Women for honest dating with checked marital status

Statistics show that romance scams cost consumers more money than any other kind of Internet fraud. Hearts and the future of many men and women are at a gunpoint. We decide to try Internet dating because it’s comfortable, effective and you may communicate when you have time. Though a lot of people have found love online, others are not so fortunate.

You may think this could never happen to you, but each person can become a victim of Internet fraud. How can you protect yourself on dating websites? What kind of dating websites should you use and how to behave there? Today we will find replies to all these questions.

There are a lot of companies and dating websites say that they fight with the problem and do their best to change the situation.

Each decent company cares about their customers’ safety and only indecent ones choose the shadow business offering all confidential information to the scam power, an inexcusable maneuver.

But cooperation will help to be effective and to keep our members safe. Our members’ great help is very much appreciated. We apply our male members to be attentive with this. Like many other tips mentioned above in previous topics, we encourage our men to be sincere with us and inform us about each sophisticated sign. You should remember that time is on our side and we win in case we act as soon as possible.

Female scammers.

Give us a note if you see something strange. Some ladies may write about a small salary or family problems. Of course such can happen in real life and wins compassion but we kindly recommend you verify this information carefully, at least you can always inform the Member Support Center directly about this issue and our managers will gladly check the information for you. Whether you receive a hint or a real scam threat, it is a signal for urgent acting.

If you have found any new information on social networks about your lady, we will appreciate it if you forward it to us. Sure our Anti-Scam department provides regular monitoring of each lady’s profile (almost hundreds per day) however nobody’s perfect and we can miss something or the information will change the next day after verifying. That is why your collaboration is so important to us.

Firstly, the lady comes to our agency, and only after the personal meeting and documents examine we add the profile to the website. A personal interview is the guarantee for a person to be real.

Secondly, it is important to verify her marital status. We remove from the system and break all contacts with girls who were detected as scammers previously, moreover we post the proper information about them on scam forums to prevent others from being tricked.

We strictly recommend going on communication on the website. Who knows what will be waiting for you if you give your home or Viber number or Skype or WhatsApp account. We can control the situation until we have both members of communication on our website: we know IP-addresses, we verify the personal data, we can uncover the texting if needed.

Male scammers.

A lot of men come to the website with different aims. Some of them are still in relationships and are looking for fun. Are they looking for serious relationships? The answer is obvious.

Proxy servers give an opportunity for many men from all over the world to register on the website. How to verify the members, that’s a question. We keep such members on the control and as a rule they usually flip-out.

UaDreams performs technically new and safe system of detecting scammers on the website, our specialists provide us with constant professional support and each new profile of a man member is to be verified and confirmed.

But we cannot be responsible for your actions, so please read our simple but essential advice carefully:

  • Leave money help for later when you know each other well.
  • Encourage your date to a personal meeting and then you will be able to resolve all necessary issues.
  • Trust but verify.

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