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  1. Dear Scam Fighter,
    The issue is that UADreams uses all their PR privileges to promote their website. Like millions of post of crap news to maintain positive effect and to hide negative reviews from unsatisfied customers. You’ve probably watched that youtube video about the girl who confessed she was working on a dating site? Uadreams trigger many commercial tricks to keep the level, but that stuff demeaned their market position and as for me, I’ll never visit this site or use it. Never. And I won’t recommend others to even try any services for free, it’s useless and wasting the time.

    1. Hello Peter,

      I like when people read me actually that means my article makes some sense and I appreciate each point of view within the case I described. Actually I’d like to specify the subject of the email you sent me, still I cannot find it in my mailbox. Or maybe in spam folder, I need to look again. And if you are right what you mentioned about talking people out of signing up to Uadreams.com I think we need a disclaimer on the top of my text. I respect my readers and to my mind facts make the idea of being sincere and giving truthful information. But if you are not right I will remove all comments regarding this question and lift my game. And you’d better throw in the towel. As I don’t like undermining things and all that crap. For now could you please forward me your mail again? That would be perfect, I want to pay great attention to the investigation and to highlight the point. And thank you very much again for your attention and support.

  2. Indeed I used to get pleased by your reviews, I read them carefully and such sources I like most. I believe it helps others to avoid mistakes within dating scam and getting on a trap with scam agencies. But concerning uadreams you can see directly via google this agency is a total scam. Apparently all those positive testimonials and reviews you may see there were produced by website owners and managers who do their job good. And I hope men read your article and understand that uadreams is nothing but a trap for foreigners where scammers and models work. To check if I am right you’d better read thousands of reports about men being abused and tricked and ripped off. Moreover women who worked there post their stories about their activity on the site, I know many of them who are married and in relationships but keep pretending being single. Actually ex-employers post such stories and fact on the fb or vk pages, they try to show that uadreams dating site is a lie and scam. Luring men to buy services as well as going to ukrainian cities and buy luxury packages. I hope your investigation will be an effective push to report and to uncover the truth between people who still need to be educated in scam business. This must be done before hundreds of new members lose their money.

    1. Hello Peter,
      I am grateful for your comment. You see my revenue is not even a dollar for each person who joins Uadreams. But indeed the issue is that I was really interested in the problem of a scam today and that was important to me to uncover the truth in all those scam complains in the internet. So I took a decision to try by myself and sign up to test the website, the agency and their team. All my communications were real as I said in my articles girls were real, not fake. Meanwhile I have doubts in this company and that is why I told that this agency is controversial platform I’ve ever met. I mentioned that I didn’t like some services to consider them unnecessary. And pricing is a robbery sometimes that’s why I won’t recommend it to someone who saves each dollar. And this is my sincere point of view. But I wonder about those profiles of social networks you mentioned, could you please forward links for me to investigate the issue? I knew nothing about that because girls I chatted were real. But a few moments in Uadreams made me doubt so I would like to get dipper. But your message surprised me more so I need more facts to keep doing my work properly. I will appreciate if you could send me details personally. Thank you very much.

    2. It’s obviously that girls of Uadreams work for this agency but cannot prove that marriages real. For example no one shares with the wedding documents or visa scams. can see nothing. As you can guess, no proof, no problem. Nothing with the scam on Uadreams.com. An the visible side is pretty transparent and you see this website as completely perfect for dating online.I knew one girl she was worked there and she told me they do not care on feelings with clients but only with money. And the thing is really interesting that she’s not single she had boyfriend. he was from Ukraine. But she worked on uadreams! And you could see her profiles on vk. And when clients asked about their pages on social network uadreams said nothing, they just don’t care about scam on their site.

      Peter, you are right about uadreams, today. I see that dating industry makes money with robbing men from other countries and they lure them by feelings and hearts to break. And other websites like anastasia or ualadys are like uadreams, you waste over 1000 dollars to understand that that was only wasting a time. You realize that you’ve been used. And when you try to meet with girls you talked they often refuse to meet or did not have time or have their plans changed.

      To my mind if girls are real, probably 3% are real but other 97% are scammers. I know many of the stuff work for ladies, they do the same job like writing emails instead of them and asking for gifts from online shop on the site (that awful robbery). Obviously they graduate from special course of polite correspondence as usually they send very nice letters that you cannot even guess that you talk to an employer. The main idea is taking money from clients so they just need to keep you on the website as long as they can.

      Usually men decide to stay on the website while seeing beautiful photos and chatting, but sending letters, gifts, roses and packages to girl is lots of money. You see the main income comes from?

      Next point is personal contact. I agree with the Author. I cannot understand why it is so. Every time you want to know personal email or nick of the girl she behaves so strange as well as when I tried to share mine – they simply ignored my signes.

      When I tried to make plans for my trips to their city girls usually changed their plans or explained me that they need to visit their aunt who lived in the town or have other plans or need to work hard as boss said. Their ingenuity can be surreal when they need to find the reason not to see me in real life. OMG. I think Im afraid to be ugly fat disgusting man.

      But probably you can find some girls who will meet with you like my friend told me but that were professional girls who used to do that regularly and take profit like shipping or entertainment. Nothing serious, really.

      Video chat made my day. Sometimes it works so slowly that I seriously began to think that they have a separate time machine. But they count money like for normal minutes of conversations. So I just couldn’t understand why the hell they cannot make the normal program like skype.

      I know definitely many girls who will be working with you via uadreams website to get some money. Of course they would say that they are single but they can be married or have boyfriends. Anyway they do their job marvellous. How did I know that? Social networks. I surfed a lot and saw many of them and what is amasing girls do not reject this if i ask. Supposedly they guess that men still come back to be tricked in this way. Sometimes I think that men just want subconsciously to be scammed.

      Let’s go to the next point. If I knew her contacts or social pages, they will never react if I try to contact them. They ignore me or block me from communication just explaining me – ok, man, we will communicate for money but not here, on uadreams please. See you there.

      If you try to be very persistent, sure they will remove their profiles immediately. Later they will restore them but closed to be viewed for others.

      And they will do anything for you on a distance but never make a step forward when you come and try to hold a hand. These girls keep working on such agencies like uadreams and similar tricks penetrate to online business everywhere: she would dance and smile to you in front of a camera but leaned her head down to her phone and almost say nothing during your live meeting with her n Ukraine.

      This game is typical for many translate fee scam sites.Well, yes. They are not free and they have a privilege to be the top of dating sites but here you are: you face with ingenuity scammers here as their methods have been more sophisticated.

      Ok. Probably you won’t believe me but instead I recommend you to catch with some girls, just register and try with your own. You will receive immediate responses and their letters would be general about their life and all, probably too detailed but they need to get in you, right? And in a few letters they would instantly miss you and read accurately each word. But just imagine even if you are from another country, not so rich but your passport is foreign – all these females do not pay so much attention to you, right? It’s like all fears go away if you contact someone via the internet. Girls here look only for money.

      Supposedly you googled dating scam through youtube reports and scam forums article are to be read as well.

      There is one important thing about invitations from uadreams. In case you are a member of other sites, I mean free platforms, you will get lured from these sites into uadreams.com and your girl’s profile will be closed or removed or your girl will not have possibility to communicate with you without translator or whatever they will catch you up with any reason. Because they need new clients for their base. Like my story when I was communicating with one girl on uadreams and once I found her on another site with no membership or service fee. Anyway when I started to communicate with her she had no idea whom she was talking to and ignored our contact before. And later I’ve seen her profiles closed. To my surprize I got an email from her asking to join uadreams. So the circle has been closed.

      See how it works people?

      I hope my job will comfort someone’s sanity and help people to avoid scammers on dating business platform. I say business just because I can see almost nothing except money earning. Cause you are responsible for your actions and no one will push you to do what you do not want. But scam dating sites use specific approaches to lure men from other countries to do what they do not want subconsciously. I think playing feeling games is the worst thing.

      My Ukrainian and Russian visit experience revealed outstanding and disputable feelings, I have acquainted with many intelligent people out of dating sites that appeared scams and nothing more.

      Besides positive reviews have been created by wonderful professional work of dating site owners and their managers sit and post nice reviews day and night. It’s easy to see via the language they use, check their written English. By the way, to save ratings they used to trigger many good news to be real to cover negative feedback from unsatisfied customers.

  3. Thank you for sharing your point of view! You see indeed I mentioned that I cannot recommend the uadreams site accurately for everyone. I appreciate your big support with details and uncovering truthful facts. Take care.

  4. Scam Fighter,
    thats really good you are here again.
    I knew that anastasia and ualadys (right the time together with uadreams) are typical translation fee scam sites. They work with the same strategy of tricking men from western europe. And girls who work for dating sites get a cut of the whole deal with expensive services and translate fee Uadreams promote.
    And you know what? It’s so easy to see where is the truth and where is the lie? Just try membership and uncover hundreds of negative feedback of consumers who have been signed up for years and still are lonely and single.

    And you cannot see and marriage proof and there is no documents or details with addresses and full names of people who “used to get married” after they found each other via uadreams.com. Their position is aside like they cannot share personal info. And I cannot ask those people because I don’t see and contact there. Lots of testimonials lovely made by uadreams make the whole picture very attractive for westerns. Right? And girls instead of looking for normal job get involved into being online 24 hours a day and chatting with all men they can. Is any free time for uadreams girls to eat, to sleep? How come? Seriously, it’s a scam.

    I think ordinary reputable and honest agency gets over 100 marriages a year.

    Reputable agency allows personal contact even on the website. Before they meet in the office. Besides reputable honest agency post staff photos and phone numbers and addresses open, all that information is easy to establish and to verify legal issues of the company.

    And for now it doesn’t matter if you are young and handsome or rich and ugly, you all will be scammed on uadreams! All you need is your foreign passport and being somewhere far from this country. It’s easy enough to play in love online. You can promise everything but you mustn’t do what you promised.

    And here I attach one letter of my friend who had not very nice experience with uadreams. I am aimed to warn men who still believe that uadreams is a good agency to sign up. But stay away and keep your money in safe as Im gonna tell you something. Im 35 and I am strong and handsome, I used all services they offer, I communicated with lots of women but for nothing. I used gifts, letters, flowers and all that staff but the only thing they need from you is money, and more money. If you hope that you will find a woman to marry you are joking probably. No chances.

    So fresh news: approximately flowers will cost you about $120 to be charged f you come to Ukraine for a meeting. But that is the price of a half of the flower shop haha! And best flowers would cost not less but not more than $25. And while you are in shock with this fact you keep counting as $5 is the price of the translation services for one hour! Russia and Ukraine made my day with such a cruel scam. These crooks cann’t stop!
    They don’t care of you are old and naive. You can be young as me and they would pretend to be interested in you to marry. Buuuut. No!…

    And the age difference is quite bigger than you can imagine. You may find real girls in uadreams and related sites, true, but almost all of those agencies are translation fee scam sites.

    Girls sued to work being married or having boyfriend. I can see that on social network accounts. That’s true. They are NOT interested in finding beloved one via the internet.
    Be alert with moody babies who try to use your intentions and require for more jewelry and flowers, sometimes they want cinema tickets or birthday gift, they hint on gadgets or anything else. Actually I understood that champagne taste on a beer budget.

    Negative reviews are fake, I mean they post them regularly but have special employers to work with them, make them illustrated and commented, update them and all.

    Again I want to mention that Ukraine has mafia platform to build business on, like dating one and total cashflow is from Western part of Europe and US.

    And video chat is strange if you try to verify fake or not. Simply ask your woman to do something via webcam and you will see if there is a record. She can wave or stand or anything what prevent you from paying for a record! If you see your girl just sit and type for you sometimes smiling just ask her to do something in live. You mustn’t pay for fake video chat with fake woman.

    To cut all of this shortly I do not recommend you to be a member of uadreams, you know nothing about their legal or illegal financial activities on Cyprus.

    Stay away from from this website. Thanks.

      1. Hey Korney
        Your comment really helped me to change my mind about Ua Dreams. Indeed I was about to sign up.

        1. Hey Ben B.,
          You need to check with my other reviews. I hope you will find them interesting, they are quite better for online dating.

  5. Hello, Scam Fighter,
    I wonder if you have looked at that video mentioned earlier by Pete McCalister?
    And pages of VK as well. Would be glad to find your thought about this matter.
    Thank you,

  6. Hi Scam Fighter,
    I think you’ve misunderstood me a little. I’m confused with your request actually)) I did not mention any of them but Pete McCalister did:

    “You’ve probably watched that youtube video about the girl who confessed she was working on a dating site? Uadreams trigger many commercial tricks to keep the level, but that stuff demeaned their market position and as for me, I’ll never visit this site or use it. “

    So I was going over this video and post. And I think other people would like to see t as well.

  7. Hi Fighter!
    I just wanted you to know that I liked the review you posted. Finally someone used normal format to read and it never occurred to me to find anything detailed like this. Besides what is bet of all you used perfect English, thank you!
    So let’s get to the point. I have my own opinion and probably you will be careful reader)

    My statistics is from 5 to 10 ladies I chose to send introduction letters to. They reply respectably fast but how similar those letters are! It’s like you have made a sample of one letter and resend them with adding some particular details. Only one – two of them were quite different by style.
    May be they had different translation staff.
    I indicated in my profile that I am 65 and ladies from 26 to 45 bothered me with their “sincerest intentions” to find a soulmate and big age difference doesn’t matter. I kept in mind from one article about Kiev women, it said 10 years is enough to have a gap but more – you have less in common, really.

    I was interested in personal photos to send to me and they did. A lot. And even more than I asked and could be able to pay for) But they kept sending with them in nature, with a child at home or with friends. They were really good but don’t forget photo accepting is a non-free service.

    Ladies are beautiful in Ukraine, this is true. But some of them looked little bit different from their photoshopped photos they posted in profile. And sometimes when we had video chat I was surprised by the look without makeup. Anyway I like the way their beauty is. Natural and tender.

    I cannot say that video chat is record as I was typing and leaned my head down but if I lifted it up lady was smiling and sometimes talking to a translator so I received immediate response of my question or a phrase end.
    And I understand when they were asking me to do chats regularly, this is deal of money and supposedly they did receive a cut of it. Maybe this is simpler than to write long letters to each other, you are able to ask what you want online immediately.
    Our conversations were vivid on different topics and even I insisted that if they come to my place they need to find a job there to keep the family budget but I must see they were not afraid of that. Was it a bad sign or not but I knew that Ukrainian ladies are ambitious and hardworking.
    I liked the design of a website, it was really user-friendly but some options I wanted to read carefully were at the bottom so I needed to scroll down and that wasn’t convenient for me. Sometimes I had problems with using chat on my phone and some info from the site, but if you refer to support they used to fix the issue very fast indeed.
    New ladies profiles used to be highlighted I think and they look incredible! Really I haven’t seen such beautiful women with large attractive breasts! I hope they are real too)) I received many videos home made ones, ladies were little bit shy, other videos were greeting ones, they tried to speak English.
    I know that women can be registered on several websites but that is ok with that as me myself used to be registered on two or three websites for making my dating chances. I know that in Ukraine vk and fb are really popular so maybe Scam Fighter could investigate some profiles for being single, no boyfriends and husbands.
    I noticed that ladies used to reply fast, but I made myself stop with replying too much, I do not like to spend so much money. Let me compose my letter detailed and to be sent rarely. Some of ladies were upset due to the lack of our communication and wanted more.
    My credit card was charged within services I purchased, no extra fee. I have to admit that prices are too high and I agree with the author of the review and guys above.
    And in case you decide to arrange a trip prices for apartments or hotel accommodation, ticket booking, girl’s introduction meeting, car with a driver and translator and translators fee per each hour – are very high as well!
    Obviously you cannot see the first girl and – bingo! – she is the one you’re looking for. That’s why you need to spend more for each visit.
    But I wonder of here is anyone who tried to arrange visit by himself? Is that good for pricing? Is that safe?
    Hear me out! I liked video testimonials of satisfied customers and happy couples. I cannot imagine if all these people can be actors but indeed that impressed me a lot. That is pretty good. But written ones are not. Seemed like one person used to write them with bad English.

    I support our Fighter, I cannot understand why do uadreams prohibit personal contact sharing? Probably they are afraid to lose the base when people escape from the website to personal emails.

    Who knows is that truth about 15 branches of Uadreams as they mention? I know only one but know nothing about others. What about employers, were they professional and friendly? How did they meet you?
    My different guess: a part of ladies are legit but another one is scams! I still touch the social network issue and this topic needs to discuss properly. Do we have any evident cases here? Any details, guys?

    Another thing bothered me: uadreams said their ladies cannot speak English that is why they involved translation services but if I see some videos like into, ladies speak sometimes. So what’s that? Its just some phrases she studied for video or does she knows language a bit?
    Guys is here someone who had good experience maybe?

  8. Hey Hustey,
    I appreciate your full post with lots of detailed information. Indeed several points never crossed my mind) Russian Cupids and Ukraine Date I consider to be better dating sites now. You may check out why by reading my reviews. Thank you!

    1. Hi Scam Fighter,

      Video chat s are really expensive for me, It beats me! I don’t give a damn.I’d rather send multiple emails than try my deposit for videos. But do enjoying unlimited mails, this is good offer and I receive fast replies.
      And I asked about safety of their other branches and Uadreams staff convinced me in safe trips if I plan. Location is good for office, accommodation and shops, restaurants.
      In case I plan to stay for a couple of days I need to have a guide and they promised me to give one. Besides taxi prices are cheap so I might try cutting the distance by car.
      No reason in particular but maybe that would be interesting.
      Good day.

  9. Hey guys, have you noticed that there are so many great reviews but at the same time there are negative ones. What does it show? It seems to me that there are a lot of people who managed to find their partners on UaDreams.com, were they lucky or it’s a common thing? Did you check the testimonials? I did so here are my thoughts, I found there a lot of couples and a lot of pictures, people look real and they are happy. It seems to me it would be difficult to make such pictures fake so that says that there are people who were lucky to find love there.

  10. Girls work there? Why do you write this here? I found one lady on the Net, actually in the social network and I realized that she wasn’t single, I wrote to the support team and they deleted the profile. I do think that they aren’t scams, some ladies do want money but the agency does a tip-top job.

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