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Johny: Stop daydreaming… They are scammers
Kati: This is exactly a fraud site
Terje: I am happy now
Alex about uadreams: Why keep people complaining
Dean about uadreams: I don’t understand the bad reviews
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The number of people becoming victims of online dating fraud is still very high. Internet is full of scammers. They ruin people’s feelings, trick people and steal money. However online dating sites and matchmaking agencies are a hit with a lot of people from all over the world. Men and women are so busy now that they have no time to date. People who work a lot don’t attend singles parties or are just uncomfortable with meeting someone new.

Many of these online services are not nearly scam agencies and their employees aren’t scammers. How to make sure that a dating site that you have chosen is honest? That you will meet no scammers there? The first way to check it is to read opinions about this site. People who use the site will always write or say something on trustpilot or similar online resourses.

And what about scams on Let’s look deeper into this question. Online you can find really a lot of testimonials about What do uadreams customers say about uadreams scams and fraud? Some examples of reviews are below, both positive and negative.

Read reviews about uadreams

In order to puzzle out, if the agency UaDreams cheats in, let’s see what kind of testimonials websites that publish reviews for online business offer us. These sites check all the reviews thoroughly in order to be sure that they are real. A lot of information about scammers or fake people is placed here. It is a great opportunity to see, if you can trust this online dating site. It is better to check everything and not be scammed online. By the way, the author of this article registered on uadreams to get some experience dating on uadreams and gladly share this experience will all the interested readers.

Johny: Stop daydreaming… They are scammers

Actually I was also invited by a girl to Uadreams and then decided to check this site, if it is dating scams or not. And now I understand why their girls invite men to uadreams. It’s very simple. uadreams provides good translation services, and a lot of girls from Ukraine don’t speak English fluently. And when it comes to long letters or video chats when she has to tell you a lot, she needs a translator. Just imagine that you know only a few words in some language and you have to tell another person about your life in this language. Will you manage a lot? I guess it is not about scammers and scams. Men aren’t fooled there, they just get good translations of their letters and chats. They buy chat time as well, so that they could get qualitative translation of their chats.

On the other side, it is only the girl’s decision, if she wants to delete her profile from any dating site or not. Uadreams and another dating website are connected in no way. Why is it scams? How can you say that a person registered on one website is a scammer only because he or she deleted his / her profile from another site? Maybe she cancelled her membership, because that matchmaking site had no translation services and it was very difficult for her to communicate with men there? It is not a sign of dating scams.

More likely this man is lucky, because the girl invited him in a good place where their communication will be smooth and easy. Do you see anything bad in pleasant and easy communication?

Kati: This is exactly a fraud site

Really, UaDreams doesn’t allow its male and female members to exchange their personal data before meeting in Ukraine, It is a part of this agency’s anti-scam policy. If a girl comes to this site who plans to get money from men, she has no chance. She will not be able to give him a number of her credit card to send her some money or ask him for his credit card number to steal his money. Some people write online: «Uadreams scam!!! Lies! Warning! Scam alert! Scam 100%!!!» I see no scam here… really.

I called to their support center in order to clarify this question about personal data and received the reply that girls are strictly prohibited to ask men for money in their letters. If such a case takes place, the girl is excluded from the agency.

Of course, the splitted e-mail adress will be noticed in your letter, because first a translator gets it and makes translation for the lady. It means that there are no authomatic checkout. Real people read these letters and it is impossible not to notice that somebody tries to write his or her personal data there.

I have to mention that this safety costs money. Some people say that uadreams is an expensive site. I guess they are right… it is impossible to write to many letters there ans spend hours in chat. This is the only thing I regret. I don’t have so much money, but I still managed to get some experience with them.

Terje: I am happy now

Here is a review from a completely happy man. How different the opinions are… As we see, the agency helped him with translation, because his girl didn’t speak foreign languages. He decided to visit her in Ukraine and the agency booked a plane and a nice hotel for him. The uadreams employees helped him with all the questions he had suring his trip. Isn’t it cool?

We see no statement that uadreams is a scam agency here. This man followed the agency’s rules and didn’t try to transfer his personal data to women. At first he met one of the ladies and only then they exchanged their personal information. Look, how smooth thier communication was.

He also mentions that the prices on uadreams are too high. However, good things are never cheap. He made his choice consciously. It is just the same with cars. If you buy a cheap one, some details will hiccup soon, and if your car is expensive, it will gladden you with trouble-free running for many years.

Alex about uadreams: Why keep people complaining

A great opinion! This man is completely right. Why to complain, if you make your own choice? Nobody forces you to send letters or invite girls to chat. Of course, services provided by translators and technical staff cost money. This is not dating scam, you can see all the prices and choose, if you want spend money on uadreams services or not.

If you don’t want to pay any money, you should go to some place like bar or disco. And even in the nightclub you will spend money on your new acquaintace, if you treat her with a cocktail. If you don’t want save all your money, just go on a street and try to get acquainted with women there, but will your tries be successful? I doubt. At the best you will a find married women or those who don’t look for any relationship, at the worst they will consider you a crack-brained person who accost people.

There are good places for meeting women, and is one of them. And it is worth to pay for your safety and good services. You will not find dating scams, lies and fraud there.

Dean about uadreams: I don’t understand the bad reviews.

One more opinion whose author is sure that uadreams agency is trustworthy. This opinion is about real girls who don’t cheat you, but sit in front of webcam, read your questions attentively and reply to them. As for me, uadreams videochat is a pleasure. It brings a lot of joy and you can see so many beautiful girls.

Girls on scam sites record their chats and the customers of such website’s sometimes don’t see real girls. It is not about uadreams. You can try their chat and make sure that everything is real. No scams, no lies, no fraud or dating scammers.

Just one thing remains that cannot be controlled — people’s feelings. Dating means dealing with people’s emotions, and emotions and feelings defy any logic, online or in real world. A girl can like or dislike you, the same as you can like or dislike her. You start your communication and after some time you understand that you don’t match. At the same time the level of the agency’s services is the same. I just want to wish you luck during your online dating, I believe that stars will align and you will find your dream girl from Ukraine.

39 thoughts on “Uadreams scams. Yes? Or No!

  1. I am young enough to find a beautiful woman from Ukraine and believe I have more chances to get a piece from the pie than older men (sorry guys). Though I am not experienced and may become just another victim of scam, I’ve not been scammed yet.

  2. I felt the lady I talked to was fake. In spite of all promises they give I haven’t found any approximate reason to stay. First of all I would like to refer to a letter of Dasha from Cherkasy, my first girl in Uadreams, she used to forget some details we were talking in our previous letters about, indeed that was not only once but permanently. Sometimes I thought that she was just in a hurry, but you cannot be in a hurry for three months, right? Secondly, she told me that she is the only child in her family but after couple of weeks we mentioned this subject and she told that she had a sister with her visit. I broke up with that.
    I surfed the internet and educated regarding different methods scammers use, like UADreams and their employers. Yep, I’m sure that they hire girls for doing this specific job – communicating with “rich foreign old bastards”, making them fall in love and all that shit.

  3. Dear men, I’d like to share my opinion with you and supposedly to prevent somebody from doing mistakes. You get letters full of attention, so kind and different, all of that makes you believe in serious intentions and in your future, so stable and real. That was splendid until I felt a mess in our correspondence, she used to have late breakfast but somehow she mentioned her visit in a cafe to have some meal early morning, like she said she used to have coffee with croissant, mmm..)
    Time started to drag on, and somehow I did not get responses to my questions. I truly wanted to believe in sincerity, but such incaution is hardly understandable.

  4. Actually I had a similar story, but when I requested my issue to be solved to support center, they did this quickly and the problem was in their new translator, he messed up with the previous letters being in a hurry, human factor. I asked for a new one and they changed! So I recommend you to investigate your point, probably everything is not so bad and you have chances to have your luck.

  5. Ok. But what will you do if she recommends you to chat with the video though it is very expensive for you? How about fool’s bargain. Scammers often do this, they drop the idea and have your money set by set and you act like blind just to see your “beloved”.

  6. Maybe it’s better to use video chat for instance, I mean instead of monthly numerous correspondence.. For me, I’d rather speak by the phone or chat with the video – this is much better to know the person closer. When I ask some serious and intimate questions – I see reaction and make my conclusion, focusing on a person entirely.

  7. You’d better ask them twice, they give you a time to reconsider. Or to read this blog:)

  8. I want to say that I am pleased with Uadreams, like I have a chance to speak with several girls, they could know about that and I guess they can do that too. But all of us makes our own choice, and time is important. So I think I do not waste my time with my membership in Uadreams. Besides I can see that these guy will do their best in order to optimize my communication with my lady. For example, when we arranged our video chat meeting and I had my urgent operation, I gave an immediate note to my support center and they passed my message to the girl not to worry. Thus, they did that free of charge.

  9. But anyway I think it’s too complicated and I might have my profile deleted. Maybe I need to pay for monthly membership and they would give me girl contact.

  10. Utku, you can have it in Uadreams as well. But they do you a favor, they save you from scam and offer you some guarantees. I can’t say that this website is the best one among others in Ukraine however their experience gave them a good reputation with their clients attitude and service. They guarantee your money to be saved instead you will be asked for Western Union help for one lady that after 5 messages will experience any urgent danger situation. Got it? A piece to think over.

  11. Bride scammers are beautiful, you know! Sometimes I almost suffered a stroke when I saw a picture one woman named Olga, she’s from Ukraine, Odessa. Hm, actually I supposed to think she was a woman. I’m feeble in front of beauty.

    1. U-nitanik, What’s the matter with her? Any fake profile?
      I was frightened to death when I discovered some profiles to be bots or something. I almost believed into dating but failed with typical results. Let me tell you:

      29 years old, 5′ 6”, 123 lbs,
      blue eyes
      brown hair
      slim built
      no smoking

      You see, it’s like perfect image to see while imagining this woman. Whenever I start a research due to my requirements very often I get something different but similar to this one. And such happens almost in every russian dating site. It seems to me like they deal with liars and frauds and do that regular. Do you think they care about your feeling or something?? My guess is no as they just don’t have enough time to think about someone else except themselves, how to line theirs purses.

      1. Well, not my deal anymore. I’m dating with one woman right now I met when did some bars crawling haha)

  12. Is this website legit or not? I want to have some conclusions if their actions are solemn. There is a girl on the Uadreams site I’m interested in to invite her to video chat. But in a letter she explained that she had some problems with computer, its broken. Im thinkin if this is a hint for me? Should I wait for her next request to help her to buy it? Or some money to send? I don’t know what to expect. really..

    1. Mr_Ghost, you know there is nothing yet to worry about. All you need is to wait until she propose any decision how to see each other. Or you may offer to speak in the agency office. I don’t think the deal is in money. Sometimes we accept the facts like future problems and I know that such stories are like horrible scams coming out. I think there is no problem for you, you haven’t started to talk normally yet. So start your conversation and try this out, what is she and maybe she just informed you about her problem and is ready to solve it by herself.

  13. ..its a scam, mahn! Probably you guess this is your destiny to sit in a chair and wait for someone to rule your life. But noone cares indeed and what you really do is turmoil with your dating online life. Think twice if you want to have a family but not some entertainment stuff..

  14. After two years this is the one. I was completely overwhelmed with emotions. I probably figured that this is the last journey through dating sites of Ukraine and i did. I’ve found my Hope (obviously she has the name in Ukrainian that means Hope but sounds different probably you guess what I mean). I’ve been waiting for her for so long. I came across difficulties and deceiving, I’ve been aware of aware of the scam and you know my registration on Uadreams Dating Agency was like the fifth site in my life and all i did was nearly automatic action not to be alone. I know, I know scammers do that with your heart easily when you are too much embarrassed with your loneliness.

  15. I just happened to register on one site, then another one and that was a complete fraud. Anonymous, I don’t understand you. I give up.

  16. i had been there for a while, i mean on dating sites, Uadreams, Anastasya or Elena, whatever. But my intention put me down with all monies I wasted. That I call immigration fraud cause i understand, im not stupid. These girls just want to move from their countries abandoned with poverty and sadness. No money for living – they need to keep their lives in each way. I can see their approach. But not the best one to choose.

    1. XX.Torn, Such Ukrainian or Russian dating sites is a multi-million dollar fraud industry. You see if there is a chance to communicate with someone directly like social networks gives us the opportunity to do that, but here on dating websites you CANNOT do that! Everytime you talk with anyone do not forget that specifically someone is reading your message, I mean a translator, manager, whoever! They read all sincerest words and essential details you talk to each other. And I made the conclusion that I did not speak with the woman directly at all, supposedly they do all that job with responding the letters. I am more than sure that full scam sites are stable on their scam business.

      What else: they, i mean Uadreams ask $7 per ONE letter. And really It’s expensive for me. Like i’m giving money to someone who’s reading my letters and translating them.
      I can’t go with it!

  17. My membership wasn’t for free. I’m not talking about uadreams but different one site. I put $85 for three months. But there was something else. If I want to send or receive a photo I need to pay again, What’s that?

    1. Zafir, that’s because you’ve drawn to scam artists, mahn! They need not just a membership fee but money for all additional services to get off as many dollars as they can.

  18. Zafir, all of us are confused just because here is the article about Uadreams but not Anastasia or Brides or some other sites. Uadreams have free membership but you are telling about mix of scammers. Scammers can be women who want to go out of their country, scammers can be agencies who pretend to be agencies and just slowly extract money from you, scammers can be group of scammers with perfect work systems and austerity in their actions.
    I’ve been trying ten or twelve dating sites of Russian, Ukrainian girls and I notices largely scams out there just because girls are fake, fake emails you get are numerous too. And you never know if this will turn to good for you. But no one is forcing you to register for non-FREE, right? You can go for a walk, meet a woman and educate yourself in pick up skills, blaming your coaches who taught you wrong and blabla…
    So why do are you entering, then paying money and now blaming everyone for being dissipated?
    U-nitanik, what’s your position about dating online, tell me finally. Cause still I wanna know if you got your chance on the street or just tired as it is a scam – these sites and all.

    1. Haha) 2Nite,You made me smile, you know. Basically I was choked with how many dollars men used to spend on such fraud sites like in Russia and Ukraine but they work for Europe and USA. But I cannot give you any scam proof, details or scam shots, I never suffered. My guess is I’m lucky with that. Or! No one thinks I have money hahaaaa))

  19. I think that in Uadreams are most likely a scam women, however they are not fake. They are real.

  20. Don’t make any mess with fake profiles on free dating sites. I believe that fee-paying sites use our money for excellent anti scam policy. 2day i have two video chats on with ladies i like most of all and don’t be jealous.
    I know they don’t allow to give contact but I see the profit and I understand that they would be the first party I’ll call “guilty” in my scam fail. You understand? If you skip out of the current texting on the site, that’s the end: you’ve known to be scam. They’ve chosen you and you’re the victim. Site can’t control you and them. You’re out.
    Apollo, they just make translation, they do not care about your intimacy in letters. Don’t you know how many letters do they get each day? I might think if I could be on their place my eyes and mind would have been blown away of tension.

  21. I’m trying to find some useful issues about webcam settings however this is not simple concerning separate program not skype type one. – this address confused much with webcams and support as I did not find the proper information there. You see, this is a matchmaking agency that helps men from all over the world and women from Ukraine to communicate easy. They offer to verify if their branches are real and work in offices so if you want you can see some active webcams from Ukrainian cities, staff is working over there and you may check how they do that.

    1. No, Uadreams is a scam organization that rips off men from all over the world. Stupid American Men, Stupid Western Men, you had better pay attention. These people will stop at nothing. They will create fake reviews at sites like these. They will claim to have used the site when they actually work for the organization. They has done everything they can to discredit Elenas Models. Elenas is only the most successful of all honest sites on the net.

      It is up to you to make the right decision. ANY SITE THAT IS CHARGING YOU PER LETTER OR PER CHAT FEES IS A SCAM. That should be well documented fact now for about five years.

      These sites pay women based on your activity. Uadreams is no exception. 99% of the international dating industry is scam. If you do not heed this warning, Uadreams will guide you through a long and vivid nightmare. And when you finally learn that you have been scammed, they will blame you for your own victimization and they will laugh at you.

      And so will we.

      David Brunner,

      The Stupid American

  22. How do you think, should men study Russian or Ukrainian if they date with a woman from these countries? Or there is no sense as they ought to speak English or German fluently as these languages are the top of international languages? Indeed I don’t care who does the first start with education. But men mainly deals with the translation services and that’s all. I mean OK, girls use translation as well, but we do have to respect each other culture, customs and traditions that is why each part of the conversation has to gain the language skill at least. – is a big review about Uadreams dating agency, about language facts and scam situation. This is a huge unstable business area with a competitive base, so probably some questionable posts here would be interesting for you to read. And I must admit you would make some conclusions about Ukrainian scam.

  23. Some words must be said about crooks UAdreams I was surprisingly registered by one girl. I call scammers those people who get someone registered quietly without even knowing. So in my case I supposedly was lured by the lady named LizaQueen, she is from UAdreams from Lutsk branch and I must admit she had perfect photos. I think all her photos have been made by professional photographer so she was using them for many other dating sites. How do I know? I surfed by Google picture search and found my Liza elsewhere with the same pictures.

    Let me think that agencies steal them from each other or lady herself does uses her pictures regularly to attract men from US and Europe.
    If you enter brides or anastasia you’ll see many beautiful girls there but who knows if photos of some girls are not identical.

    Just for you have a look at my girl from UAdreams I was involved to:

    Well they work with the simple scheme: they create numerous fake profiles and place them onto the other dating sites. As a rule the data is used of the one lady so men used to think they communicate with different persons, real girls. You come along with the greatest desire to keep in touch with her since she asked your personal email address. And while you are waiting for her she is feeding you with invitation letter to enter to fee paid dating site to get her letter and chats translated. They whole joke of the story is that the girl does not exist but the staff of the agency does their job to attract new members each day. And there is no doubt that this baits work very good and stable. But if warned you will be educated. So I believe that you read carefully to those who you speak with.

    Have a look at the invitation letter from uadreams mailing:

    ———- Forwarded message ———-
    From: Uadreams support team
    Date: Fr, Jan 25, 2013 at 5:07 PM
    Subject: xxx, Liza from Ukraine invited you to the International
    Matchmaking Agency!
    To: xxxx

    // Welcome to the International
    Matchmaking Agency! Dear Danny,

    You’ve been invited to” onclick=”;return false; // … ]fl_marina[/b] at
    the request of

    [image: Liza from Lutsk, Ukraine girl
    pictures] //

    Liza Q.

    from Lutsk, Ukraine

    *Your account information *(it will help you to see photos from all ladies
    in our database):
    login: xxx
    password: xxx

    *Any your questions will be answered in our* Support
    Centre //
    +1 (315) 849-4959
    Skype phone account: *uadreams*

    *No one can know where he will meet his love!*

    You can login here: // //ua … ]fl_marina[/b]

    If you think it was done in error then just ignore this message.

    Uadreams Support Team.

    Marina or Liza? What’s that?? I guess fl_marina in URL you probably noticed in the letter – is one of employees or managers of UAdreams. I am sure they pursue hyping their market position within paying salary for this job. They create fake profiles, they pretend to be a woman they do everything to attract consumer to their non-free platform. They sell their services and rip the members off via communication methods all these years!..

  24. Danny I was about to say what you’ve said already about scams at uadreams. 100% scam as I’ve checked by my own. They did generate fake accounts to place them on dating sites and girls get the cut of it.
    Or if they steal info they like to steal pictures as professional image of any russian or ukrainian beauty attracts men from abroad. Men shell out all their monies to be online with those hot girls they see on pages of such sites like

    I just cannt stand! Danny was registered by operator of uadreams there is doubt. He was talking to him pretending to be a girl from the picture.

    And what can you say about their testimonials? Do you believe in them? I think it’s totally fake too. They invest a lot to produce such positive info like testimonials and reviews for luring men.
    And if they manage to do that the rip every new man off with their services. You come and you pay first. You lose thousands of dollars but no chances if you see your woman in real life. No real women here!

    Besides you are not allowed to give your contact to girl and certainly this is prohibited for girls (just in case they are real and registered on the website). You waste your time and money. And I you ll probably get a heart stroke with your intentions never shared with a person you expect to see one day. I do NOT recommend uadreams for dating.

  25. One important this is to be left. Before I leave.
    I acknowledge mistake of being too naive.

    I kept in mind one post of a scam blogger and he went over uadreams review but his arguments were based on someone who was working in uadreams for a period of time.

    “For some reason I started to communicate with one person who worked in UaDreams and I was convinced that all letters are not written by ladies but by managers or translators. I don’t give a damn if the conversation is really good and both sides are satisfied. But ladies didn’t know that their profiles have been used for further correspondence with male members. Replies have been sent regularly. Ladies were unaware.

    Another thing is how to attract young beautiful ladies to the dating site: to promise them a professional photoshooting but actually if a lady agrees to chat if it’s necessary of course. Ladies agree. For sure. Uadreams offers to sign the related agreement.”

    “Hey, man.

    I meant only the best but suddenly I understood that there is nothing serious with dating online. It’s difficult to read how many people are being tricked by scam agencies. Ualadys and Uadreams are in the line. And the head is a big cheater, he made all staff to send emails instead of girls and they do that for a normal salary.

    But not girls!

    And when I was going to leave the website I wanted them to close my profile and to remove from system. They convinced me to do that immediately but.. That was not the end. They used my information for luring men, unexisted lady is communicating with real men who want to find their beloved one! They spend thousands of dollars for services but they don’t even know that this is not me! They used my data from took my pictures from there and filled new profile. I was trying to explain to administrator and supervisor but they ignored and told me that I pretend to be abused. I really believe that you understand I am sincere.

    There is no need for me to deceive you, I am explaining this to you in private way.

    And one thing I got in mind. Please be careful with the details. My favourite colour is blue and my favourite flower is lily. Ask me if you still have a correspondence throughout the site, you will be surprised. No coincidence.

    Leave this agency, run away. Keep your money and find someone out of this stuff. They make girls not to speak English, girls pretend to be uneducated. So they manage to sell translation services of course.


  26. My spam folder and main mailbox is getting full with uadreams mailing. I am almost bombarded by their introduction and invitation letters. I like pictures that’s true, women are really amazing. Unlike any other russian sites. But still this is a pack of beautiful scammers.

    Scam!. Stay away.

  27. Hello people,

    Frankly speaking I wouldn’t add something different I am afraid. Being a member of Uadreams for a couple of months was a big surprise for me as I had no idea how come! I was invited. And that’s all. Who was that young lady why kept my email address – and you know that usually you cannot register without personal contact, right? However you cannot register without authorization. Keep in mind if you sign up, you need to paste your data, be careful with that, be convinced in the website you are going to. Otherwise you will receive tons of letters from fell-in-love women who understood that they have found their other half from the first sight.
    Sometimes such agencies use searches in social media and google plus is a place where too much ids for them to hook, you should be just careful with that and understand that today the information is to be shared very fast. Keep away from scammers.
    Good bye.

  28. Ok, guys, it seems to me I’ll burst out with the news. I am so angry and I wish to warn everybody not to join this website, don’t register, don’t spend time and money there. The ladies are not serious, I hate all of them. They just play games, they want your money, they don’t look for the husband and they prefer to correspond with many men and to have fun. So my story began when one of my friends told me about He has found his wife there and he advises the website to all friends and relatives. Poor me, I expected to be happy in the future. But this was the start of the disaster and my sad experience. At first, I was delighted and I dreamt about a happy family life with a pretty lady. Of course, I don’t want to have an ugly one near me, so I joined the website, looked through the profiles, and I was impressed that there were so many beautiful ladies there. I wrote to many ladies and I was surprised to get answers, I got loads of letters in my mailbox every day and I got lost among pretty ladies who looked more like dolls or models but not real women. Ok, I started a correspondence and I was pretty successful at the very beginning, ladies liked me, and I liked spending time on this website. But can you imagine that to get the personal information I should come and meet in person and only then I will be able to communicate with the lady directly? Bullshit! I have to bring my ass overseas just to get the phone number! Why? Are we living in the prehistoric period without any ways of communication? Why don’t they ask the lady for permission to share her personal information? Ridiculous and stupid to travel to Ukraine just to understand that you don’t like each other. Right now all the borders are closed and if they are not, it is difficult and I am not comfortable travelling during the pandemic. I don’t want to waste my time and money just for communication, sweet letters, and nice smiles in the video chat! You understand that all these options don’t answer the question if we suit each other, that’s not a real communication with a real person. By the way, how can I check that this lady is real and serious? I need more information about her but not only her name and id number on the website, that’s not fair. Oh, no, that’s fair but only for the agency, they make money making me come to Ukraine, they just make you travel and to use their services. I don’t like it when I don’t have any choice, that makes me mad so I decided to stop communicating with ladies on

  29. The website is ok, not the best one but there are pros and cons. I like that it’s easy to navigate and you don’t need much time to understand how it works, how much you should pay, and how to use filters. That’s extremely clear. I don’t like the prices there, it’s expensive for me because I prefer communication with many ladies. That’s why I chose a free website and right now I am not a member of If they reduce prices, I will be with them because in general, they provide good services.

  30. I met my wife on I was a lucky man because it didn’t take much time to find the right person. I was a member of different dating platforms, some of them were free and to tell the truth I didn’t like them, there were too many scams there, I read many sad stories about thick relatives, dead pets, money for tickets or so. That’s really annoying and finally, I understood that I do waste time on these websites and I have no chances to meet a real lady there. So I surfed the net and found some paid dating websites and joined them. Thank God a lot of them suggested free registration, otherwise it would have cost me a fortune. UaDreams was one of them. I tried all free options on these websites and sent free letters to ladies on the websites where I could. I got answers from ladies and started communication. I met my future wife not at once, actually she wrote me the first and I am happy that she was brave enough and did this. After being a member of different agencies I can assure you that UaDreams is one of the most convenient with a friendly team that is ready to solve all your problems and answers all the questions if there are any. They helped me to give presents and flowers to my lady, they even helped me when I needed an extraordinary present. I checked their website and my present was out of the list of presents they have. I wrote the support team and they helped me. I do appreciate this. They organized a trip for me with a personal guide and interpreter who was polite and sweet. That trip was the start of our family. I am happy now, I am married and not lonely anymore.

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