business: scam. So, guys, our task today is to denote if there is any chances with the next agency I distinguished among others from Ukraine and Russia – Uadreams.

I must admit that it turned my attention by their long period experience and almost 50/50 good and bad reviews, really! I’m confused with that and I want to know if there is any scam here and if fraudsters in Ukraine are so smart that keep working on that company and improve their level.

First of all, I see that they have their own mailing. They have some people who care about customers to inform properly and future customers to involve to their system. Actually this is a letter from Morti, he explains everything in details.

“Hello. I’m Morti, and I’m French. All my life was dedicated to women, I adore women, I like their faces, hair, bodies and walk, smell and voice. That is why I used to be famous lover, not a pickup artist but killer with the ladies. If I am tired with many dates on bars and streets or exhibitions or movies whatever, I try to date virtually, that gives me chance to feel the game. So I used many dating websites from Russia and indeed I liked them but not so much. I hate scammers and that dating scam I saw there make me scared of every new step. My game used to finish not by me! They trick me! Obviously they are more fast than me and modern scammers act vividly haha)
I’ve found Uadreams one week ago. But my eyes are tired with the information I monitore. I want to try but I am afraid to have the same non-happy ending)). I received a letter from a lady Anna, but we met on different site which was free. Actually money is not a point to discuss for me and to hide my status. I can hold a woman with all my love to her and with my financial position. So when she offered me to enter, I did not think about money, It’s not a problem for me to pay. But I don’t want to pay for a bot. You know what I mean? Is there any scam in particular?

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: Uadreams support team
Date: Fr, Aug 12, 2016 at 8:11 AM
Subject: Morti, Anna from Ukraine invited you to the International Matchmaking Agency!
To: Morti

Welcome to the International Matchmaking Agency!

Dear Morti, You’ve been invited to at the request of [image: Anna from Zaporoshye, Ukraine girl pictures]

Anna from Dnipro, Ukraine
*Your account information *(it will help you to see photos from all ladies in our database):
login: xxx
password: xxx

*Any your questions will be answered in our* Members Support
: +1 (315) 849-4959
Skype phone account: *uadreams*
*No one can know where he will meet his love!*
You can login here:
If you think it was done in error then just ignore this message.
Uadreams Members Support Team.

I feels like I was scanned immediately as I was very fast when I received this invitation letter from Anna. A half of a day, as we were communicating in the evening but the invitation from Uadreams came right in the morning as you see, I am confused If Anna liked me so much or if she just wanted me to come to fee-paid agency and indeed that was not Anna, but fake profile and there is no such real Anna at all. I don’t want to be scammed. What can you advise me regarding this matter? Should I continue my love affair? Merci bien.”

But before I give any comment to this abstract I want to add another letter from J.K. as the subject is the same as well as doubts.

There’s something wrong with that women from Uadreams, they might have used fake profiles to lure clients as for example I was expected a letter from Nina and I got one. But checked URL and saw something like sup_ksu. What the f* is that?? Is there any Nina or they just have her photo stolen from somewhere in Fb for example or any social online society? I hope she is real but may be not a scammer Nina at all and probably not in Uadreams…”

My bottom line will be as follows. I had a concern of such a kind with my investigations with other websites so the truth is very simple and you have nothing to afraid according to this. is not a scam agency. Uadreams has numerous staff and great part of it is special department that supervises cases of changes from one dating site to another one. So “sup” as you noticed first derived from supervisor as well as support. Such people help ladies to make the right decision to start relationship here with you and they would give professional assistance to you if you finally decide to join and try membership.

You see, many actions to be proceeded manually are successfully automatized. Besides, probably, you would have many questions as to the membership, services, options and offers, payment requirements. This is not a free dating website. One of my criteria for top agencies who fight with scam – they are not free. As they have their budget to use for anti-scam system.

Uadreams recommend their members to pay via Visa or Master cards. And if you pay by a Western Union for example or make bank transaction you pay with a processing fee but online card fee is less and support manager would explain all appropriate methods to you.

Another question I got was about payment for monthly membership.

“Why Uadreams does not have monthly membership? That could less expensive!”

I compared some Russian websites with monthly membership, it can be really cheap. Here in Uadreams you pay $6,99 for one letter – that is the first reason why a man thinks twice before registering. But the case is not so bad as you seem to feel:)
Uadreams gives a membership for FREE! What is it, scam trick? I don’t think so, this is a helping hand for men from abroad to think about their entering to the website. They try services, speak to ladies thanks to bonus free credits and then take a decision to stay or to leave, as for me, very tenable.

Let’s move to the communication services. This is not a total ripping off as you may think as services are performed with packages for experienced members. If a foreign man still hesitates and is afraid of any deceiving sudden breaking up I recommend him to use only separate credits to purchase. But if relationship are stable and are about to come to their love top, it’s better to use Unlimited package which is a real economy. One more thing to mention. That price of a $6,99 per letter includes both translations (from you to a lady and from a lady to you), so this is rather pleasant than offensive if you think you’ve been robbed blind.

So remember: you enter the website, get free bonuses for letter, video chat and photo, you discover the website, ladies and staff work and after that you continue with a payment. Lots of deceivers never do that, they never waste their time, hurrying up to scam you and to use your money with such maneuvers every single minute.

It is necessary to add some words about photos, Uadreams care about perfect advertisement and about their single ladies to marry, that is why they have photographer and they provide all ladies with good professional photoshooting and video presentation. Ladies profiles are not fake, you are able to see not only faces and body, but to hear voice in a video about herself. Translation goes simultaneously but voiceless not to disturb. What is the greatest idea to make all customers to believe in seriousness of this structure – special option – individual video shooting. A man purchase this option with the set of his personal questions he want his lady to reply and then the staff makes a beautiful video interview of a lady. This is really interesting and helps people to know each other better.

And as I see from feed back of many Uadreams users they like the system of care and security. They understand the necessity of prohibition any personal data to share. Thus you are safe from scamming and ripping off. Women are real, profiles are not fake, they are filled properly with the verified information and it updates regularly, so you shouldn’t be afraid about starting your communication with Uadreams, give your love a chance to find you!

Uadreams Scams.

Usually you have to be ready for getting money off your wallet trying to be a member of some dating websites. Firstly, you must pay for monthly membership, secondly – for any additional service: each mail or gift or any kind of communication service. Sometimes the pricing may sufficiently surprise us with adequate amounts but subconsciously we look for any disadvantage in the system. As a rule people used to think that good business is expensive and we will try to investigate this point as well as the others in shadow. Keep reading us, if you wish to know more about international dating agencies in particular.

Observing great part of reviews we found out that almost every time male members consider ALL ladies to be paid for their “job” for such agencies. Being in complicated status and even married they look for a position in dating agencies with great hope for good salary and extra payments. Not hundreds but thousands of dollars are to be left for communicating with one girl during half a year for example. What usually men pay for? The most popular service is video chat as we see – this is a powerful program for cutting the distance between interlocutors and makes it vivid and real with the help of immediate chat and image. So if you want to see the face of your beloved – go ahead and try video chat. Like we said before, each small technical option is developed to extract some charges. You want to hear voice? Pay more. You want to speak on the phone? Pay more? You want to have email or personal contact? Pay ten times more until they decide to let you know it. In the US or Great Britain or Canada or Europe men used to surf through dating websites with the hope to find Russian or Ukrainian wife (stereotype of a mature and sweet Slavic girl is strongly set on mind of many foreigners). But as fast dating websites appear thousands of scam tricks appear as well. So why it is so? The reason is very simple, mentioned in all scam forums: countries with low economic level need a process for easy employment and scam business is greatest business based on feelings, on love, trust and sincerity. You can buy virtual relationship for yourself however you will never know how expensive that may be for you.

One source gave us some delusive info about Uadreams from Eric T:

“One day my girl Liza told me one thing that gave me lots of reasons to worry. I’ve been thinking about that a week or so but decided to clear up. Agency and Liza signed up special agreement before registration. So what is it? Is it a special job offer? Or any contract? Do I need to advise her law services?”

Indeed when we receive such a question the entire wish is to forward the speaker to the direct source. You should ask your GIRL first before you are trying to know some specific moments. She was the first and the only who gave this info to you. Secondly, referring to the previously mentioned issue she might have read what she had to sign up. There is no need to request any legislative power to find out. When you are adult, you are 18 and you accept this fact as being responsible for all actions so there is no criminal aspect in this point, you read the agreement carefully and if you don’t like and don’t agree – don’t sign it up. That’s all.

Next point. We decided to find out what exactly the kind of document girls receive. Uadreams has special agreement with the role of insurance document agency will have when they register girls for free. In particular: marital status mentioned that should be verified, terms and conditions of the website activity with their profiles to be discussed, no money extracting actions to be made by the girls as to the male members – that means effective scam issues to be discussed about safety of all members the system cares about.

Referring to traditional reports of many foreigners about strong wish of Ukrainian ladies to move to another country, men used to consider this is the main reason all women register on dating websites as single members. Country by its economy pushes them to make everything to go away and to marry every single, divorced, widowed men in the age above 65-70.

Being embarrassed by the feeling of getting full when receive hundreds of greatest-interest-letters men are desperate to find the real wife nowadays. Sometimes this virtual dating business turns into game of feelings or just a kind of adventure: you can be with someone but never meet. This situation puts you no responsibility, so you are free for your actions, thoughts and texting. There are no boundaries and distance becomes short. However this is far away from reality.

Video chat gives shows us everything in more complicated way. You see happy and smily face with no drama and no everyday routine, all emotions are to be positive so that encourages you to be in this state all the time. Right with this special feeling your money goes. You keep having frequent long talks, sexy texting and secret letters with intimate life. Probably this is all you wanted to have. And here we took one side. What about the other one? Do girls accept this game or they just have their salaries for men entertainment? May be they put on their favorite dress just for having their conversation longer, like Max, a forum lover, said – “they take our chat minutes by smart look”.

“UADreams girls are really smart, beautiful and know how to manipulate” (Kevin T)

This is an entirely great beauty system with professionals working on! Psychologists with their advices how to keep the conversation, stylists – beauty rules and etc. Besides, each element of this chain gets money for his job. Perfect translation leaves no choice but to use it once more, you know your texting goes pretty well, like Uadreams does. There is no reason to blame them for their Language Knowledge.

Technically, the website is really good but sometimes it is hard to find the proper option, says Kevin T. Well, supposedly website design is the most difficult thing to win everybody’s favour. You know that one person complains for an advertisement, but right the other man claims that no new discount options have been seen. has many advantages in spite all negative feed back about some difficulties for them. However there are many men who estimated the greatest job of technical programmers and marketing department, indeed this website won’t bother you with obtrusive advertising but mark special offers.

“Single status is a big lie!” (Steven)

Now we want to remind an ex-member Steven and he commented is below.

He underlined that Uadreams seemed to be very professional however they scammed their members. Moreover he had five ladies who gave him specific arguments as a proof. They were not single or even married (hard to believe, isn’t it?). Some of them are registered on another website, one girl proved her relationship status with a proper photo. To cut a long story short Steve noticed some full names on official document with married status of one girl.
Another one had two profiles on two websites with two different dates of birthday and with different information about her profession, and again the same photos on two websites but from one photoshooting. Her girl Lena informed him that she moved to another city but instead she didn’t after many months of their relationship.

He’ve heard that men scammed by such kind of ladies have been refunded but the proof wasn’t found so there was no need to return money. Steve is more than upset and angry about such a “protection” from scam. He also considers all testimonials to be fake and he doesn’t recommend to anyone this website as a base of single heart to build a future with.

This aspect worried us a lot and we would like to comment this as well. During last few weeks we were searching for any information about this issue about Kevin. Such stories can have two points to discuss: 1 – we do not know if that was true, 2 – each side makes lots of arguments to defend themselves. Let’s try to eliminate each point separately.

Indeed as we know matrimonial status is indicated in passport and Uadreams informed us that they verify ALL documents when register ladies. They NEVER register ladies with non-single status. One exception must be made: in case lady made her choice and got married but is left on the website to have some last days in the agency with translation help her texting with fresh husband. But as they said such happened only once, but happened and they sincerely tell everyone about that. Sometimes girls come to the agency with very low English language knowledge but they are lucky with their beloved, that is why Uadreams has special offers for such couples to use translation service, with very loyal system due to such cases.
Next point we should to talk about is registration on several websites. This is really unpleasant thing for male members when they find girls from Uadreams on other sites with the same photos or different ones. Uadreams commented that as a rule they do not recommend to do this as there is a great risk for male members of Uadreams to be scammed. And it is acceptable to close one profile in the profit of another one. Normally to have more chances to find your other half you have several accounts and we can understand this but we strictly advise not to do that! Due to the fact of increasing scam cases during last 8 years in dating business it is better to have one profile on one reputable website but feel safe with your private life.

But dating life is really complicated thing and ladies keep doing this in the great hope to marry. As you can guess, women are three times more than men. So everyone does their best to win the heart of a good person. Uadreams cannot force all girls to close all profiles everywhere and of course they are not responsible for the information posted on other websites They are responsible with the information they received before the registration: marital status, profession or study status, all necessary documents. Special department made their best to change automatic way into manual to check each lady properly and regularly. So there is nothing to worry about, if there is any case of deception – this lady is to be removed from the website immediately and never allowed to register.

“Cut one’s own throat”

We worry about Kevin very much and we wish his story to help to others in case it is true. Besides we understand that no one can give 100% guarantee in sincerity of other person nowadays, in fraudulent alteration, lie and etc. Documents forgery needs lawful punishment of course and you should understand that if such case will take place in the agency – this will cause many negative feedbacks and customer outflow. We do not see any purposed for Uadreams to have girls for scamming good members. Uadreams takes all measurements to prevent such case to happen and punish all members of the deal if the case is connected with not a lady only but a staff as well. Transparent policy and good reputation is above all and will lead to positive experience.

23 thoughts on “Is UaDreams Agency A Scam Alert For You?

  1. What Im gonna say to you is that my expectations became a reality! I had my plan not to talk to a woman longer than 5 -6 months, it is better to meet and check if we have chemistry or no feelings at all. So I made my best to organize my visit to Rovno and was surprised with perfect activity of the whole team and sincere help. Being good educated in all scam questions I felt each sophisticated thing on the internet and I expected the worst cheating, when I came to Ukraine, I had a meeting with my woman, yes! That wasn’t a dream or a fairy-tale, I’ve met my destiny. Im more than pleased with professional work of all guys of Uadreams.

  2. I like gallery of ladies! All photos are professional and really beautiful! I was inspired with such attention as naturally I used to be humble to get in touch with any woman though I am 52. I am fond of such website and I consider it to be user-friendly. I recommend all single men desperate and deceived by other website to try to feel your chance of being young and strong man!



      1. You know, Dave, you cannot be such judgemental and flat. Indeed I’ve read about you here: Rather impressive.
        But what im going to say as to the matter is that Uadreams offer free membership as well as start free pack of services, some free letters and free video chat minutes for their members to try how it works. Actually I do not know other fee payed agencies with trying options for free. Besides I noticed that other websites register you non-free at once or they have your data in the base and force you to buy something and stay, spam you with monthly offers and so and so forth. Anyway we speak about money here and no one is forced to register. If you’re gonna try – you try just because you want. You see I get what i’m gonna pay for: letters, translation, chat and flowers but not giving the regular fee. I cannot see any profit here in case I would use monthly membership and no good woman will be met there. So I cannot clarify why should I am forced to pay monthly fee – for a chance not to face with a regular scam when I am lack of my money?
        You may try to register to Uadreams and you will see how many free services you’ll be offered for trying. Bon chance!

  3. Friends of mine are the most sceptical people who know almost everything about online dating sites and I had no choice but read a lot about scam and cheating men, taking money out of them and emptying their wallets. With no respect to love, our dear love is for sale. Indeed I was interested about Uadreams just because I’ve seen one review and got interested with that man who became really happy. I tried to contact him but there wasn’t any personal info, to my surprise I found him on one anti-scam forum and I found lots of useful information there. He reacted to my no-base complain that I have no specific proof to behave like and to blame Uadreams that caused me no harm, so I decided to try and verify. I cannot say that I am on the top and the prices are little bit high for one letter but I like professional translation and effective services the staff does for me. Let’s see what I’ll get.

    1. Every single man I contacted who used Uadreams either were pissed with the service or refused to talk to me. If the service is so great, there should be thousands of men we could contact and talk wtih about their experience. THERE ARE NONE!

      Uadreams is a for profit scam. It is the same setup as Anastasiadate, HotRussianBrides, TopLop, Jump4love, RomanceCompass. ..they are all the same hot garbage. And until Stupid American Men, stop using these disgusting services, we will continue to be ripped off.

      1. You mentioned about getting in touch with those who are happy, well yeah. However let’s imagine like you have been found your beloved and you are about to luxuriate falling in love and you definitely do not want somebody to interfere with stupid questions, hah? Would you? Sure you may answer that you would do as you cannot be indifferent in the situation of scamming others but do not compare yourself with other people like one branch.

  4. My goal is to help others. Being honest I hate if someone plays the swindler and I hope that UADreams will be kind with me haha) My fear is to be scammed and my risk is talking with two women at the same time on this website and I pay for each letter right now, I a m satisfied with the quick responses but I hope they will keep the level when I’ll purchase unlim for letters. Sometimes I have video chat problems, and when I have them I refer to support center and wait for fixing. Indeed it is better to use skype but I’m not sure with the good online translation as women on Uadreams know English not enough. So I haven’t found scammers so far. But I truly believe that the curtain will fall down and I see another side of this company.

    1. If you don’t want to be scammed you would use another site.

      But I am sure you already know this and you are not looking for a woman. You are just affiliated with the site and trying to get more Stupid American Men to sign up.

      1. Oh come on, man. It’s interesting to figure out that your account has been created by Helena Models agency to confront with other agencies to compete on online dating market.
        How come! Being affiliated means to work hard with the great team staff of one website and if you say that Uadreams is cheap fraud agency so how do they really can afford such an expensive approach of keeping their customers happy? Anyway it looks desperate when someone being aside is trying to smear. And all those “obvious” proofs seemed very suspicious due to these circumstances. Just keep your patience and think about not breaking the ranks.

  5. This is a very strange website with completely fake profiles! I was astonished when I got a letter from Alla G (that was her second letter to me) and she called me “Sweetie”, “Darling”. Why on Earth I became darling so fast? Do they have special scheme of sending letters like one – its ok but the second – you are falling in love with him entirely and deeply. I requested to investigate this point to Uadreams support, so I’m on the board yet but I am about to leave.

  6. What if I have a deal with scammers? How many girls would love me if I tell them Im two-time loser? Still several letters come every day and all of them are young beautiful and single and they like me. That’s impossible.

  7. I have a complain. I got acquainted with a girl named Ksenia on another website but lately she forwarded me to Uadreams as it would be comfortable for her to communicate here. But why? I think she receives money for each new member for Uadreams or a kind of a salary. She is hanging somewhere around on other websites catching single men and then offers this website to follow and to buy services. I have no idea why should I waste my time as I guess Im not the only one.

  8. Run away! This is scam! I was in it.. Ok guys you won’t believe me but i’ve been in Uadreams for almost 10 years and my 14 thousands of dollars have been wasted as it appeared. I’m convinced this is a total scam, and I know that all girls I’ve communicated being paid by staff. The fact is that they work from homes, they have accounts on fb and vk where I uncovered many interesting images private ones, with boyfriends! They are patient with us, old foreigners just because they need our money, they know that they will have their lives joined with young and handsome men but uadreams is just a work for them! If you think about going there to verify and to see everything by your own eyes – don’t go! This will be the biggest mistake: you’ll see the best performance on the stage! I made a decision to come and my girl suddenly left the agency and experienced some need in extreme vacation so I stayed alone couple of days! In a city I’ve never been of the country I’ve never visited.
    You know, their head office is in America and I used to find some information about them while being a member for such a long period of time. And they are scammers! If you wanna go to Ukraine – then go but find the girl by your own way. You can solve your issue without agency help, definitely. You’ll waste your money as Uadreams send you letter easy to lure on them. You will have nothing from this country as they are really poor. Money is the only thing they need and want so that you’ll pay for every minute spending on website and like me – many girls I had were ready to marry me but right when we were about to meet they had some problems or plans to change. Scam. Complete. Escape.

    1. Actually I must agree with the scam definition for the whole dating world. But still we are using it, heh? Right. They extracting money out of us, however we let them do that. Gordon, I am grateful for your specific and sincere advice but I haven’t read any proof in particular.. May be is there anyone, a witness, who will convince me that it is so. Probably you may have some difficulties with planning your trip and this caused such a moving side by side of ladies’s plans? Why I am asking so, I just remembered my fried to use Uadreams service and he was pleased by their adroitness: he was planning his vacation in Ukraine including several meetings with women of Uadreams but when one of them refused staff proposed him another one girl who was glad to meet. So that she was really interested in him. Ok he is maybe younger than you, I’m sorry I hope this is not so offensive for you but let’s talk sincerely. Maybe this is not the reason someone refuse you, may be there is something wrong with you if you have 10 years of repeatedly stories..

    2. That made me funny, both of you discussion. It’s well-known fact of scamming people through the internet but maybe someone does it less and someone does it more often and intensive. I wasn’t a member of Uadreams and have read lots of info about this agency, still I’m interested in Ukrainian women and I am eager to find my wife here. But this is ridiculous to sit on one place for many years and wait and wait the same result. If you had your attempt failed so why continued to be a member there? You might have changed the place. Another one remembers his friend haha. How many no-name friends we have? a shadow point.

  9. Scam! I can use Skype, or facebook or at least Match for trial period to find my girl. What I am to pay for? I can get everything for free, translation? Pfff. Online translation is the best solution. Mehn, you are crazy.

  10. I wasn’t sure this website will make me non-sad. Yes, non-sad because I am more than desperate. But it did. It made me feel really well and stable. I cannot communicate with women in real life that is why I used to rush on almost all dating networks, but my great experience makes me feel stupid with free websites, that is why I’d rather pay my money and receive a portion of positive feelings contacting to smart and beautiful lady from Uadreams.
    If someone tells me that he doesn’t respect dating websites, so who will do that “unnecessary” job of translation, be the side part, iron out the wrinkles and so and so forth.. I’m not a defender but who knows may be there is still a chance for real love to find for money. Our digital world is not the same we had 20 years before and now if we have money, we are able to obtain some essential things.

  11. I felt the lady I talked to was fake. In spite of all promises they give I haven’t found any approximate reason to stay. First of all I would like to refer to a letter of Dasha from Cherkasy, my first girl in Uadreams, she used to forget some details we were talking in our previous letters about, indeed that was not only once but permanently. Sometimes I thought that she was just in a hurry, but you cannot be in a hurry for three months, right? Secondly, she told me that she is the only child in her family but after couple of weeks we mentioned this subject and she told that she had a sister with her visit. I broke up with that.
    I surfed the internet and educated regarding different methods scammers use, like UADreams and their employers. Yep, I’m sure that they hire girls for doing this specific job – communicating with “rich foreign old bastards”, making them fall in love and all that shit.

    1. Yes, my turn to say something: they have boyfriends on fb and vk. Besides they post some photos, I’ve seen that! Indicent.

    2. However this is prerogative of the foolest young girls, the smartest ones removed their profiles to keep it low. Anyway I lost hundreds of dollars for letters, flowers, sweets and all. I had my hope to be an exception with dating troubles and deep inside my heart I felt that was my sincerest feeling to one of those girls. She was so tender, her messages were pathetic and heartfelt, and it seemed to me that she really was a good listener! Oh come one, what a high quality scam they enhance.

  12. I knew that!..Man, you are so fool to send her flowers, they worth nothing except report to the police.. You’d better communicate without paying anything and wasting your money until invest in your mystery princess.

  13. Dating business has its drawbacks around personal meeting in case it is really possible. Mostly we receive lots of reports men from all over the world that they have never met those ladies they have been corresponding to. Exchanging of Personal information is strictly prohibited in letters, during video chat, in personal packages or even with bouquet of flowers. No money is to be transferred to lady directly and certainly no reasons to worry about money extracted from members. And only when couple meets personally for the first time in the agency, they may communicate freely without any help of agency. This approach helps the management to keep the responsibility till the first meeting as well as caring about security of the male and female members. We have found some articles of young ladies when they were corresponding with foreign men, they were about to meet and marry but their fiancees never came. A kind of insurance, yes.

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