Still there is a problem for each foreign man to find the proper website to be a member of and what I am supposed to do is to get the point specifically with my advices to each man who wants to date but safely.

If we distinguish the most famous one from all websites of the Eastern Europe, I’d like to speak about Elena’s Models. What I came across for is that in spite its legitimate position still we face with something beyond the scene. If you surf the internet to find any info, probably most of all you will see whole package of positive reviews as I think to be posted by high quality managers. And of course, on the contrary the same thing is about negative facts. But I am here to denote what is truthful in this inspiring story.

Let me base on some issues I’ve found about specific issues happened with male members recently on Elena’s Models. I’ve became a member as well just to compare with other websites I’ve been in – you know this is not prohibited nowadays as to communicate with more than one girl. All of you can surely guess.

I’ve inspected some resources about this agency and was interested in the fact of manipulating of people. That interested me much. Some accounts on social networks were created but by different administrators, they applied people to join the website as the owner had changed and the policy is about to become better than previous one. One of the group of the social network website was created to lure men from other websites to Elena’s. That resembled me the highest strategy of widening the audience. First, you give an advertisement, secondly, you blame another website for their disgusting job and thirdly, you explain how this variant with transparent new activity would be the perfect choice for all single foreign men.

Let me mention also that the position of Elena Models was to ruin good reputation of another Ukrainian and Russian websites that took the top place on the dating industry.

They used to post lots of reports about other’s pricing policy, enormous prices for communication services. I’ve found some provocative posts about payment for contact instead of letters, the amount was abnormal and was suggested to reconsider, – like other website use the average policy for their membership. They mentioned that no one will know if men communicate with the right person but who knows if I communicate with my girl on Elena’s Models? Now I do not feel comfortable with that fact. Also they underline that if you pay some fee, you are able to communicate without third party to interfere. They forward then their members to yahoo or gmail or whatever. How can I be sure that I am not a potential scam victim? I pay, then I go to the private mailbox and continue to communicate, so if I keep my intention to meet and then my girl will escape like they do on many free websites?

Perhaps I need to trust to my girl if she is real. And if to believe to Elena’s Models, she is real. However after reading some their reports about other websites I am not sure.

They offer to pay for 3 months, actually I paid but I don’t like someone force me to be on the website for some period. I like to try first, what if I change my mind and leave? Should I be there for three months? And do they return money? Rather risky thing.

Of course I liked women search categories like country, age, new singles, that was convenient for me. And the whole design was convenient, hopefully they made everything very well to attract middle-aged foreigner to be a member.

Some strange accounts of different social networks convinced their readers to quit Anastasia for example and be a member of Elena’s Models. They also mention that big dating websites can create some terrific post to damage the reputation of Elena’s. At the same time they explained that they are not members any more. If you are interested on my sourse – please read carefully this page

Of course, each new policy finds their lover however I find some aspects not very convenient for me. For example they offer Golden or Platinum Plan, you pay for membership, that costs expensive first but indeed you pay about $20 per months but limited by 50 women. So if you want more, you should upgrade to Platinum and pay additionally. This is about $260 and seems to me overpayment. hat if I don’t like to communicate at all? But they convinced me that I will be lucky to find among hundreds of single ladies with my match parameters.

Speaking about security, Elena’s Models mentioned that girl should be active within recent 90 days (sending letters, chatting and etc) – that gives the guarantee like they said that this girl has serious intentions to find husband, she makes everything possible to find him. So “this” permanent activity is their proof.

Photos to mention.

This is a separate point they like to describe. You know that each big international website attracts many foreigners attention by beautiful professional photos. Each man is to be caught by vivid and fresh picture that is why this is the main rule for agency. That cause many disputes among scam victims as they were tricked by the photo certainly. You know, I can say I am indifferent regarding this point. First of all, I know that many websites use false photos and even stolen photos of another girls pretending to be female members of some agency and no one will ever see her in real life as the correspondence will over the right time when man offers to meet. Secondly, I know that Ukrainian women are very beautiful and no need to use Photoshop to prove that. That’s why actually I use Eastern Europe websites:) Elena’s Models is famous for woman beauty as well, but again I meet their comparison with other websites women big difference in clothes, poses, manner of self presentation, images quality and etc. They underline that other websites use resized and processed photos that make people doubt in real existence of their interlocutor. They like usage of “normal looking” and consider this notion as the perfect match for normal men.


I was deeply surprised with the language skills on this website. Actually I noticed that in Ukraine or Russia you can be confused with communication on free dating site using free translation program as Google or whatever. Haha that was really amusing when some girls did not understand my jokes!! And well yes they confess when they do not speak English perfectly and mess some words and notions, this is really hard to accept. You are free for language misunderstandings.

That happened on Elena’s Models as well. I think that is about a professional translator who works instead of a lady but pretending to be a member and of course I cannot stand automatic translation – what a complete nonsense!


I would have more information in the girl’s profile indeed. I liked the quantity of photos but I don’t like minimum of general phrases with no specifications and some aspects to catch an eye.

Confirmed profiles system was a big surprise for me as still you can meet unconfirmed profiles. That means they have never met those ladies in agency and they cannot recommend to communicate with them. And as I’ve found lately, one of my girl I communicated used another account in Facebook and I’ve seen some photos marked with her fiance. Confusing, isn’t it? Probably I would recommend them to synchronize the data. I don’t want to spend money for three months of communication and at least find my girl married. I think i feel scam smell..

Of course nowadays you can hide real facts as it is more difficult to hold the information online – it can be deleted anytime. So let me just advise you to check the information properly and not to be trustful from the first good post.

4 thoughts on “Shady Side of Elena’s Models Agency

  1. I wonder how much money should I pay for getting my beloved? I am about 2 years member and still Im paying lots of money! I send letters, I send flowers, gifts, I do everything they want from me. I was chatting regularly but still no girl of mine is ready to meet with me. Im 60 years old, im divorced and I think that there are people who are about to trick me. Recently I found one article about scam artists and see some negative features in my situation that I want to check. My appeals to support center have some feed backs and they still investigate my issues -like they said. My advice, you should be 30 years younger or handsome to attract girls without money or you should be rich like I am to be a financial aim for them. I am disappointed

  2. I have some point as to the contact with the girl. If I paid some fee I am directed to private correspondence with my girl, I mean via my mailbox but not via website of Elena Models. Still I am questioning about any risk due to this fact, who will be responsible for scam it I am a victim?

  3. I don’t feel Elena Model’s have any difference with Anastasia website. Indeed I pay money for membership and wait for unlimited communication but my communication ends with 50 ladies and I have to upgrade my package – that means to pay more!

  4. I made my choice and registered on ElenaModels website. If I’m not mistaken, that was almost a year before. I have serious government position and I won’t tell my real name as well as I care about my reputation and trusted this website to keep my private data in safe. However they laughed at me and surely uncovered my email address so that I keep receiving about 5-9 letters a day to my private mailbox. Besides I’m not sure that my lady is waiting for me, I got two new reasons to postpone our meeting in real. Thus I came to the conclusion that I don’t want to continue and applied to remove my profile from their database. I really hope all those letters to stop appearing in my mailbox.

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