For the last decade the number of outmarriages in Ukraine roughly doubled. Referring ti the year of 2008, every 30th marriage has been distinguished as international, instead, in 2017 every 15th takes its place. However, Americans and Europeans are suspicious with the interest to East-European ladies: although Ukrainian women are considered to be perfect wives they gained the position of the best romance scam beauties in the world. They have a talent to make man fallen in love and sophisticatedly ripping them off.

Eastern European ladies can cheat on dating sites

Many dating agencies build a stable business model according to which they can register they women officially using personal information, they make a photo shooting for free as well. And you know what, these women are real. However, they are definitely not single, they can have boyfriends or be married. Sometimes they intend to plan dating with a foreign man, thinking about wealthy future abroad.This case is established with the rich men, women do not investigate small budget dating options.

Here is a moto: “Wanna a braid with the values of your granny? A braid is ready for a delivery”. This is an advertisement of the website Anastasia International. One of ex-workers of this agency shared some facts about her duties there: her job started at 12 pm, the longer you send him emails the higher is the salary. As an average, a man pays $2-4 per letter, they can send photos and mailings of higher price. One picture may cost 5-7 dollars and one letter – 12-20 dollars.

Apparently, the victim is a man from US or Canada aged between 19 and 70, as you see the category is large enough to create various manipulations.

“It’s difficult to do a job if a really good person is met, and you understand how expensive all this communication is for him. And you realize that this man falls in love with a personality you create for him, this is definitely hard,” – emphasized the ex-worker.

However, she marked that such clients appeared very rare. More often they meet brutal men who demand to show the beautiful picture of legs or any erotic content. They she explained that they switch the emotional factor off and start working as regularly. Lawyers underlined that this work is illegal, and women should be warned about this.

According to the Criminal Code of Ukraine and article #190 such actions are called fraud depending on the amount of criminal affair. The forfeit is issued to the guilty person that varies from money to 12 years of imprisonment with a confiscation of property accordingly.
Such websites ruin good reputation of Ukrainian woman abroad, they turn it to the image of a beauty beast who extracts money from foreigners and that’s all they want. Hence, even the search online system proves this fact: type “ukrainian lady” into the search bar, and you will see the results like “online dating with Ukrainian girl” and “ukrainian girl for marriage”.

This is a sad situation, and we hope that right actions will change it. Dating online is a proper way for lonely adult people who want to communicate and to find a person to share common life with. By all means many unreputable organizations exist and will be existing, therefore our goal is to prevent you from be caught on the hook. Do not trust until you try out, educate and investigate, and of course be careful always.

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