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Uadreams scams. Yes? Or No!


Scammer agency

Full of scammers, who will ruin you to the bone
Rasmus about UaDreams


you cannot trust any online datings site

I had a very bad experience with uadreams. Visa refused to pay them so I lost contact with the only lady that I had written to over 18 months – in total 80 letters. I feel that both she and I were scammed. It has taken since 2007 to overcome the emotional grief.

I had offered to travel to Donetsk and was refused. Earlier I offered to pay an outright fee to meet the lady in Germany where she was working but this request was ignored.

Love is between a couple and where third parties are involved they can interfere to protect their own financial benefits.

7 June Petro Poroshenko today has sworn to clean up corruption and tax evasion in the Ukraine – I know who one company that he is referring to. The company was Gibraltar registered and banked in Cyprus!

John about UaDreams


No way of ever knowing a lady for real unless you pay to chat and visit through them!

Do not get fooled by this. Dating sites are set up for two people to be able to find each other and then after a certain amount of communication then you can both feel comfortable with each other and then should be able to exchange personal details and take a relationship further. However UADreams will never ever allow you to exchange personal details unless you go over to visit. But then the only way you can arrange to visit the lady is by having to book the trip through them because if you was to do this by yourself then as you have no personal details you will never be able to arrange anything with the lady. The site is very professional but this is why many men will be fooled into paying more and more to the site and at the end of it all never find any relationship unless you continue to give them more money. Video chat in itself is recorded video and an staff member reading and feeding the information and even sending the reply’s. Any real dating agency will match two people and then it is yourselves who will take and make the relationship serious if that is what both party want but when UADreams does not allow any involvement that does not involve you paying in money to them and so you will never find the lady of your dreams on here. After paying hundreds of Euros or Dollars you would expect to know a lady and both know if you want a relationship but as not ever being able to exchange personal details is a joke. And any man who would just go out and book a trip through UADreams whithout having first been able to have personal details exchanged should know that they are not going to have or get the serious relationship they are looking for. I read many reviews and gave the site the benefit of my doubt but when the same thing that others talk about happens to you it is then when you realise it is a scam and you will never be with the lady you imagine you have shared all the communication with!

Matt McCall about UaDreams



… 1) Now for the COLD HARD FACTS that make me give this site a 1 star SCAM label (not given lightly) UaDreams.com regularly engages in “bait/switch” … Their employees/contractors will create “bait” profiles of women on various dating sites (free sites are common) … They post pictures of a beautiful girl, profile written in broken English (ok she’s Ukrainian) … And they will start engaging you in a rehearsed “CHAT”. Then after a few emails (probably cut and paste prepared responses … We should post these.. I will if UaDreams.com trys to deny their tactics) the UaDreams.com scammer will say “Give me your email we are getting closer/ I want to get to know you better etc” … Naive guys think “Wow, this gorgeous girl likes me”… Then they get an email with the subject “info” .. Only to open it and see. Surprise! Surprise !!! A UAdreams.com invite to log in and chat with the “Girl, Svetlana, Maria, Olga (insert name)”… … Wonderful! (wonderful scam *cough*)… Below is a cut and paste of once such email… enjoy =)….
“Dear (Insert Unknowing Victim’s Name/Your Name) , You’ve been invited to our site at the request of: Maria,( Olga, Inna, Julia, Viktoria… who ever … )

from Odessa (where ever), Ukraine
View her profile
login: 1970ChallengerDude@yahoo.com <——– Your email
password: 458799
<———( Lucky You!! Now you can log in and pay to talk to a girl for money, whom you were just talking to for FREE.. =))

“Welcome to our website!
Hope you’ll like it here”

You may write a letter to Marina (Olga, Maria, who ever)
by clicking here (Don’t click it… it’s a TRAP)
You can login here: http://www.uadreams.com/login.rpx

This “Bait” email also has a picture of the “girl” you are corresponding with.. Who knows who you are talking to though.. As I said it is most likely an employee or contractor of UaDreams.com… certainly NOT the girl… My suspicion is that this “agency” attracts girls by saying “Would you like a free professional photo shoot?” .. then they get the rights of the photos and use these to lure victims…

You may be asking yourself how I know this is a practice used by UaDreams.com??? Ahhh… my dear friend… good question…. I know because I have had this happen to me not once, not twice, but 3… Three times… and it is after this third time that I am finally writing a public review about this SCAM site…

2) No LEGIT site will lure men to join them with the “bait of a beautiful Ukrainian woman” and the switch of having to join some other site. I do applaud UaDreams.com for their capitalistic ingenuity. I would never give them a red cent, but I see that their only motivation is to get men to sign up and start paying to correspond…. Making fake profiles .. (sometimes of known scammers) then trying to lure love blind men to your site is a DISHONORABLE AND DEPLORABLE PRACTICE… THAT MAKES YOU SCAMMERS… UNDERSTAND… Now maybe this is a cultural difference… nahh.. UaDreams.com is STRAIGHT UP SCAM AND THEY KNOW IT….

3) A word of advice to men who use “Pay agencies” to get women… Dude, think about it.. It is incredible easy to meet women from Ukraine.. just go there, make some friends, sign up for a free language exchange (teach her English you learn Russian or Ukrainian… Or if you do start talking to a woman from Ukraine to skype ASAP…. There is NO NEED to pay money to a site to correspond with Women in Ukraine…

… In Conclusion, this site is a SCAM … no legitimate site will engage in or direct, solicit, others to engage in the types of unethical and immoral behavior that UaDreams.com engages in… Only a deceitful, greedy, machination that simply uses a man’s yearning for love to get a their credit card and charge YOU for something that should be free (through skype) or cheap… I don’t like to go all out like this .. but the ONLY reason I am writing this is because I have been fooled into believing that I was talking to a real person multiple times by UaDreams.com…



Jay about UaDreams

reply from UaDreams

Dear Mr. Jay,

We are responsible for services and their quality only within our agency’s activity. We have no right to prohibit the ladies to use services of other agencies, moreover we cannot force them to use only our services. The ladies can also invite their foreign male friends to our site if they prefer to communicate with them via UaDreams using our services.

If you consider that a lady has treated you inappropriately or you have some doubts, please tell us about this, by contacting our support center or contacting us by phone http://www.uadreams.com/support.rpx and describe your particular case. We will surely examine it and take measures if necessary.

A lot of men are registered on UaDreams.com, and not all of them are english-speaking. If you have doubts, watch their videotestimonials on http://www.uadreams.com/agency/testimonials.html — each year several dozens of happy customers come to Ukraine.

All our female customers are real people and this namely makes the main difference between us and many other dating sites. We render services to the ladies after obligatory checking her identification documents for marital status and singing a special agreement with her. Each our male member can communicate alive with a lady with the help of Video Chat or skype conference service and ask her any questions directly.

Our mission is to make the search of your soulmate very easy and very safe. We give you all opportunities to make sure that our ladies are real (we have a very strict Anti-scam policy http://www.uadreams.com/agency/antiscam.html).


UaDreams customer service

I was the bait and got hooked at the same time

I was introduced to UA Dreams by a lady I was corresponding with on another site which I paid membership and could freely contact the women that were on the site. One woman I met was Julia #1721 and we corresponded for approximately a week and exchanged email addresses and corresponded directly. In one of her correspondence she mentioned she could no longer afford going to the internet cafe to write her messages as she did not have a computer at home. Her profile was then closed on the internet site we had met and I received an invite from her from UA Dreams web site which I had never heard of before. The invite included three or more free emails to correspond with her before I would be charged for writing her. I decided to continue to correspond with her paying for each letter I wrote to her. What I have to give credit to UA Dreams is that they do not charge you to read the lady’s response. Well, to my surprise when I went to UA Dreams to find Julia there she was with a profile all made out with professional photos and a bio that must have taken some time to create….well in advance of our correspondence on the other dating site. So, in short, I was baited after establishing a connection with Julia. I was given opportunity to correspond with her on UA Dreams and after the free emails, it became expensive to correspond with her as well as meet with her on video chat sessions. This is called bait and snatch routine. UA Dreams establishes a fake profile of a lady on another web site, bait the man and then snatch him away onto the UA Dreams site. Shame on you UA Dreams for demonstrating such low integrity…what goes around usually comes around!

Bruce about UaDreams

reply from UaDreams

Dear Bruce,

First of all let us assure you that all the ladies are real on our site, we do not use fake profiles. All the ladies who become our members are entitled with free photo session. That is why Julia’s profile was filled with professional photos. You will not see a single profile of the lady with old and not up to date photos. It’s not our policy though we know that unfortunately some match making agencies are practicing this and post fake profiles or even pay the ladies to come on a meeting with men. That fact disappoints us a lot as such agencies ruin their reputation as well as put all our work in a bad light.

Our agency is quite big and popular among our female members. All services are for free here, we make presentation photo-shooting and video for free as well, we have a very big gallery of men that gives quite good chances to our ladies to find their love partner.

Nowadays with social nets and free sites in internet, ladies in Ukraine are free to join them. We cannot prohibit anyone to do this as it’s against human rights. On the other hand we recommend our ladies to use our site as it’s safe here (we have good enough anti-scam policy) and all service are for free. Our ladies can also invite their foreign male friends to our site if they prefer to communicate with them via UaDreams using our services. As you understand all the translation is for free here for them as well. We offer live online video chat that is translated by our staff for free as well.

We regularly monitor scam forums, and are aware of things they write there. The truth is that the majority of what is written is a complete lie, anyone can join such forums and try to ruin whoever’s reputation having own ambitions not satisfied in the matter of building relationship with a lady from Ukraine.

If you have got additional questions or you would like to specify some details, don’t hesitate to contact our support centre http://www.uadreams.com/support.rpx – we are always glad to help you

We wish you a great day.


UaDreams Support Center

you cannot trust any online datings site

I had a very bad experience with uadreams. Visa refused to pay them so I lost contact with the only lady that I had written to over 18 months – in total 80 letters. I feel that both she and I were scammed. It has taken since 2007 to overcome the emotional grief.

I had offered to travel to Donetsk and was refused. Earlier I offered to pay an outright fee to meet the lady in Germany where she was working but this request was ignored.

Love is between a couple and where third parties are involved they can interfere to protect their own financial benefits.

7 June Petro Poroshenko today has sworn to clean up corruption and tax evasion in the Ukraine – I know who one company that he is referring to. The company was Gibraltar registered and banked in Cyprus!

Scam from one end to the other

Was tricked into this site by the most evil and lowest scam trick i have seen , and i have seen some (also lots of Ghana girl scam)
A lady wrote me at another site and made me interrestet , she was beautifull and nice to talk to , she even asked me to visit her , later in the mails she asked for my email adress (no buzz about that , many ladys do ask ) right after her profile was closed . I asked the moderators and they told me that her account was closed due to scam behaviour AND NOT WITHOUT REASON , the next mail i got was from this scam site with paid models , who said that they had a request from one of their members to join her , yes it was Svetlana (or Igor , Ivan , stella ) or who that writes her letters , i was given a code so i could talk with her , but of course this smells so much of scam . why wouddent she write me private if she had my email , do they really think guys are that stupid. Dont think any normal guy will jump into this scam type , but be aware , everything that looks to good is to good , i bet the rest of the reviews at this site is made by the company itself . Shame on you that use peoples feelings in your sleeazy business

Bet the ladys get paid for writting a certain number of letters .

Bo about UaDreams

uadreams.com – another scam

Got a fake registration on my dating site, sneakly placed by this dishonest crap. A girl with WAY too professional pictures username AnitaBonita supposedly from Kremenchug. A quick serach on that profile shows that it was placed on many other agencies, like on brides.ru or girlsru.com

Here is her profile on uadreams:

What they are basically doing: they are placing fake profiles on other dating sites and marriage agencies, contact men pretending to be a girl on the pictures, ask for their private email address (sneaky!), then send them e-mail asking to go register on uadreams for further correspondence and PAID translation services. Needless to say, the girl doesn’t exist (or she is an employee of the agency), and you will be corresponding with an operator. Old scheme.

Luckily, my members are always on alert and reported this crap to me promptly. This is the copy of email sent to one of my members (private info shadowed):

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: Uadreams support team <mailing@uadreams.com>
Date: Mon, Feb 1, 2010 at 4:33 PM
Subject: xxx, Anna from Ukraine invited you to the International
Matchmaking Agency!
To: xxxx<http://uadreams.com/?pr=fl_darina> Welcome to the International
Matchmaking Agency!Dear SteveYou’ve been invited to
the request of[image: Anna from Kremenchug, Ukraine girl
pictures]<http://uadreams.com/login.rpx?login=xxx&pass=xxx&pr=xxx>Anna T.from Kremenchug, Ukraine*Your account information *(it will help you to see photos from all ladies
in our database):
login: xxx
password: xxx*Any your questions will be answered in our* Support
+1 (315) 849-4959
Skype <http://skype.com/> phone account: *uadreams**No one can know where he will meet his love!*You can login here:http://uadreams.com/login.rpx<http://uadreams.com/login.rpx?login=xxx&pass=xxx&pr=_darina>

If you think it was done in error then just ignore this message.

Uadreams Support Team.

Notice that _darina thingy in URL? that’s the tracking id of the operator, so it gets paid.
also, do google search on them, see how many men were scammed there!!

Mary about UaDreams

Re: uadreams.com – another scam

interesting testimony from a blogger who knew uadreams manager

“I had a contact who was working in UA Dreams. And she said that mails are written by translators, girls don’t even know that somebody are sending mails from their accounts.

On other hand, girls sometimes go to such agencies to get free professional photos. But they have to sign a contract, by which they have to answer on calls, than foreign clients calling them.”

“Hello xxxxx

I am so sad and even angry to hear such awful news! I do not have any relations with ualadys/uadreams after winter! I had bad relations with that agency, because the director and the owner of agency are not true people! They write letters by themsel without women!

I thought that they removed me from the agency! But they did not do it! And can you imagine? That they have found? my photos and copy them, from such site as odnoklassnik! Do you know about it? It is like ISQ? but here you can find your friends and classmates!

I do not know what to do !

I called to the agency, but secretary said that she did not know anything!

So, I hope that you will believe me!

I do not have reason to lie to you and to write to you through the agency, as I write to you by myself!

We can do an expariment! My favorite flower is white tulip and my favorite food is cheese! Ask these questions to me through the AGENCY! You will see that the answers are not correct!

I hope that you will not write to that unfair agency! They even talk girls do not speak by English, even if you know!


Fox about UaDreams


Re: uadreams.com – another scam

Hello folks,
Actually I am continually being registered with UADreams without my permission. Then I am being bombarded with messages from members even though I did not join the site. How does this happen? I get messages off of other dating sites from fake members like at MBN who ask for my email address first. Then when i send it to them I am added to UADreams or other spam fake scam dating networks. Other ways they get the email addresses to add to their network I suspect harvesting id’s from GooglePlus.

see you

Mposter about UaDreams

Great story.

Shows the classic mindset of most guys. Its called cognitive dissonance. Plainly all websites that put themselves between you and a so called woman are a scam as that “woman” does not exist, or if she does, is probably not interested in you.
I brought this fact to the attention of the Maine Attorney General office and they did start a file on Anastasia. If your readers who have paid any money to Anastasia would send them copies of your payments, credit card bills, etc as proof, they apparently have an investigation going. You must have a substantial subscriber base now and if you post a story about it, maybe we can collectively bring down Anastasia, who probably has bilked the majority of your readers.
It would be especially helpful if someone can get affidavits from some of the employees who write the bogus letters, or if someone will make a statement that they were told by a girl that the letters are false.
Regarding Elenas, yes the majority are genuine, however I have had attempted scams there also.

Thomas about UaDreams


I also noticed another thing that I forgot to post before.

The ladies on uadreams, when they write to you for the first time, they send all these additional pictures (A dozen) and also audio clips, video clips etc… (Who would do that normally in a first message, or what real girl would do that?) The one girl who wrote to me attached like 12 pictures to her message to me but I could only view one of them… Stranger yet she sent me all these pictures of herself and a long letter yet I have no bio even and no picture in my profile.

So what is their catch or scam with this one?

Wellllll…..If you want to view the other dozen pictures you have to pay credits for EACH picture or video to view from her message. And I think it is $5 to $6 for each credit or so for each one, prices vary from audio or picture credit etc.

So how on earth can you even think of all these charges, or dream them all up, and if you add the charges for the translations and responses costs, plus to view each picture costs that first email if you decorate with a nice back ground etc could cost you big time…

On top of that uadreams is sending me free messages…

Free messages???? I must be making this stuff up right?

No I am not…

But the free messages are reminding me that all the girls writing to me seem to be having birthdays or their daughter are having birthdays coming up and they are suggesting I buy a small box of chocolates for $100 for her… Uadreams says “that it will help me stand out from the other guys if I do that…”

Darryl  about UaDreams