Hello Hello Dating scam – scammers,

Finally I am happy to be here and to find you as a real girl who created this blog about dating online and post useful information about different websites and agencies. I was doubt but made a decision to write my post to you.

I will tell something important about UAdreams agency, I used their service in uadreams.com for one year and I liked one girl there. So that feeling made me stay for this year as a member and spend lots of money for purchasing communication with her. We met on brides ru, and she shared her email address on mail.ru but I tried to reach her there many times, she ignored me. However, she was ready to get in touch with me on uadreams website. Was it suspicious? More than ever! She was working for the agency, being obvious.I see that this is a scam, 100%, they act normally for their budget and number of girls registered. I hope my example will be helpful for those who are about to sign up this scamming website. every man on the planet should feel like me now, so I want to prevent him from suffering in future. You run through all expensive prices to find your other half, but although spending money you receive nothing in the end.


I cannot trust this website, and I hope that you will post my words for all those guys to stay away from uadreams. I believe I will manage to find my lovely lady in Ukraine as only Ukrainian women can be good wives. I appreciate if you share my post. Thank you.


Dear Mole,

Indeed, I was waiting that one day someone will come and say some words about UaDreams dating agency, I’ve read so much about on different scam forums.

The whole thing is that I’ve seen negative posts as many as positive. However, negative ones were rather typical, just like yours, as described. Additionally people were complaining about visiting the girls and their disappointment. Let me leave my comments about the matter.

The first variant of my thinking is that fake profiles are created by uadreams but girls are unaware of that, of course. They steal data, text and picture from other websites, they can contact men pretending to be a lady. Sure professional services help them to cover the real activity. The staff, supervisors, managers, operators can be involved to their system. But your girls – no. She doesn’t even know that she has been used for romance scam. The problems is that it is really difficult to prove this fact.

Another case is that your girls is a professional scammer who works for this scamming agency and lures men from other website, make them join to buy services. I remember one girl told me she received the commission from the purchase services the man she communicated with had bought. So most probably uadreams.com has the specific intelligent scam system of good language knowledge. That is why they ignore you in a private way, they need you on their website only.

I am afraid to mention that supposedly you were professionally scammed. So if you are still intending to date with someone from Russia or Ukraine, you may try these sites:

  • fdating.com
  • mamba.ru
  • russianfreedating.com
  • freepersonals.ru

These four websites are on a free basis, so you may try them with no fear for your money to be extracted.
Social networks may also help to meet slavic girl and to communicate with her freely.
However, some points can prevent from good understanding each other.

Firstly you will face with the language problem as vk social network is built for Russian citizen or for countries who know Russian language, so the audience does not need to speak any other language there. They may use translation online services to talk with foreigners.

Secondly, you will be able as many messages as you want but be ready for no-reply state, this is normal on free dating or just social communities sites.

Be patient, imagine how many single men and women join brides or mamba ru every day and try to find their other half. I might think that there is a risk of scammers too, as you have no 100% guarantee being secured.

10 thoughts on “Hello Dating scam – scammers

  1. I’ve got accurately the information you posted here, thank you. I do sincerely enjoy this page. I’ve been always curious about dating sites activity and if there is any scam risk. So your work is very much appreciated of being helpful for future users of dating websites. God bless you!

  2. Hello Dating scam – scammers,
    This is not the very first letter of mind about scam case I made in public page. I do not like to share some personal stuff with anyone but here I just want to warn others to be protected. Girls from Ukraine are seriously stuck on their work, they can afford expensive things to buy, don’t worry. They probably do not want to leave Ukraine for better life, they have it there. All they want is my visa card for paying for communication services. If I do not do this, she seemed to send me messages in a seldom way.

  3. Oh insallah you will be saved from scam! UADreams is 100% scam! You should stay away from them. You must think about your heart, your money, your future. If you join some stuff like this, you do not deserve to be respected. Indeed. Instead you will be blamed for such non-considerable action. You pay money for letters, for chats to see a face in a webcam or to read a few words about everything you have in your fantasy. And you just pay for what you expect, but nothing more. You will have no future with this dating. You will never marry a ukrainian girl from dating site, no values, no principles, no rules, just tricking other. Think twice before making a decision.
    But, nevertheless, thousands of men sign up each day, hence, this business feel so good today.
    Young women work for such dating sites and they receive salary for this work, I mean contacting men and luring them from other places. Being a modern scammer means to have a very sophisticated job. However you can stop scamming by stopping joining dating sites.
    Watch youtube videos about scam, they behave like some men mentioned above. But speaking about uadreams and girls from this website, I should say that all of them are scammers of a professional level. Even if you have the highest rate of responses, that does not mean her love for you or intention to marry. She does her perfect job. Scammy and quirky way. She got money and she is satisfied. Bu you are not.
    She gets money for the services placed on the website, as much and as often you talk with her, more money she receives. She will pretend to wait for you in Ukraine but she wouldn’t. She would be cold to you. And you will feel the difference to the bottom of your heart.
    Such girls empty your pockets and soul with simple loving tricks. This is the most disgusting russian and ukrainian scam ever. They are obscene, rude and lying people from those countries.
    The most famous dating scam sites are from Russia and Ukraine, keep that in mind. They political and economic situation with all corruption methodology will destroy everything as well as they will destroy themselves mentally.
    Total ripping off.
    Find something amusing here – russian-language-for-couples.com/uadreamsreviews.html

  4. Hi Kris, thanks for being honest with us. Sometimes you are so open, that it’s hard for me to believe in that truth. Anyway we get useful and helpful information. Still, I’m trying to find a woman of my life from Ukraine. I adore their appearance, character, intelligence and passion. They are really perfect looking ladies. And they are stubborn and self-confident, this is important for me. Each nation has bad and good people, I know that but I believe I will find my the best one for me.

  5. Maybe you have some time to read facts about uadreams here – facebook.com/Uadreamscom/

  6. Be unique, do gym and fitness, take your time with music or dances, any hobby. You have to make changes with your personality and afterwards life will change, good people attract good people. Scam will disappear from your life.

  7. The problem is the girls say always they are single, but if you try to reach them on social networks, they have boyfriends, they need money, more money, you know.
    Dating agency covers such affairs, they do everything possible to keep girls on their websites. Sure a victim is a victim but they try to turn the situation in a proper way.
    Find a reputable website and try your destiny with normal people.

  8. Hello my dear audience. I would like to demonstrate my sarcastic and ironic point of view regarding all those things you were talking above.
    Speaking about uadreams dating website they are weird, they offer one of the most professional dating service in Ukraine and I must admit I found them reputable at first but indeed they treat me like a garbage, this is a perfect professional scam.
    We have been familiar to each other for a long time, as I was their member a couple of years but sometimes I wasn’t active indeed. paid for services but chatted not so often. Lately I found one girl very nice and we started communicating. I believed her and her behavior made me hope for more. I was imagining us together, that is why I planned my trip to Ukraine. Managers in uadreams helped me easily and I liked the calculation of the whole thing. However I couldn’t believe that I will face with such an unbelievable difference of feelings! She was so cold, so strange.
    Afterwards I was explained that we have no chemistry, I am handsome but this is not she was looking for and we have less in common and bla bla. This is how the guys in uadreams scam site work. They lure you for services and then they don’t need you. If you are ready for the endless online talks and throwing your money away, this service is for you!

    My next five relationship failed as well. Besides, yes, I was stupid to keep my membership there and tried more. I met a good girl from merefa and lately I found out that she was not really a good one. I saw some pictures of her and her boyfriend in vkontakte. She rejected all those things. But I understood that that was a trick again and again.
    Scammers from Uadreams promised to remove her, but then they changed their mind with a reason she contacted several men in the agency, so they cannot just throw her away immediately. In particular, each girl earns from one hundred to one thousand dollars for one month! She will gladly earn more, if you let her.

    There is no problem with video chat in your device. She and her translator has several video chat sessions at the same time, that is why she replies you slowly and pretending not to hear you clearly.
    They always have friends in one branch, so if you contacted one girl in a branch, be sure that had already discussed your candidate as the next fool with money.If you come to their office, you see no banners and billboards, it’s like they try to hide their business from government. Weird.
    The experiment I tried was simple: I deleted my profile from the agency and added all girls from uadreams I found in vk, but none of them added me back. They ignored and blocked me, what is explainable if they need to contact you only through the non-free website. Understand?
    No specific reason to read uascamsdreams.com, to analyse their antiscam methods I do not believe in. Uadreams girls are real, but they act like a standard scammers. They have boyfriends and husbands in vk, they are not single. Actually not all of them but in many cases.
    Uadreams is proud of being well-known platform all over the world and they attract westerns to come to their well-designed site and to buy services. Ladies are perfect, photos are marvelous and etc. The hook is soo nice!
    Have some dreams about Ukrainian girl so far? I recommend you to pack your bag for some weeks and come to this country by yourself with no assistance, walk around the cities and to communicate with live people, girls here. Maybe you will meet some of them from the dating online website, who knows?)
    But be ready that they do not dream to move away from this nice country with a good job, friends and relatives. They have self-respect and they know how to earn the money.

  9. Uadreams scammed me last month and since I’ve read your topic I rushed to post my message to all men here: Liza from Poltava is not my destiny and I believe – no one’s in future. Please escape this lady and this website.
    This is not a real girl, they used the info of another girl, by stealing it from other website where she was signed up. The girl had no idea she was contacting with me through uadreams.
    Sometimes they also move the label for video chat if they see a member does not buy video chat minutes often.
    As you see, this is a good scam opportunity for others to see how easy they can rip us off!

  10. Again, I met the same girl on russian site and she never replied in my private message. 100% scam. Even if they offer private contacts to buy, never accept this. Never!

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