Speaking about some specific issues about dating agencies, international, of course, today I have my aim to speak about Anastasiadate.com. As usually I register first of all just to try on my own how to be a member and to experience all difficulties or may by not:)

To my surprize when I entered my email address I found my mailbox overloaded with letters from girls of course. And no wonder that girls were from Russia and Ukraine as Anastasiadate takes this territory where single girls are (foreigner like the most) for their business.

Just imagine if you are 70 years old and you are not able to walk normally, still you have hard disease with less hope to get well. Moreover you had 3 wives and no children, but! You receive hundreds of letters from single 23 y o young sweeties to live together, to wash dishes, to call me “dear”, “sweetheart”, “darling” and to create a family!

Besides you receive numerous propositions to date an email has. Still it was introduction but not the whole letter. Inadvertendly I followed the link in one email and found Anastasiadate.com international agency. And I was offered to buy some credits to open the letter and photos attached. So you need to have $0,8 per letter and photo but if I intend to buy 1 thousand of credits, I’ll have an opportunity to purchase credit for $0,4.

This is not the end of my journey: my email address has a promenade to some related websites and suddenly I received some letters from Amolatina.com. What is that??

I spent just several minutes to discover this website as associated agency with Anastasiadate.com. Indeed I was more than surprised with such an aggressive marketing way of dating scam popularisation. But this is not the end. Afterwards I got some emails from Asiandate.com – so how do you think – is there any connection with Anastasiadate.com?

Exactly! Filial dating online company. And an obtrusive advertising.
By mentioned above I meant a slight caution for everyone who is in search of love but not a love game. Never subscribe these websites if you want your email address to save from using on any scam purposes. Yes, you got a lack of security.

If to continue my general idea of scam on dating websites I must tell you that many ex-customers consider such sites girls to work there and earn money. They think that they did not have any other purposes like to meet with someone or marry but just to have their salary for each new email. Like I was told that in Anastasia agency girls get about $20 for one hour of chat communication or letter responding.

Another sourse give the information for about $0,12 one minute of chat costs.

Let me refer to one letter from ex-member. He was informed by a lady who was working there and decided to confess about main principles of job position. If a girl has the simple chat she receives $0,12 for one minute and if she lures a man to a video chat – $0, 24. Of course, the payment increases for one letter to reply – $1. As far as I know there is a good option for girls to chat with several members simultaneously, it’s like $0.36 and for about $20 for one hour of chatting. Besides it is better to have admirer but not a beloved man. If you don’t have any aim for creating a family or you have already a boyfriend you still keep your opportunity to work on such websites. Members mark that communicate with some employees instead of such ladies is even better to accept. How do you know that you talk to someone another but not your girl? Your girl cannot be with you on video chat very often due to some private reasons so supposedly you communicate all this time with another person. Got it! Just have a read on some Russian or Ukrainian forums about dating scam and you’ll have such an information about Anastasiadate.

But except from some male members facts we get information from girls as well. They could be friends of those ones who do work on sites or even ex-workers but it is shame for them to confess anyway they state that girls who are about to register in Anastasiadate.com are offered some atractive payment. It is convenient for a student: you are able to work from home or any other place and choose the time appropriate to be online. Speaking about photoshooting – of course it is for free for them. And her marital status does not matter, you can be married on in relationships – just do your job carefully and get your money. You got supposedly automatic responses {samples of letters) or translator staff helps with that.

Men who do want their destiny to have a happy endings should stay away from such websites and they just lure singles and extract money from them. Such beautiful Russian and Ukrainian faces like you see photos on Anastasia’s website do the great help with that. And may be convince such men to try their luck. Indeed I am very sorry if victims are among my readers right now, it’s a pity that someone did not tell them before.

It is better not to be bombed with over 30 emails a day from different girls and still you cannot imagine how many single girls this website have! So what’s wrong with them if they are still single?

One issue more I want to speak about. One man told me that some obtrusive thing is going on when a girl has a time around the day of her birth. FIrst of all you receive a message notifying that your girl will be pleased by your present, but lately you can read something like that in a letter from this girl: she kindly reminds you about her date and strongly believes that you will send her money, or gift or anything to make her happy. Sounds like an extortion. I think if I want – I’ll exactly do this just in case i am sure in this lady, in this agency that they will pass my gift directly to my girl. Or they will take my money to themselves and my lady won’t receive anything. Or the divide my sum into several parts for everyone.

So be careful when you are about to choose the appropriate way of dating services, if you pay money – insist in high quality service, you have a right to receive it. And if you don’t receive it – you must require. Good international agencies entrusted their members to be in hope that they will never be scam victims.

12 thoughts on “Just a few embarrassing moments about Anastasiadate

  1. I am completely unsatisfied with that disgusting service! I do not recommend to anyone this website for using as they are scammers with their aggressive attacks. I ruined my time with pack of letters from scammers – I don’t believe they were real ladies. In spite of my regular dating hobby I stopped being on Russian dating websites at all. It is hard to express all my emotions when I receive hundreds of letters from girls falling in love with me from the first sight – can you believe – its just the same day I registered!
    Still with no personal contact I spent lots of money on other websites and I won’t waste my time here..

  2. You know..it was my mistake to try Anastasia website.. Actually I don’t have any specific experience in this business and it seems to me that it smells like love affairs or scam. Probably I am not able to judge however I try to be just honest with you and share my concerns. You guys have shadow policy for your customers and membership pricing and conditions included. I think if I bought my membership on Anastasia so I wish to have an email to get in touch with my girl. But what you are doing is unfair. At all.

  3. My message to you is simple: Anastasiadate is not for you if you still dreaming about serious relationship! Please. I can understand that it is pleasant to have so much attention so far from lots of young and sweet girls but probably you haven’t uncovered this attention to be completely artificial. All those girls want from you is money.
    No regrets, just leave the website or never register. You will try your destiny but all you receive – professional responses but no sincerity and I am not sure if you will be able to meet with someone in reality.

  4. Anastasiadate is the only dating brothel. Girls getting paid for correspondence. You can read all about this scam in anastasiadatefraud.com there is job advertisements… all of what you need to know …

  5. Your review will help others learn about this website.

    Please do not review if you are affiliated or I am constant user of dating sites which orientate on traveling and dating. I’ve tried misstravel and travelgirl also friendsfinder and lots of other but damn they do have fake profiles. Its just waste of money and time. Though helpful for me was travbuddy, but girls are not so nice. Then I found globogirls.com and I enjoyed it. I see they are still new so all those escorts and scammers didn’t reach them or they just fight with them. I found bunch of great girls who I am in touch. But frankly speaking I am super active trying my chances with all girls ahaha.have a conflict of interest with this website.

  6. Been dealing with this site for 8 years, did the Visa thing for Galina, brought to USA, married 4 years then after costing me over 300k hooked up with a sucker from Florida, I think that I had her deported but us won’s share the information. Now spent three weeks in Odessa with Svetlana, did the fiance thing but now abandoned me because I did not want to send her 50 bucks for a dress for her new year’s party after financing her appendectomy and now her kidney stones operation, paying her rent and food for a year. She was not as expensive but I am looking for a wife! Need to look elsewhere.

  7. this is a scammer site,beware,i have tried it over 8 weeks,they only want that you buy credits,that you can chat with the “women”,the e-mails you get from them are fakes,send automatic to you and you only can answer when you buy credits.if you are so stupid,you get no response.
    don`t touch this site. Sorry if my english is not the best but i want to warn others

  8. Interesting to see how all the ratings are either crappy 1 star or excellent 5 stars. I’ve used this site and I have to say that there are real women and even serious women on this site. The challenge is to distinguish which ones are the serious ones. I have to admit most are there for the money. Unfortunately the site instigates this behavior by paying the women for the time they spend chatting with men many times several men at a time.
    To be realistic, if you go to a bar and the 24 year old girls are not hitting on you, what makes you think a 24 year old woman would be interested in a foreign man in a shady website. I cant say it is not possible but just think about it. If it is difficult to have one 24 year old girl to be interested in a 40+ year old guy, what makes 10, 20, 30 or more young women be interested in you at the same time. Food for thought…

  9. I think the women here make money from chatting with you. The longer they can keep you on, the more they make. That’s why all these 23 year old’s are so exited to meet you.

  10. This site is a total scam. You can look up the girls on VK searching with their first name, birthday and city. Once you find them, send them a friend request or message. You will not get an answer. Gentleman, please do not waste your money on this site. It is a complete scam and rip-off.

  11. Absolute fraud and scam site. beware of these . all model photos and make you pay to write letters and chat at $1 per minute or more.
    total rip off

  12. The women you see are not the ones you chat with…YOU are exchanging letters and chatting with an experienced older lady, claimed to be the translator, who knows how to fool you (I was fooled too but not for long). RUSSIAN MAFIA is behind all Russian and Ukrainian dating sites..This is a huge business for them they are making tons of money by deceiving you, while using women of eastern Europe, taking their pics and creating fake profiles as a way of adding legitimacy to these dating sites.

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